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  2. Event 05 Netherlands

    Date 2020.05.28 Time 9:37 (UTC) F1 race, cancelled in y. 2020.
  3. FiA Regulations - ref.

    Date 2020.05.28 Time 4:57 (UTC) Handicapping success? What happened to "work hard, you will succeed, and you will be awarded for it"? Probably obsolete ideology in modern warfare. Does the world of F1 makes any sense anymore to anyone? I am very much in doubt this would be happening under German management.
  4. Event 1 (Initially 11) Austria

    Date 2020.05.28 Time 4:25 (UTC) Old news back in headlines: provisional dates for first races in 2020 - July 5 and 12 / Austria
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  6. FiA Regulations - ref.

    The 2021 F1 cost cap explained – what has changed, and why?
  7. Vettel...

    Massa commenting on Sebastian's departure, and his legacy: Well, many sideline commentators are of different opinion; after all, what somebody like Massa would know? Who is he anyway? "Everybody knows" that Vettel had two WDCs in his pocket, and he threw those away. Or, wait...
  8. McLaren

    @lipstick79 I don't agree with above two statements for reasons explained already, and I am yet to hear one sensible contra-argument which would convince me otherwise. I did ask you, but you did not bother to tell me, how do you define competition in current F1? What is competition to you, what is competition in F1 which we all can accept? Not to be rude, I am going to address at least one point again - perceived lack of competition you are speaking off. The hybrid technology can be learned, and its complexity overcome on different slopes of learning curve. The slope is certainly affected by intellect, scope, depth, and when it can be done, just as by available resources. I do argue, rigidity of restrictive rules is behind stagnation for teams to level playing field. Stop blaming technology, and ask FiA who is behind all those restrictions what teams can and cannot do? If teams are not allowed to full extent work on and test as they need to correct flaws in their initial design, then recovery process is at snail speed and we know today, it can take several years before frontrunner is in sight, never-mind overtaken. (Did you forget homologation of new technology in its first year, or tokens scam?) BTW, prior hybrids, when Vettel was schooling rest of the field, did you also complain about technology that propelled Vettel onto a podium? In pre-hybrid era McLaren could develop their car, and they did, but RB driver made the difference. Data and results are there for all to see. Newey wasn't the only guy on the job. In my memory F1 was never comparable with NASCAR in terms of changes in lead. Catching a leader in F1 was always infrequent, but beautiful or nerve wrecking (that was dependent who was your driver). We don't have it anymore, because PUs are now about at the same level, but vehicle design (aero, chassis, tires) are not supportive of following and overtaking. Maybe new car design (dreamt up in some offices in London) down the road will address it. Several leading drivers do think Brawn is solving wrong problem, but I am not in a position to prove anyone right or wrong. What is certain, this latest change will cost dearly everybody. The changes you are mentioning in your post are imposed by FiA. Neither RB, Mercedes, or Ferrari would ask for them as often as the weak teams do. Horner was speaking to that point not too long ago. Every team has their own vision and their own world that they operate in, however large question is, whether issues that affect them all should be driven by minority complains. I think I know what the answer is, and you would probably not like to hear that.
  9. McLaren

    Supporting my statement, The turbo hybrid era has reduced, not increased competition. Confirmin Ron Dennis`s claim, U HAVE 2 B a works team to succeed in f1
  10. A few friendly words...

    Thank you Sakae
  11. Vettel...

    Probably becoz he's German... and is a bloody good driver
  12. Vettel...

    Can someone in plain English explain to me what is behind all that hate of Vettel? I am not referring to anything specific on this forum, however fact is, as long as I am interested in F1, in my daily scans of the internet inevitably I will run into some, usually dark article about him. It started long time ago, 10 years or so ago with Kubica, and mind loosing horde of Polish fans suggested in their thirst for revenge something close to his lynching. In time, assorted allegations declared him as being a cheater, progressively undeserving, incompetent, and overall bad person. This litany expanded by speculations recently in which team, preferably at the back of grid he should be driving if they care to take him. What prompted this post is latest article advising fans what would be good way to punish him for a crime he is yet to commit, once racing season takes off. (Remember, cars hasn't turned a wheel yet). What's going on? This can't be just COVID-19. This goes beyond corona virus. Maybe it is some virus of hate human race is carrying for generations. It's there, and maybe better question therefore is, whether someone will find a pill to cure it (assuming someone is trying).
  13. A few friendly words...

    Date 2020.05.27 Time 7:27 (UTC) - POSTS REMOVED Some of you might be wondering what happened to your posts. One moment they are there, soon after they are gone. Well, not really. Here is one of possible explanations - they weren't removed as deleted, they are just hidden out of sight for regular members of the forum due to its content not being relevant to the ongoing discussion on F1 related forum. It is true that discussion around here sometimes takes wild turns into many directions, only to return quickly back where it should be, racing, and business of F1. How to fix Outlook or similar content is perhaps a step taken too far. Don't take it personally, please. You can come back to moderators in Cafe with questions or comments. There is a thread dedicated to such conversations.
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  15. McLaren

    Define competition. 35 cars in a race? That's what you need? 5 or 6 cars (10 - 12 drivers) able to reach podium is more than adequate for me. I have some fleeting experience with NASCAR, and I know now what I like, and what I don't. I can tell you in all those years I am with this sport, if there were 3 to 5 drivers who could step on podium regularly, that was all. That is F1 as I know it. In some aspects yes, not every D#ck and Harry can built a competitive PU. That's a beauty of it. That's the differentiating aspect. In my perception what is however chocking F1 is the constant pressure from certain teams to make frequent changes which are not cheap, mind you, and imposition of one restriction after another, presumably for economic reasons. Keeping Hamilton safe for so long on the top was not problem of hybrids per se, but tokens, moratorium, and many other insane ideas protecting him from competition. I see it as failed policies, and not taking desired responsibilities by management for the sport in past 40 years.
  16. Cyril Abiteboul needs to go

