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  2. Event 1 (Initially 11) Austria

    Date 2020.05.30 Time 13:32 (UTC) Looks like government gave a nod to go ahead with the race, and MORE. 500 fans in attendance permitted? I'am not sure about wisdom of that. Call me pessimist. But then, I am peddling the same message since dawn of time. I understand good containment statistics were achieved because we didn't do crazy things. As Chancellor Merkel said, we were behaving well and responsibly, therefore new cases are down; good stuff, people, BUT, don't forget it's not over yet, and we still don't have a vaccine. People with weak immune body system are in mortal danger as ever since realization we have pandemic on our hands.
  3. Wanted - cleaning job available

    For my Malibu beach house Also wanted: Malibu beach house
  4. Vettel...

  5. Vettel...

    I understand that Vettel and Ecclestone used to played Baccarat or some other gambling entertainment together while on the road, but what's up with this bromance between those two? Ecclestone cannot stop talking to media what Seb would, or wouldn't like to do with his future...
  6. Vettel...

    Indeed it IS all speculation. The ONLY confirmed thing IS that; Seb will NOT B a Ferrari driver, once his contractual obligations have completed
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  9. Vettel...

    Yes, I do think so too... ...Another Masterclass
  10. Vettel...

    ...yeah, I read it, and thanks for trying to cheer me up, Brad. The thing is, after being active on the internet for a while, I firmly believe that no minds will be changed, doesn't matter whatever is said by anyone. I've quit on trying to convert anyone. I feel ashamed and (still) offended when I read some of the obscene comments about Vettel, but I do also understand, its not my problem people are whatever they are. BTW, unless I am mistaken, Seb hasn't said anything yet what he will do, did he? Could this mean that he is still considering some other options than retirement? The way I am thinking about it, if he is retiring, then he could say so by now, however, we see him holding back. Perhaps he is awaiting for something else to happen, before he could decide what's next. ( Wolff involved behind the scene?)
  11. Vettel...

    Wise words Smedley... The 2019 Formula 1 season was Sebastian Vettel's strongest says former Ferrari according to former race engineer Rob Smedley. At the beginning of May, Vettel announced that he would part ways with Ferrari at the end of the season. Whether the German will continue racing at another team or will enter into retirement remains unknown, but Smedley was prepared to hang his hat on his opinion. "I think we’ve got a really good driver there, a really wonderful driver, and do you know what? I think his best year in Formula 1 is, I’m going to get hammered for this, his best year in Formula 1 was last year, it was 2019," Smedley told the F1 Nation podcast. “I think he faced the biggest challenge of his career that year, and everybody kind of wrote him off because it was the easy thing to do, that Charles [Leclerc] is just going to get better and better and it’s the end of Sebastian, if you like. “I think we saw the real Sebastian Vettel towards the end of the year. Sebastian had been a little bit lost, and I’m sure he’d freely admit that he wasn’t where he wanted to be, both within the team and with his teammate at the start of the year, but then he actually got his head down, and that’s the sign of a true champion, he came back." Leclerc joined Vettel at Ferrari for the 2019 season as a clear number two driver within the team, but this status quickly changed as the Monégasque showed he could match Vettel for pace. Smedley added: “Sebastian had all the pressure, there’s no doubt about it. I think that’s the most pressure he’s probably ever had in his career, and he’s been against good drivers, he’s been against world champions. "He dominated Kimi [Raikkonen], with Mark [Webber] at Red Bull, who’s absolutely no slouch, Mark’s a really fast driver, and managed to always come out on top. “But I’m just not sure that he’s ever had the challenge that he had in 2019, so for him to cope with that, and to come back and kind of stamp his authority after a shaky start, I personally think we saw something special.”
  12. Did Schumacher ruin F1 by accident?

    Date 2020.05.29 Time 13:34 (UTC) @thetruth34 Michael was known to have inputs into car construction and setup at Ferrari, however I am not privy to whole story what happened in England. I do recall there was strain reported between him and technical staff, who created all kind of distasteful tensions, trying to ignore him. I also do recall that Brawn, despite his organizational position would not necessitated for him to attend non-critical technical meetings, but to protect Michael from snarly remarks, he came and stay there to ensure Michel got his input in. Regarding who gets credit for Mercedes's results of recent years, I am sure it did not happened in vacuum. Some people laid foundation, and as much as vehicle was and remains in pretty good shape, it was IMHO the heavenly PU which helped both drivers to create a league on their own and one up over everyone else. Källenius, current Daimler CEO was in charge of F1 engine division, if my recollection is correct. Not to diminish anyone's contribution, I do remain convinced that Mercedes's superior and error free design in 2014, together with FiA's mandated rules (effectively suppression of competition what others can or cannot correct on rivaling cars), surely helped Mercedes and their drivers to stay in the front that long. Several professional drivers, including Ecclestone, remarked, that while Hamilton is not a mediocre driver, his accomplishment would not be that unique, had other drivers sat in his seat. Today it doesn't matter anymore. What's done is done (spilt milk), and Hamilton and Mercedes have cabinet full of trophies. Some will claim forever he is best driver of all times, however I am not in the group. I think Vettel faced much more stiff competition in his four years, than Hamilton had in six. I am not very fond of this person, so maybe I am bias. After he said once that he didn't want to win championships as cheaply as Schumacher has his, that was last straw and a moment for me. Obviously he let inadvertently let us on who owns those trophies and he thinks it was all him... So, Schumacher's victories were on cheap, whereas his were hard work? Many fans now added Vettel to it, how "easy" he had it... World is not always "funny" place.
  13. Everyone but the British press was happy between 2010 and 2013. The McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari cars were all equal in terms of performance and the driver made the difference in the standings. The great Schumacher was at Mercedes. His development work and German efficiency turned the team around, but then the British kicked him out because they thought he was too old. Hamilton and Rosberg merely benefited from his hard work. Sebastian has tried but Schumacher created a monster that no one can defeat. Seb is the quickest driver and the best at development but no one in the history of sport is as special as Michael was. Those are Michael's titles really not Hamilton's.
  14. Renault

