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    I set off to go to the gym this morning but I realized I lost my membership card. A new one costs £10. Cheesecake and Pepsi is £4.00. Guess who saved £6.00?
  3. Strategy

    Business plans do change, so much is widely accepted and no one spends any time with those thoughts. Not everyone knows about or is interested in racing. In fact, once I've heard an automobile journalist evaluating new Honda Accord as "there is no a such thing as a bad Honda". It seems in global theater people do evaluate their car purchases based on other factors than just what happens in F1. Renault sales are affected by quality of their products, and not how many races they lost this year.
  4. Strategy

    Does this company want 2 B associated with, being the organization that KEEPS quitting - again and AGAIN
  5. Strategy

    I am not sure how Honda would be judged by F1 community, should they decide to leave, but one thing I am certain, there is life outside F1, and there are people in this world who do consider F1 as waste of resources. This company is recognized and received well either way.
  6. Strategy

    >There is NO such thing as bad publicity. Brand awareness Raising awareness of a brand - F1 HAS a world wide audience - THAT brand IS seen around the WORLD
  7. Strategy

    It is NOT difficult at ALL to say today what they decided It IS LOGICAL, Honda produce and sell a number of products. If they left AGAIN. The knock on effect THAT would have on the OTHER products WOULD B affected - Leaving F1 AGAIN would damage the Honda brand. I am unsure of the statistics but, Honda WOULD join Mercedes in the Record times for leaving F1
  8. Strategy

    Future for Mercedes in F1... "...development of the automobile and its effects on sport..." His words sound to me like if E-racing did not exist yet, it would have to be created. I really believe, that glances to that series is more than just empty talk or negotiations ploy. Honda have made their mind whether they continue or leave (again). Postponing this announcement to the season-end sounds ominous. Hard to say today what they decided, but I want them to continue.
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  10. Strategy

    I haven't forgotten Ferrari. No one on the outside knows whether US race was aberration for unexplained reasons why they had such poor race (like cold tires for example), and whether they do have actually a top shelve engine, or Technical Directive issued by FiA prior US race puts them back into a hole. We have to wait for results in next two races to get more accurate understanding where Ferrari stands compared to Mercedes. From what I gather, RBR and Mercedes are suspicious, that something shady was going on with fuel flow on the red car. Either way, if there are certain limiting parameters set forth, it applies to all of them. Right now I do not like what I am hearing from Brawn. Think about it this way; if Renault is 70 Hp apart (as an example only) from Merceds, and they will not be permitted to work on improvements, what would be the point for them staying in F1 and lose race after race due to engine inequality? Being close to rivals can be offset by excellence in other areas, but if disparity is massive, then there is no point staying.
  11. Strategy

    U MISSED out Ferrari. What about Ferrari in all this?
  12. Strategy

    Liberty (Brawn) began talking again about freezing engine development. I wonder if it would be better to establish performance limits instead, purpose of which would be to slow down or freeze Mercedes's power plant, and let Honda and Renault continuing to develop theirs. I am assuming here that Mercedes continues as benchmark in that department. Today it is hard to say where Ferrari is in their development. Last race implies certain situation, but it is all guesswork at this stage. (Nov 11) We need power plants across the spectrum operate with similar performance, otherwise there is no point to watch one team and one driver to continue dominate series due to equipment advantage. I do not believe Hamilton's situation is even close to be compared to Vettel or Schumacher. Complex hybrid power plant puts a foot on scale just too much in favor of Mercedes. (Then there are some doubts whether all engine suppliers began to work on hybrids in the same year, etc.)
  13. Strategy

    Should Renault pull out, driver's market gets really competitive. RBR issued a notice already to one of their former drivers; you wanted out, then stay out.
  14. Strategy

    Renault - will they, won`t they ? 50/50 Phone a friend? Rumours surrounding Renault, stayin or leavin F1 ? As a supplier (to Mclaren) or a works team. Red Bull got out, after years of success - picking up Mclaren`s Honda leftovers
  15. Jokes

    I had amnesia once.... ....maybe twice
  16. Strategy

    Mercedes has from day one very effective design, which put them into a class on their own. They are a benchmark. Not surprisingly I do disagree with notion, that the others are racing without problems. Each team has their own set of discreet issues in areas of performance, and reliability. Some are lacking more than others, but not a single team is meeting Mercedes on track in equal terms. Even today, five years later. IMHO all teams are still lacking something, Next one or two races could tell us more where Ferrari engine stands in its performance level compared to Mercedes. (Problems teams experiencing, as I define it in here, should be understood as efforts under restrictive regulations aimed closing performance gap to Mercedes.)
  17. Jokes