    Any comment? As someone from Industrial economy, my own believe - right or wrong - is that F1 belongs to the Industrial sector, and therefore this is kind of bad news for me, if it comes to fruition. What did Wolf invest, and I am not picking on him? 40 MM? He, as others, will most likely expect to get his money back, and more. But where are the sources of high income if no one will watch, or will they? Watch what? Turning clock back 40 years? I have old tapes and I was attempting to entice youngsters watch some famous people. I will spare you comments and feedback I've received. It didn't work. I thought performance should be handsomely awarded, but with all that rhetoric, I am not sure anymore that's the case.
  17. McLaren

    Sakae The end is Just the beginning With the Mercedes power unit on the way. Hopefully will B able to move forward, finally putting the Honda project behind them. The Renault years have just proven to be stabilising years. The turbo hybrid era has reduced, not increased competition. With the likes of Cosworth not having any partners. Though it is my understanding that Cosworth have something, though unfortunately do not have the funds or a customer.
  18. McLaren

    Low budget = MCLAREN AXES 1200 JOBS IN COMPANY RESTRUCTURE That's only begging. When Binotto expressed his concern about Ferrari's workers who would have to leave to due excessive cuts, Mr. Brown didn't take it well, as it was reported.
  19. Mercedes

    The rumor about Mercedes leaving as a team is not loosing any strength. On the contrary. Apparently ill relationship between Wolff and Källenius regarding direction of technology seems growing. Automakers look for innovations in renewable energy, whereas F1 - where Wolff live - is not. I doubt low cost series will save it from extinctions. Fans aren't interested in how much it cost. Fans want to see something not available anywhere else - it's called uniqueness. Back in history Americans killed luxury Packard when it lost its uniqueness (expensive and available only to a few), British killed just about everything else, and now this. Good riddance.
  20. Revised Formula One Plans

    More restrictions in the offing? Restriction seems to be synonymous with this series these days, yet they want to be associated with innovation, uniqueness and exceptionalism? Whom they are kidding?
  21. Silly Season 2021

    Schumacher Should Seb retire, is this answer to my dilemma what I will do next? Maybe here is the answer - Mick. I am not crazy about that name, but Schumacher name resonates well with me in my domain. Big fan of his father through his career, through thick and thin. But, I am not in hurry. I have nagging feeling what is Brown doing at the moment can actually chase me away for good. (I don't think I am alone.)
  22. Cyril Abiteboul needs to go

    ...assuming they stay in business. It looks really bad. Government put already some money into Renault, and in post-pandemic world I am not sure about voices claiming that F1 is waste for taxpayers funds. Its not over until its over, as the cliche stands.
  23. Vettel...

    Date 2020.05.26 Time 7:45 (UTC) Are you thinking about claims that Vettel had a best car in the field? May I ask you, how much know-how do you have in technical and sporting field to make a such claim, or you rather repeating it in fashion what a political field practicing as propaganda technique; they say some hard to disapprove accusation just to create perception or wrongdoing, many times downright a lie, total nonsense, and then they repeat it again and again, until all gullible people believe it as undeniable truth, or at least there must be something to it. I do recall Paddy Lowe once said that his McLaren was just as fast as RBR, yet Hamilton did not win WDC that year. Hmm, why not? I am just wondering about life in maze made of lies, false perceptions and half-truths. We can accept that RBR was a good car on number of circuits, but ultimately it was a driver who made it to stick. Moreover, despite some restrictions, McLaren and others could copy RB, work on their cars through the season, and catch the German. Point is, they didn't catch him, and until today some people on sidelines did not come in terms with it.
  24. Cyril Abiteboul needs to go

    From the latest noises he sounds quite optimistic... Hope things work out for him and the team
  25. Cyril Abiteboul needs to go

    Date 2020.05.26 Time 6:32 (UTC) I think my initial suspicion of internal problems of a French business unit in UK was probably pretty much on the ball. Cyril explains... A team needs stability. That's the truth for them all, yet that can happen only after they sniff each other, and settled in. That doesn't happen immediately. First you need to prove competence in practice, not just on your CV, and so it goes. A year, two, more... I actually feel for him. The guy is in terrible position, yet he hardly gets any respect for dragging the team forward.
  26. Vettel...

    Lol Nooo. Vettel is not 4th 5th 6th or 7th... Hehehehehe..
  27. Vettel...

    Probably it sounded funny to a lot of Vettle fans back then, and probably it still does... There would only ever be a reason to believe in something, that has not been proven otherwise... They may have been said in a funny way, but that s##t did come true, and remains to be true.. ........... FIA letting through the Mercedes Engine design was not cool... it completely played to there hand.. Im not convinced how a sport can allow such huge disparity in the equipment offered to athletes of such high grades... What Mercedes did was pure mockery out of their perception of the rule book... ...... See Brad, I would just pray that God gives him, if he is truly worthy,,, another opportunity to prove me and a lot of others wrong,, but till then he is still a deserving 4 times WDC, not more, not less.... Besides whatever I think, He has deserved enough to get that seat at Mercedes, hope he gets that... probably Alonso in a competitive Aston Martin, that would make a good field for the sake of racing.. ....... As Sakae also said... Im kinda done too.
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