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  2. Best of the rest

    Abiteboul claims "Renault have a better package than McLaren" >But the results do NOT. Look at the table, Mclaren powered by Renault R best of the rest. AHEAD of the Renault WORKS team at this time
  3. INCORRECT reporting

    rodders47 what R U then, a ghost ? F1 is not boring, it is just NOT excitin in this era Remember in the V8 era, the battles between Schumacher & Hakkinen Then JV, Damon Hill, there WERE battles Where R the battles NOW? Finger boy Vettel is NOT really puttin up a fight
  4. INCORRECT reporting

    OFF Topic but seems to me YOU are the only person on this Forum................... Guess all the others have left owing to the boredom of F1 :-)
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  6. INCORRECT reporting

    On this site: Marca said McLaren cannot return to Honda power, because Red Bull negotiated an exclusive deal for five years. >How CAN Red Bull HAVE exclusive Honda power when. Torro Rosso ALSO use Honda power. That is NOT exclusive IF 2 teams R using Honda power. BAD reporting
  7. Jokes

    Where does Batman go to the bathroom? > The bathroom
  8. Jokes

    The cop said... The cop said, "Your eyes are squinting, have your been drinking?" I said, "Your eyes are glazed, have you been eating donuts?"
  9. Jokes

    Everybody repeat after me "We are all individuals."
  10. What is Williams doing to Kubica????

    Re: ... I WISH he was driving a Mercedes >Williams R powered by Mercedes, in turn he IS drivin a Mercedes
  11. What is Williams doing to Kubica????

    Considering how Williams treats Robert's car, I WISH he was driving a Mercedes. And now, British media feels they have to attack Polish fans. This was expected after Robert gain the first point for Williams. I seriously doubt that if George did not make a rookie mistake and allowed Robert's slower car to pass him, ANYBODY would claim it was a "lucky" point. Or claim that Polish fans hate Russell (we hate Williams for favoring Russell in absolutely everything). But, it is expected of "British Mafia" writing about British team with a British driver. It is beyond disgusting but, luckily, reminds people what Williams did to Maldonado in 2013 US GP. Which was even worse.
  12. What is Williams doing to Kubica????

    Re: driving a C-class car I was NOT aware that Kubica is NOW drivin a Mercedes C-class
  13. What is Williams doing to Kubica????

    Brilliant answer. You are kidding me, right? Is this the first year you watch F1? The only reason Williams was ANYWHERE in 2014-15 was the fact that Mercedes' engine was so dominant. Once that started to wear off, Williams pathetic aero work shortcomings became obvious. Remind me where was Williams last year? or 2017? Kubica does EXACTLY what is asked of him. In other words, driving a C-class car without any improvements that go to Georgi first, and with a race engineer, who should be sweeping the garage, not run races in F1. On top of this NOBODY at Williams seems to want to answer the basic question WHY Russell is allowed to use aggressive engine modes (such as "Defend") up to 30-35 laps into the race, while Kubica is told to go to slow "go race" mode on lap 2. EVERY SINGLE RACE. And still, half way through the season, Williams is unable to answer that little question why, if both cars are equal, Kubica car seems to swerve to the right under breaking in every OTHER race. But, of course, this requires a bit of analysis, and not just looking at the time tables...Based on your comment, I bet you read British F1 blogs (or vlogs) run by Russell fanboys that seem to forget that Kubica has been a legend in F1 in terms of his ability to communicate to the engineers what needs to improve in any car he drives. Reading a bit history of this guy would go a long way to imptoving your knowledge of F1... .
  14. What is Williams doing to Kubica????

    Interesting theory; Re: what is Williams doing to Kubica? Reverse THAT instead; what is Kubica doing to Williams? Much has been made of the Newey departure to Mclaren and in turn Red Bull for the demise of Williams Interesting theory is that, simultaneously the introduction of Kubica in turn HAS also heralded the decline of the Grove outfit - Williams
  15. Red Bull are looking vulnerable to Renault

    Is THAT a technical term?
  16. Engine / PU

    Dear Honda F1 The grass STILL needs cutting In the Paradise WITHOUT Honda Yens MayB Honda CAN provide a GOOD lawnmower 4 THAT
  17. Engine / PU

    Dear Alonso and McLaren, F**K Y'all ! Regards - HONDA F1
  18. History

    Unsure of the exact year, but Mclaren Honda Won EVERY race except 1. Mercedes COULD possibly emulate that now, at this time. With Red Bull Honda winning the, except 1. But still a lot of the season left to race. Mercedes R STILL, behind Honda`s record and will NOT better it this season (2019). At the most, can ONLY equal it now, IF the Mercedes dominance continues
  19. Engine / PU

    Honda rules !!!!
  20. Alonso

    Alonso is like a Meat loaf song - 2 out of 3 aint bad In the pursuit of the triple crown - Motorsports BIG 3
  21. Engine / PU

    radical-one read my lips 1 win so far for $$$ MILLIONS spent $$$ is hardly a good thing MILLIONS $$$ at Mclaren Honda until Mclaren became powered by Renault MILLIONS $$$ at Red Bull Honda Red Bull Honda ALREADY preparing for the MIGHTY Honda LEAVING Lot of supporting speculation to suggest that Honda WILL NOT dominate like the mighty Mercedes R, and WILL soon leave the sport AGAIN and concentrate on lawnmowers
  22. Jeremy Clarkson's Rant

    The best bit of "WHAT IS WRONG WITH FORMULA 1 " that I have ever heard and I 100% agree with him
  23. 2019 Honda

    Speculation mounting with strategies available to Red Bull/ That Honda, could be about to leave F1 - again. Aston Martin available to support/supply Red Bull If Honda do leave. Maybe Honda need to concentrate on manufacturing lawnmowers ??
  24. Vettel WHO

    Re: Vettel was Never really the best on the field >I respectfully DISAGREE. The World Drivers Champions he won support and suggest, he WERE the best in the world. The statistics he created, fastest laps he holds this. Where were his team mate in the sister car, if it were simply down to Newey design.
  25. Vettel WHO

    Re: ... For gods sake even Anthony Hamilton thinks it would be good to have Alonso back! In Ferrari > This IS ambiguous - potentially it COULD mean, 1 LESS driver to worry about beating, on the grid For Lewis !!!
  26. Vettel WHO Sorry to say, or NOT, Vettel was Never really the best on the field. He got lucky with having a genius in Newey on his side. I still respect that he won those titles, but honestly that was not BECAUSE of pure driving talent! Alonso never really had an issue with Ferrari, and Ferrari Never had an issue with Alonso. It was brought about by Marco Mattiacci who played to his ego, more then logic, to oust Alonso from Ferrari. He affected sergio marchionne's judgment in getting Vettle over, because Vettle wanted to Whimsically emulate Schumacher. It was a bad decision to let go of Alonso, And NOW, almost the whole of Italy (and not just Baldisserri) realizes this! If you ask me, They can use having Alonso Back in Ferrari. For the sake of F1, For the sake of some good racing. For gods sake even Anthony Hamilton thinks it would be good to have Alonso back!
  27. Alonso

    That Journalist that @maure Spoke about... That Is you @radical-one
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