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  2. Mclaren-Renault

    But that's history. It's 2019 season comparison. Team by Team car by car regardless of that Toxic Alonso who by the way According to Zak Brown isn't welcome back to McLaren unless they run a 3 car team LOL !!
  3. Initial thoughts

    Good for you ! Me neither. i even feel relieved after cancelling my ticket reservations for Suzuka.
  4. Mclaren-Renault

    Why (should compare McLaren with RBR not TR). TR IS what Mclaren gave up to keep Alonso - THEN, works Honda. RBR is just a Honda customer team - Ron Dennis brought Honda BACK into F1 For Mclaren to B the works Honda team - though Honda could NOT deliver at THAT time So Mclaren became a Renault customer to please Alonso - giving him a race winning PU
  5. Initial thoughts

    I have done that and I must say I do not have any withdrawal symptoms LOL
  6. Mclaren-Renault

    You should compare McLaren with RBR not TR
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  8. What is Williams doing to Kubica????

    Just One day too OLD and One Hair too BALD.
  9. Alonso

    No seat for Alonso LOL !!! Or he can replace Kubica at Williams Zak Brown says he would need three cars if Alonso wanted to make McLaren F1 return
  10. Initial thoughts

    Good for wallet. I have cancelled my ticket reservation for Suzuka in October. Will be cancelling my Skysports subscription next month.
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  13. Initial thoughts

    If anybody thinks that the rule book is the same now as in 2007 or earlier, you are sadly mistaken. If LH had not breaked (very heavily) there would have have been an accident. Ergo, SV kept his place by leaving the track and impeding - I will say again - intent has nothing to do with it!! On many occasions, we see drivers unintentionally lock up and miss a chicane or ut a corner and have to give up a place or suffer a penalty. This was the same. SV left the track and could only maintain his position by impeding. If Ferrari, were not so incompetent, they would have recognised this as an unfair advantage (no matter how unintentional), asked SV to let LH past, then SV would surely have had the pace to catch and pass LH for the win outright. Just another combination of a SV mistake compounded by poor Ferarri management. Seems to be the story of the season. Am I right in thinking that Kimi is still the last Ferarri champion and the last Ferrari race winner?
  14. Initial thoughts

    Times HAVE changed, with Schumacher racing, it WERE Ferrari International Assistance FIA
  15. Initial thoughts

    yep remember that race... NOBODY complained because it was called RACING. not bloody team principals ego destroying s##t.. Dosen't matter I have saved myself $29 / month by cancelling my floxtel sports package here in aus. I have been frustrated with F1 for way too long. Time to watch paint dry I think.....
  16. Initial thoughts

    For those of you who think this was the right decision by the stewards, go back and re-watch my favorite - Massa vs. Kubica at Fuji in 2007. In the downpour. They each broke several rules, but NOBODY protested or complained. Nobody remembers who won that race, but everybody remembers that short duel. It didn't even matter that Massa won it. It is now a classic.
  17. Initial thoughts

    I miss the times during Senna etc when they go at it and not penalized for simple things like this. They favor Merc too much and not ashamed in showing it to the world ! **** F1 !!
  18. Initial thoughts

    Hear what your saying mate ..... If this little episode of favoritism, to the point of ruining a great race does not spell the death nell of F1 than I do not know what will. They have shot both barrels into both feet this time
  19. Initial thoughts

    F1 killed themselves by doing this. I am so DONE with this BS F1. Will cancel my Ticket reservations for Suzuka. Not worth my money. FVCK F1 !
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  21. Initial thoughts

    Does it really matter about the rule being abused or not. The REAL outcome of this stupidity is a great race totally ruined..... I have been an F1 fan for as long as it has been on TV and becoming more and more frustrated by these rules to the point I CANCELLED my Foxtel sport pay to view tv straight after this debacle. I do not need the frustration at 72 yrs of age !!!!!!!!
  22. Initial thoughts

    No brainer. MV had a 5 sec penalty for the same thing last year with KR. The rules clearly state that if you leave the track you cannot impede another car on rejoining the circuit. If LH had not taken evasive action today SV could have been looking at 2 race ban for causing a major accident. No drama, just fair and reasonable application of the rules. Intent has NOTHING to do with the facts. The red car did leave the track - the red car did impede on rejoining. Crystal clear
  23. Initial thoughts

    Were it a racing incident, SHOULD Seb have been punished? Hamilton pushed Seb ALL the way, could NOT pass him on track Were the stewards right to apply a 5 second penalty? Rules R rules, racing is racing
  24. Mclaren-Renault

    Mclaren are currently the TOP customer team. Essentially, best of the rest. Ahead of the other teams, who are all customer teams. Excluding Renault, who Mclaren are ahead of - the works team
  25. Hello everyone

    Jubba Engineering IS ambiguous; professionally I am also an engineer, a software engineer I am an, Open Edge Advanced business application architect. I am also consistent with, Officially Amazing - a multi Guiness World Record Holder
  26. Hello everyone

    Hi there I'm a newbie too! I'm from Riverside which is in California I'm still a student, my major is engineering. It's nice to join the community! Hopefully, it'll be enjoyable!
  27. Hello everyone

    Hi... welcome Careful of a named VicVenom. Guy's a freak and a loon
  28. Hello everyone

    Hi all ! I'm Lemmy. This is my first post here. Nice to be part of this community. Hope everyone welcomes me. Have a nice day!
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