    Date 2020.05.29 Time 10:24 (UTC) Reuters: Good to hear that.
  15. F1 General discussion

    Date 2020.05.29 Time 8:08 (UTC) - where are we with membership? Mercedes - rumors of exit. BMW - not interested due to their different focus of F1 on future oriented technologies. (True) Renault - rumors of exit. (False. Confirmed today, May 29 - they are staying.) Williams - rumors of exit. Who else is not in rumor mill but considering exit? I would not be quick to blame all on hybrids. That would be oversimplification how F1 has been managed for years. A depth study, I suspect, could potentially reveal several major factors dating back for decades which drove sport to this. I am going to save myself going into repeated rant what rule-book have done to the sport since 2013. Tickets sale at the gate are not great as reported so often.
  16. Williams

    Date 2020.05.29 Time 8:02 (UTC) Pitpass: Sad due to team's racing pedigree, however sensible from economic point of view. I always thought they should have tried to sell the team much sooner. Maybe they did, but there weren't any buyers, and it is not clear whether there is one now. Due to forthcoming commercial changes in F1, perhaps market had changed for them.
  17. Renault

    Date 2020.05.29 Time 7:39 (UTC) Planet f1: I am confused over this. Internet (if not the same source) declared Renault had already signed up for next commercial term some times ago. Recent dip in business might be the however factor behind this latest review. I would like them to stay. French are the good guys in my book.
  18. Mercedes

    Date 2020.05.29 Time 5:29 (UTC) I wanted a statement from a team. Well they heard me, and response came swiftly in less than 24 hrs. This doesn't mean Wolff will stay, and continue with this nomadic (stressful) life. He might want to take easy and choose different direction at this point of his life. Nothing is finalized until all is confirmed also by him.
  19. Mercedes

    Err thanks for that, but I was rather thinking about this messy signal (maybe its not messy); here you have two guys, two teams, and now what? Will Racing Point continue as a junior team, and exMercedes will be renamed and it will be their first tier team? They want to reassign shares which are now in RP bank.... Maybe I wait for a team to issue official press statement.
  20. Mercedes

    Sakae Re: explain this back and forth dance in very plain language Increasing share price and value. LOTS of shares bought sending false signals to the market. In life if somebody wants somethin suddenly the price increases. Increasing the value of the shares It also creates awareness 2 the brand - LOT`S of shares have been bought in xx brand awares of brand xx increases, in turn so does share price / the value
  21. Mercedes

    Huh, this sounds juicy. I will be d**** if I understand what those two are up to. This "bromance" thing seems little overcooked. Buying Racing Point first, now buying (ex)Mercedes, so, what's next? Which team is left and who owns what? Moving money around in smart way is not my strong suit, and I need someone to explain this back and forth dance in very plain language. Here... Philip Van Osten:
  22. FiA Regulations - ref.

    Date 2020.05.28 Time 15:32 (UTC) GP247 provided following summary of changes to regulations: (much more in link provided below) FIA APPROVES CHANGES TO 2020, 2021 AND 2022 F1 REGULATIONS Excerpt from the article: Technical Regulations: Freezing of a large list of components between 2020 and 2021. ... For 2021, minimum mass increase to 749kg. Sporting Regulations: For 2020, provisions for “closed” and “open” events and the relevant regulatory structure for each (e.g. personnel at the paddock), depending on whether such events permit spectators.... 2021 Financial Regulations: Reduction of the Cost Cap level to $145M for 2021, $140M for 2022 and $135M for 2023-2025, based on a 21-Competition season. There is a lot to unpack in these changes. Nice summary by GP247, but winners and losers in this will be debated probably for some time to come. I am not in a hurry to declare everybody a winner in this deal.
  23. Mercedes

    Any news - selling, not selling...
  24. Racing Point

    GM 237: I don't follow logic of this person. Is he implying that large teams due to contraction in allowed resources will become less efficient, therefore RP will excel among them (because they have all already figured out)? I am really not getting his calculus. Dragging large teams to his level makes him shine and that's what he is proud off? Well maybe good for him, but is it also good for me as a fan? Moreover, why people need to brag about something which hasn't happened yet? Wouldn't be better to wait, and once results are counted, than to say "now, with equalization of resources we are better than Ferrari and Mercedes"?
  25. Revised Formula One Plans

    Date 2020.05.28 Time 12:14 (UTC) TEAM SIZE IN CLOSE GATE EVENTS News are appearing about team size allowed to enter close gate race is about 80 personnel. I guess that's fine. Teams like Sauber used to have about that head count involved actively under all conditions (if my recollection is correct). With this limitation large teams such as Ferrari for example, will have to change routine quite a lot. I cannot recall how many of those Ferrari guys travel from an event to event, but for some reason number around 140 is stuck in my head. Well whatever, it was over 80 a lot. How that will work out remains to be seen, and such drastic change without proper preparation (performing critical tasks correctly and quickly without having to think about it) could spill potentially over into some errors. Small teams win again?
  26. Event 05 Netherlands

    Date 2020.05.28 Time 9:37 (UTC) F1 race, cancelled in y. 2020.
  27. FiA Regulations - ref.

    Date 2020.05.28 Time 4:57 (UTC) Handicapping success? What happened to "work hard, you will succeed, and you will be awarded for it"? Probably obsolete ideology in modern warfare. Does the world of F1 makes any sense anymore to anyone? I am very much in doubt this would be happening under German management.
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