    You can tell a lot about a person by their car For example, if it's in a ditch, it's a woman
  18. Strategy

    Re: Inept are regulations holding them back from day one ??? Strange concept - Mercedes have NOT had ANY issues, along with others. These - inept regulations R NOT inept to OTHERS
  19. Jokes

    Most people write "Congrats" on cards, because they can't spell congrashulashuns
  20. Jokes

    A Scotsman and Irishman walk into a bar. As they walk in the Scotsman proclaims loudly for all to hear “Drinks for the house, on me!” The next day in the newspaper the headlines reads ‘Irish ventriloquist found beaten to death”
  21. Strategy

    Why Mercedes and Ferrari? Perhaps we should re-visit year 2010... Not to write an essay of 4000 words, however it would be useful to return to the beginning for us to understand how we got here. Once FiA/CVC agreed to changes teams wanted, why blame the teams operating within allowed framework? Cost. Are we saying no one had any idea what it all will cost and projected impact on lesser well off teams? That's hard to believe. I am certain that whole range of estimates were done before last Concorde was signed and sealed, and Todt, just as Ecclestone (with CVC) knew very well what teams will have to pay to live in this new F1. I changed my mind about hybrid power plant in F1, and despite my continuing awe over hybrid engineering, yet I came to conclusion, that FiA failed to provide regulatory environment, which would permit other teams to compete. Money alone is not enough. One needs research conditions to reach performance zone in which a leader, Mercedes, operates. Tokens, moratorium on new technology and tonnes of other road blocks have not supported recovery for other teams. I do not however blame teams for state of the F1. I do however question work of individuals like Whiting (FiA representative), CVC's financial management with Ecclestone at the front. One needs to realize, had those people put foot down in last round of Concorde negotiations, we would not be here today. F1 either might have folded, or turn completely into different direction. I think this finger-pointing onto two teams as villains is merely emotionally misdirected and not entirely fair. Neither Ferrari or Mercedes run the series. F1 always was, and probably should have stay with normally aspirated engines, but once the management decided to take plunge, they should had a plan for timely way out, if things went side-ways. Point to do that was Summer 2014 when it was all too clear F1 is in big trouble.
  22. Strategy

    Ruslan Re: You want airtime....hit a Mercedes or a Ferrari !!! >Following the theory of, there is NO such thing as bad publicity There is NO longevity in THAT suggestion (hit a Mercedes or a Ferrari !!!) A really GOOD strategy IS LOT`S of pit stops WILL B replayed over, and OVER - whatever
  23. Strategy

    Change at Renault management, and obvious question of the day is whether Delbos will pull plug on UK based F1 operations. Bookkeepers running engineering companies makes me violently ill, but that's unfotunately world we live in these days.
  24. Strategy

    I am not sure about fruit salad, however point was, whether two (or more) tire suppliers add to the racing show. I am one supplier proponent, because turning interesting competitiveness variety could induce into racing, the same can turn into uncompetitive disaster rather quickly due to flawed tire design. Risk is just too big, and therefore IMHO not worth trying to repeat past mistakes. When Michelin fought Bridgestone, there was more misery in all kind of disputes department, than racing, as old timers may remember, whereas when Good Year was a sole supplier, biggest suspense for me was waiting whether stretching useful life cycle of a tire will succeed, or turn into one big blow up in dying race laps. (And Murray W. so brilliantly commented on.) What happened to Ferrari just recently, as an example, is hard to let pass without anger, if you are a fan of racing general. Skating ring? Cold tires..? Give me a break. Obviously there is more to tires than number of suppliers, and it all got unnecessarily (IMHO) too complicated, thanks to Whitmarsh, his side-kick Hembery and alike, getting into business of "fixing" something which was perfectly good situation, just needing minor tuning. Gimmicks to compensate for problems in other areas is of course not resolving root causes.
  25. Strategy

    Hard to argue this one, but personally I would not accuse Honda for being "Master of none."
  26. Jokes

    My sister prayed for snow on her wedding day. Even though this didn't happen, she did get 8 inches on her Honeymoon night.
  27. Strategy

    In a DIFFERENT era. That WAS the V8 era, so can NOT compare - it is NOT like 4 like Next U WILL B sayin that 4 apples R better than 3 oranges
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