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  2. Honda

    Hope the new partnership goes well ! Now the race is On between Mclaren-Renault vs Red Bull-Honda Red Bull confirm Honda power
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  4. Alonso

    It's a bit screwy at McLaren at the moment. Their source of problems with the car driver, as well as company direction is anything but cloudy. Zak Brown seems to focus too much on Alonso alone and forgotten his real job....
  5. Alonso

    That IS why, Zak Brown IS lookin to enter Mclaren into Indy - to KEEP Alonso. Same reason they DUMPED the Honda money for Renault
  6. Alonso

    No bloody wonder. In the end, all roads leads to Japanese company.
  7. Alonso

    Rumor has it, that Alonso is moving on next year with Toyota.
  8. Alonso

    It was rigged by Toyota. They intentionally over fueled the leading Toyota no. 8 just so Alonso's Toyota can pass them through a 10 secs. Stop go Penalty. Japanese media are just laughing here. They know it's rigged. Sad and Dirty Toyota
  9. Alonso

    18 June 2018, 08:04 (CEST) Kobayashi, Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima were all winners in the race which is now mere historical footnote, and all of them drove exceptionally well. Nakajima IMO was best from them all, when it was he who made impact in qualifying. Koba was leading the race in a sister car when equipment let him down. Our reality is shaped by the media, but what the media presents is often determined by personal bias rather than by the factual evidence. We need to, more often then not, be able to distinguish sense from nonsense, and sensible conclusion is from that race, Alonso did not win Le Mans alone, despite all suggestive headlines we see this morning.
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  11. Alonso

    The SOURCE is a, MULTI WDC & Le Mans winner - a VERY dynamic source. Schumacher/Senna MAY have MORE WDC`s but, HAVE only achieved in formula 1
  12. Mclaren-Renault

    Mclaren powered by Renault are,hunting down the Renault WORKS team. With Alonso`s latest Title - Le Man`s, he WILL B full of confidence when he returns to Mclaren F1 next weekend
  13. Alonso

    Well done to Alonso, WINNING Le Mans Well on the way to, The Triple Crown (NOW 2 out of 3) GUARANTEED to stay with Mclaren NOW. He ONLY needs the Indy 500 for, The Triple Crown
  14. No pictures on the site

    I am "accepting" this cookies related invite for a week or so, but after some 100+ clicks it will not go away. Number of articles are unwatchable.
  15. Mclaren-Renault

    16 June 2018, 19:28 (CEST) - Revolt in promised land? I was expecting a clean up action from different quarters, but Whitmarsh from all people?
  16. Honda

    Bring in Pascal to replace Hartley ASAP
  17. Misinformed

    doesn't mean what I thought it meant.
  18. Mclaren-Renault

    What is this IF business? Red Bull WILL go to Honda, it IS just a matter of time - WHEN
  19. Mclaren-Renault

    Drive seats could get crowded at Renault if RB goes Honda.
  20. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    This should B made clearer to Red Bull & Honda
  21. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    Maybe Brawn should go back fishing and gardening. He disappoints me.
  22. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    13 June 2018, 18:38 (CEST) Brawn: The races like in Canada is bad for the sport. Don't say. Where have you been for past several years when Hamilton and Rosberg drove alone and finished 20 to 30 sec ahead of everyone else? That was good for the sport? Saturday in Q3 Bottas was just a fraction of the second apart from Vettel in P2. I would classify that as closely matched competition. Moreover, I am somewhat suspicious that low budget while probably drained by now likes Haas due to cost of high attrition rate, almost certainly would not save likes Williams. Either you know what you are doing, or you don't, and big budget is not the answer to all evils. (Ask Toyota.)
  23. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    It looks as if Lewis had some terrible luck over the weekend at Canada, that was beyond his control. During qualifying in Q3 Hamilton was -.079 faster than Vettel going into the hairpin, until he locked up, which may have been caused, because the remains of a bird was later discovered in a brake duct. At the start....the start of the race Hamilton was down on power, because of an over heating engine, which cost him performance in the opening stint.
  24. Research project on the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada

    Hi guys, I'm still looking for participants for my online survey! If you have been to the 2017 or 2018 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada, please take 5 minutes of your time to answer my survey. Tks!
  25. Alonso

    Alonso is READY to make History this weekend, by WINNING Le Mans on his way towards the triple crown. Good luck to Alonso and the team
  26. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    In this current hybrid era with 3 engine rule restriction, probably the best quote ever
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  28. Grand Prix Canada 2018 reported - she is not into the F1, just into Hamilton. There are changes on the way to make sure miscommunication between tower and flag platform will be avoided. Vettel was quoting Alain Prost - "My job is to win a race at slowest speed possible", something which will not please too many people.
  29. Grand Prix Canada 2018

    12 June 2018, 09:43 (CEST) - Cars can run close together, however dirty air destabilizes following car. Moreover, extended heat exposure destroys life cycle of tire (blisters, etc.) thus drivers do avoid such situations and stay behind in "safe" distance. They (I am not sure who are they these days) need to do something about it. Overtaking strategy is now reduced to two components; better pit stop, and/or run on a long straights if superior equipment allows it. Occasionally there are of course rare exceptions and driver can put together good overtake. Verstappen's strategy of moving chicanes should be called out, instead being tolerated.
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