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  2. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Obviously people on the F1 grid still rate Kubica highly even after the year at Williams. Might have something to do with Williams not fielding two equal cars.
  3. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Untrue Sakae. If U look at it, essentially it IS revenue BOOSTING. Because of his injury, Kubica WILL always attract media attention. He WOULD B a sponsors dream, though his skill levels R NOT sufficient.
  4. Pre Season Testing 2020

    I hold Frédéric Vasseur in respect, but letting Kubica into a car IMHO is waste of resources.
  5. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Makes my heart pounding little faster. Now, where is the blood pressure testing thing again...
  6. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Why is Alfa Romeo using Kubica for testing ...ffs... he was consistenly last on pace last year????? You can't attribute giving feedback or feel for the car... Let the actual drivers do the fckn driving!!!!
  7. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Ferrari suddenly on par on pace
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  9. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Play with words... Well, is it really failure if low key was actually the original plan? I would say Ferrari succeeded with their plan, but WHY this particular strategy? Anyone knows? I don't want to call anyone a liar, however I still suspect they had an unidentified reliability related issue on the car, which precluded continuous high stress testing.
  10. Pre Season Testing 2020

    But did they have the same engine at the test? If Ferrari is doing development work, then would Alfa have that version? Now Ferrari is saying it is a lubrication system problem. If so, it could be an easy fix without any long term issues. But they were awfully slow in the last test session.
  11. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Well Ferrari supplied their version why Seb had his engine replaced (fault in lubrication subsystem). They still did not explain why traveling in speed was good just for P12.
  12. Pre Season Testing 2020

    They have a contract for same, don't think thats the case.. Ferrari is fluking
  13. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Unless Ferrari starts big in Melbourne, then I think it's over for this season. Teams are converging in performance, and Perez, Ocon, Verstappen, and maybe some others cannot be ignored. OK then; should be easy to fix (assuming that's all ). Advantage: Leclerc over Vettel; he is scheduled to drive last day of this week.
  14. Pre Season Testing 2020

    I am guessing that Alfa did not have the latest engine updates.....
  15. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Well, often if there are engine reliability issues in testing or early in the season, it tends to persist for at least the first half of the season. These are not problems quickly and easily fixed. So, suspect Ferrari is in for a challenging first half of a season.
  16. Pre Season Testing 2020

    ...Alfa vs. Ferrari differences. Alfa most likely was not hindered by reliability issues Ferrari experienced, thus they could run unrestrained, which was not possible in the red garage. I am not saying that's what it was, but it is one of plausible explanations. Since we don't know how much fuel Kimi was carrying, I would not draw any far reach conclusions of it. There was similar case between Perez and Silver cars for a while. Just different testing strategies. ...Binotto is already announcing defeat to Italian media in the first race. Oh my goodness.
  17. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Kimi's time in speedtrap was the fastest... confusing
  18. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Slotting Ferrari into P12 would take sandbagging into whole new levels never seen before. That's IMO just a click bait headline from an editor. In reality, of course Ferrari had reliability issues, we all have seen it, and only remaining questions I think are whether they can fix issues they had in time for next test (and a race), or this will hang over their heads for a while. Second quation is, where are they with performance? None of it is known at the moment. Sandbagging or not, qualifying lap, race sim., etc., none was done yet. An odd lap at 300 km+ by Seb is relatively slow this time around. In Mexico a few years back Vettel clocked over 365 km with his car. First three days this season could make a lot of people rightly nervous. (Binotto's face during testing wasn't that calm.)
  19. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Well, it would appear to me that Ferrari had concerns about engine reliability, so they ran it at less than full power. This would imply that the Ferrari engines in the Alfa were different. Perhaps didn’t have the latest updates.
  20. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Time will tell. I am not convinced it was all "sandbagging". Being off -- like RBR -- a few seconds is one thing, but why destroy your own testing program for sole purpose to confuse rivals? It doesn't make sense to me. Changing engines, sitting in the garage, etc. Why then even participating in the test? If that was a goal, they could sit at home just as well, claim they weren't ready for the season, and achieve the same effect.
  21. Pre Season Testing 2020

    I rather suspect they were forced into it by circumstances. ERS or lord knows what was goofing around. In any case, something wasn't working properly, so much is beyond dispute, and they decided not to stress it more than risk allowed them. Potentially damaging PU (if forced into full performance utility curve) must have been considered and accepted. You see here again why whole concept of car development is, simply put, wrong. Why team could not test in Dec and January to learn about it and have it corrected by correlating track data to a design, rather than learning about problems in couple of weeks before a first race? People who are pushing for saving money (by not testing) can be pleased, but we, fans, have very little to look forward, unless Maranello finds a magic bullet in a hurry. IMHO they should have test driver on the track in Oct last year to work with technical support in prep for a new season. Just as it was in old times. Repeatedly we see it again and again what restriction do to a team, if you make a mistake during development. Ultimately fans are the injured party as their team needlessly suffers. It doesn't matter it is the same for all teams. Humans are prone to making errors, and this natural condition cannot be overlooked. Current management of F1 is just as bad as the previous one in that regard (restrictiveness).
  22. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Either they're fluking big time,'s true. Why wud they run with de-tuned engines tho
  23. Pre Season Testing 2020

    Nice post and insights...lovely stuff.. Just read this, hope it looks better at next test..
  24. Pre Season Testing 2020

    (My) Sarcasm doesn't play well on the internet. In reality, I actually fully agree with you in observation that low performance was most likely well below what was intended. My understanding is, Ferrari intended to focus on "car - get to know you" in low speeds, something which Leclerc attempted to speak about, however - There was a significant delay on getting out of garage first day. (Engineers were busy...) Engine was later replaced. Seb, from all what we know, suffered similar issues. It seems there was no other engine (or chassis) available for this test to turn it around. Seb stopped on track, causing red, and it is almost certain it was not from running out of fuel. From outside all what we can do is to make in nature speculative guesses, that there was an issue with PU, which allowed team to run the car, but only in low speeds. Engine setting was most likely reconfigured to adapt accordingly allowing Seb turn some laps. Those three days will be missed, and in second round it will be hectic. Rivals already managed to run simulated race, and performance tests, thus Ferrari has a lot catching to do. After fixing problem, and kicking car into higher speeds, Binotto still thinks they are slower than competition. We do not know however how much, because of distortion caused by reliability issues. I am not writing however Ferrari off as yet. .... I should add, only now I am reading an interview with Verstappen, in which he is describing problems with cars following each other. Sounds like we could be for another processional season. Long live computer design engineering of F1 cars. Mind you, Newey likes old drawing board, that's true, but he has specs which he has to follow, and much of it is based on what is generated on computers. Point here is - not enough validation of assumptions on real track IMHO.
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