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  2. Jeremy Clarkson's Rant

    The best bit of "WHAT IS WRONG WITH FORMULA 1 " that I have ever heard and I 100% agree with him
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  4. 2019 Honda

    Speculation mounting with strategies available to Red Bull/ That Honda, could be about to leave F1 - again. Aston Martin available to support/supply Red Bull If Honda do leave. Maybe Honda need to concentrate on manufacturing lawnmowers ??
  5. Vettel WHO

    Re: Vettel was Never really the best on the field >I respectfully DISAGREE. The World Drivers Champions he won support and suggest, he WERE the best in the world. The statistics he created, fastest laps he holds this. Where were his team mate in the sister car, if it were simply down to Newey design.
  6. Vettel WHO

    Re: ... For gods sake even Anthony Hamilton thinks it would be good to have Alonso back! In Ferrari > This IS ambiguous - potentially it COULD mean, 1 LESS driver to worry about beating, on the grid For Lewis !!!
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  8. Vettel WHO Sorry to say, or NOT, Vettel was Never really the best on the field. He got lucky with having a genius in Newey on his side. I still respect that he won those titles, but honestly that was not BECAUSE of pure driving talent! Alonso never really had an issue with Ferrari, and Ferrari Never had an issue with Alonso. It was brought about by Marco Mattiacci who played to his ego, more then logic, to oust Alonso from Ferrari. He affected sergio marchionne's judgment in getting Vettle over, because Vettle wanted to Whimsically emulate Schumacher. It was a bad decision to let go of Alonso, And NOW, almost the whole of Italy (and not just Baldisserri) realizes this! If you ask me, They can use having Alonso Back in Ferrari. For the sake of F1, For the sake of some good racing. For gods sake even Anthony Hamilton thinks it would be good to have Alonso back!
  9. Alonso

    That Journalist that @maure Spoke about... That Is you @radical-one
  10. Vettel WHO

    Is that a technical term?
  11. Vettel WHO

    Vettel is a certified halfwit.
  12. Mclaren-Renault

    Sliding doors. I remember back in the 90`s and V8 era. Williams Renault, designed by Newey WERE the team to beat, driven by Mr bulldog Mansell. Newey went to join Ron at Mclaren Mercedes - works Mercedes team THEN Mclaren had a period of domination Williams were, essentially a Renault works team. But remained a privateer team. Winning championship after, championships - WDC,WCC Smoke and mirrors, sliding doors, changes in strategies and personnel. Mclaren powered by Renault at this time, are performing better than the Renault works team. If things remain consistent, there is the possibility that Mclaren powered by Renault . Could finish the season, and out perform the works Renault team. There must be marketing possibilities in that, and what would it say about the works Renault team. To be beaten by their own customer team. Without Alonso being involved any more. Alonso having won his WDC`s at Renault
  13. Mclaren-Renault

    RE: Your IQ must be no more than 32 > Is that a mirror U R lookin in? 32 - That IS larger than my waist I am a perfect 10 but I wear a 12
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  15. Mclaren-Renault

    Re: This place is toast! > U have a strange concept of meals, NEVER invite me 2 have breakfast with U
  16. Mclaren-Renault

    RE: Your IQ must be no more than 32 > Is that a mirror U R lookin in? 32 - That IS larger than my waist I am a perfect 10 but I wear a 12
  17. Mclaren-Renault

    Bravo, Bravo - I think you speak for ALL the folks that used to enjoy and contribute to this place! I'm not sure if English is Lipstick's 1st language, but I'm not too convinced that Human is its 1st species! He/She is so concerned with having the last word - almost a thousand posts and each and every one complete bottom gravy! Hold the door Radical , I'll be right behind you. This place is toast!
  18. Mclaren-Renault

    Eat my dust you moron ! Your IQ must be no more than 32. You are such an idiot within a moron.Don't wanna waste any more of my keyboard minute in replying such a stickup a##hole like you. Down the tube into my ignore you go ! Good riddance !
  19. Engine / PU

    You are an IDIOT wrapped in a moron Lipstick. Eat my dust !!! Honda kicks your butt !
  20. Alonso

    KARMA to Alonso that SOB is dead n the water ! Alonso reaches out to Red Bull for 2020 Red Bull motorsport advisor Dr Helmut Marko has revealed that Fernando Alonso has approached the team to state his availability for the 2020 Formula 1 season. Alonso and Red Bull have come close to teaming together in the past, although each side disagrees on just how many times. Article continues under video Red Bull have confirmed they offered Alonso a seat for the 2008 season after he left McLaren, although the Spaniard went on to return to Renault, with Marko having previously suggested that Alonso's financial demands were the major sticking point. The driver himself holds a starkly different version of events, claiming to have rejected Red Bull on as many as six occasions in his career – including approaches to drive for them in 2019. However, it seems the tables have now turned, with Alonso having reportedly cut racing ties with McLaren and seemingly seeking a return to F1. That won't be happening at Red Bull, with Alonso's poor relationship with Honda – which has already impacted his Indy 500 effort this year – again coming back to bite. "Alonso's representatives have let us know that he is available," Marko told "But for Honda, Alonso is something impossible." Honda returned to F1 with McLaren in 2015, with Alonso returning to the team at the same time. However, the partnership failed to fire and became characterised by Alonso chastising the Japanese marque's product, including infamous rants during races. Although Alonso may not be the man for Red Bull, the team may well be on the lookout for a driver to partner Max Verstappen next year, with Pierre Gasly struggling to find form since his promotion from Toro Rosso.
  21. Alonso

    Latest speculation; Alonso IS available and WILL drive a GP2 engine Hard to believe that Alonso WANTS to drive the GP2 Red Bull Honda
  22. Initial thoughts

    Am I missing something here ???? Like Alonso has won 2 GP titles ok but like does this make him the best driver in the world ? >YES U R missing something. Alonso has PROVED himself to be, the best driver in the world MORE than ONCE He IS a part of world history, for being the BEST in the world MORE than once !! His opinion is VERY valid
  23. Initial thoughts

    and after seeing this new debacle in .... Where was it place........... I am glad I have given up this circus to view
  24. Engine / PU

    How DUMB R U radical-one - that is NOT a rhetorical question Honda has FAR from, just SAVED F1 All Honda has PROVED is, IF throw money/invest HUGE then WILL win When Honda did NOT spend BIG with the Mclaren project Results did NOT come - that IS Y Mclaren DROPPED the Honda project Nothing says, money talks in F1 more than Honda
  25. Mclaren-Renault

    Re: Eat my dust > UR dust?? Were U there? What influence did U HAVE on the result ??
  26. Proteges

    Interesting statistic: The world of Mclaren, past and future
  27. Red Bull are looking vulnerable to Renault

    To whom it may concern - Fvckitty Fvck fvck you ! Honda ---
  28. Engine / PU

    Honda just SAVED F1 you fool !
  29. 2019 Honda

    Honda Rules !!! We beat y'all ! To whom it may concern - FVCK YOU !
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