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  2. 2019 Honda

    Competitive IS ambiguous. Remember in the old days, Minardi were competitive with those at the back. Every competing team is, competitive. Competitive requires an adjective. To clarify how it IS competing
  3. 2019 Honda

    Indeed it changes quickly, especially the mid field battle - that CAN change race by race !!
  4. 2019 Honda

    Of course it changes quickly that is why I said CURRENT I did not say PERMANENT
  5. Observation

    A quiet man, is a thinking man A quiet woman, is usually mad
  6. 2019 Honda

    Current Pecking order, for HOW long? Things change quickly in F1 Brawn GP came from nowhere - well ok it CAME from failed Honda. The double diffuser, who saw THAT coming !!! Thinking LOGICALLY, there is NOT much can realistically DO with the PU to make substantial gains. Though can, introduce a new chassis concept WITHOUT the penalty of that for new-engines. The 3/8 wheeled car may pop up ... A treble diffuser? There R STILL possible gains available, away from the PU to B accessed. Instead of falling into the trap, and over thinking the turbo hybrid era
  7. Williams F1 team have said, that at the Chinese GP - they did BETTER than expected. Williams finished LAST, and second to last, which is ONLY better than DNF So did Williams NOT expect to FINISH and complete, the Chinese GP then !?
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  9. 2019 Honda

  10. 2019 Honda

    Max is Mad. It's just his character. Hope he matures real soon if he wants to get the crown otherwise he will just be a clown
  11. 2019 Honda

    Was just messing
  12. 2019 Honda

    Honda is competitive despite all past setbacks. Verstappen open again his mouth (not surprising) and said that whole car needs to improve.
  13. 2019 Honda

  14. Vettel WHO

    Vettel KEEPS destroyin HIMSELF A few GOOD years in the fastest car - setting statistics AND dominating Bet he wishes he were in a Mercedes NOW !!
  15. ^^^^^^^ IGNORE ^^^^^^^ How good can the product B if it NEEDS to advertise INAPPROPRIATELY BRAWN GP DOES NOT EVEN EXIST
  16. 2019 Honda

    Well Sakae, we can see in today's Qualy, that is the actual current Pecking order.
  17. 2019 Honda

    What happened to your McNissan ? Fluked the last time and Faded this time ? Looks like they were put in their right place on the grid this time huh ? Sorry dude.
  18. Brawn GP - Does NOT exist So OLD and out dated Back to the PAST
  19. New member

    Hi, I am newbie here and happy to be the part of this community.
  20. 2019 Honda

    Otherwise possible because, DIFFERENT era`s. Honda are NOW in the hybrid era, and NEW before they partnered with Red Bull (and before that Mclaren). The restrictions - it is NOTHING new. Mercedes R the champion`s of BOTH era`s. Champion`s with Brawn in the V8 era. Successfully becoming champion`s AGAIN, in the turbo hybrid era. It seems to me that, Honda will probably catch up more later than sooner. But whist Honda are, catching up what are the others doin? Ferrari are also advancing. Then in the background with less resources, Renault will always B competition. Renault were successful in the V8 era. Doin a good, respectable job in the turbo hybrid era. The Renault has never been ultimately quick in any era`s, just reliable. The power of Renault has always been to utilise the chassis, and use THAT for the speed gains. You have got to be in it, to win it.
  21. 2019 Honda

    Well, we "knew" plausible chances existed that Honda will catch up sooner or later. Moreover, I also think it has taken little longer than otherwise was possible due to restrictive nature of F1 on rate of development. (Lord knows I hate that with passion.)
  22. 2019 Honda
  23. 2019 Honda

    NOT really - it SHOWS that in F1 HAVE to throw HUGE sums of $$ to B successful. Red Bull Honda NOT even successful YET but HAVE spent HUGE sums. Red Bull Renault were a LOT more successful without the HUGE expenditure Red Bull Honda NOW HAVE to B successful
  24. 2019 Honda

    Well this aint "Radical-one's feelings about Honda" thread, it is Honda thread, hehe Honda makes cars go slower
  25. 2019 Honda

    Doesn't matter to me.
  26. 2019 Honda

  27. 2019 Honda

    I remember some statements from Helmut and Horner before season about Renault, Honda and McLaren hehe Its not a good deal
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