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  2. There seems to be nothing other than spam posted on this site recently. Where are all the admins to clean up this sort of nonsense? On a more serious note - the abusive posts have increased exponentially over the last year or so. If the owners and admins of this forum want to contribute to F1 debate with any sort of meaning - then it needs sorting now. Either that - or will the last person please turn off the lights on their way out.
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  4. Hotmail Account Recovery Tips

    How to Recover Disabled of Blocked Hotmail Account The increasing number of security hampering online and hacking made email service providers to keep the security feature on the highest priority and ask them to use the better security features. Even, Hotmail users are not monitoring their account security, but Hotmail is keeping an eye on it. This is really important and in order to keep the safety of user and privacy; Hotmail has a wonderful mechanism to keep the account safe. When someone tries to sign in to your account without your permission but gets failed; then after a several numbers of failed attempts, it will get disabled temporarily. In order to keep the account and it’s content safe; the account will be disabled and you have to recover it for further use. Step to Recover Temporarily Disabled Hotmail Account The first step in order to get access of your disabled Hotmail account, go to the link and sign in to your account When you are done with signing in, you need to enter a phone number to request a security code be sent to you as a text message. It can be any phone that is actively working and can receive text messages for you The moment, text with security code reaches up to you, you need to enter the security code into the web page and hit enter Here, you have to change your password to complete this unblocking process That’s all; you successfully regained access to your Yahoo Mail account again Once you are done with the recovery of your hotmail account, then you can move to increase the security. We recommend you to use the Two-Step Verification method, so your account will be more secure and hackers will avoid getting in.
  5. Change Yahoo Password: +61 261003579.

    Hacking is getting common these days and if you are not able to login into your Yahoo account, you might be the victim of the same. In such cases, first thing you should do is CHANGE YAHOO PASSWORD and regain access to your account then update all your security info. If you are not sure how to CHANGE YAHOO PASSWORD, you can call our dedicated helpline +61 261003579 and our technicians will check your Yahoo account and help you to recover it. Call Yahoo support now to CHANGE YAHOO PASSWORD.
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  8. If your Hotmail account is blocked and you are not able to login into your emails anymore, contact HOTMAIL ACCOUNT RECOVERY team now. There could be various possible reasons that your account is blocked such as phishing, hacking or password change. Our HOTMAIL ACCOUNT RECOVERY team will check your account status and inform you if your account can be unblocked or not. So, contact HOTMAIL ACCOUNT RECOVERY team now to regain access to your Hotmail account, call: +61 261003579.
  9. Change Hotmail Password: +61 261003579

    HOTMAIL CHANGE PASSWORD is quite often required if you have shared your old email password with someone else already. However, at times you get locked out of your own email account and you do not own account recovery options anymore. In those cases, you need to contact our team so that we can check all the available recovery options or look for an alternate solution. There are two ways you can contact HOTMAIL CHANGE PASSWORD team, either on this website with chat support option located in the lower right corner or directly call on +61 261003579 to get all your Hotmail issues fixed online.
  10. Hotmail Support: +61 261003579.

    If you are using a Hotmail email address, sooner or later you will need HOTMAIL SUPPORT as well. Often people forget their Hotmail password and do not know how to reset it. If you also have forgotten your Hotmail password and need help, contact HOTMAIL SUPPORT. You can call HOTMAIL SUPPORT on +61 261003579 or chat with support technicians on our website itself.
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    If you are not able to login into your Gmail account and trying to contact GMAIL SUPPORT for help. You can contact our GMAIL SUPPORT team on +61 261003579 and they will help you to resolve your Gmail account problems. Whether you are trying to reset your Gmail password or set up emails on your mobile, GMAIL SUPPORT is there to help you round the clock, call us now.
  12. Change Gmail Password: +61 261003579.

    Whether you are using your emails for your business or for communicating with your friends and family. It is always important to secure your email credentials which includes your email address, phone number and password. In case you have forgotten you Gmail password, you can CHANGE GMAIL PASSWORD on +61 261003579 and we can help you in resetting your email password. Most of the time when you need help, you do not know whom to contact and for the same reason you can use our website to CHANGE GMAIL PASSWORD and get help. If you have tried resetting your password but can`t remember your security questions and answers, need not to worry, you can contact CHANGE GMAIL PASSWORD helpline and we will find the best possible resolution as per your case. We can understand that technology has made the life easier for most of the people but at the same time few can get frustrated with it as well. For example, in every smart phone, you can access your email without logging into your account and without typing the password again and again. However, with this technology where you are not required to sign into your emails every time leads to a situation where most of the people tend to forget their email passwords. In certain situations, they will have no idea what their email password was, and, in most cases, we have seen some people do not remember even if they did set up any password in the beginning or not. If this is the same case with you and you are not able to remember your Gmail password and can`t login into your emails anymore, you should contact us immediately. People quite often search online to get help with their emails and try to CHANGE GMAIL PASSWORD. However, they are not aware of the fact that it is impossible to directly find a number for Google or Gmail on the internet as the company is providing you free Gmail accounts and there are billions of users of Gmail around the globe. Due to that fact, they won`t show a direct number where you can call them for help as they do not want to attend millions of calls from free Gmail users. It is quite logical as well that why would a company will provide you free support when you are not paying anything to them. For the same, reason it is impossible for you to directly contact Google or Gmail. As we understand all these facts therefore, we decided to provide email support as an independent company where we can educate email users how they can get real support from humans over the phone or chat. We have helped millions of Gmail users who were not able to log back into their accounts and they were not able to get hold of Google as nobody can. If you are visiting our website that means you are looking for Gmail help or trying to call someone to help you with your Gmail problems and by now you must have known that Google or Gmail do not display a support number for contact on their website as they do not have one. For all Gmail related problems, feel free to call us on: +61 261003579 and we will assist you in all the best ways we can.
  13. Change Email Password: +61 261003579

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  15. Why would a TOP mail support and assistance service NEED to advertise somewhere NOT associated with the service? Suggests to me do NOT use THAT service, like EVER It would B like Mcdonald`s campaigning for animal rights.
  16. Assistance for All is a top AT&T email support service provider in the USA. The technical team at Assistance for All is compact with highly intelligent and dexterous team member. They are enough to make all your AT&T email related issues go away. Call us on our toll-free number at +1-877-916-7666, for all kinds of AT&T mail support and assistance.
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  18. McLaren need to go "back to basics" in 2019

    Indeed McLaren DID have a concept, some time ago now. A THIRD pedal, to brake the front and rear wheels separately. A nice idea but the FIA banned it, declaring that it gave 4 wheel drive ability. People/teams HAVE looked at different wheel configurations, notably. Double wheels/tyres, and the tri-concept - 3 wheels
  19. I sworn I will return when Kubica returns...

    Sorry guys - Kubica is One Day Too OLD and One Hair Too BALD. He shouldn't have forced himself there and let younger dudes have their chance. And that's all I'm gonna say
  20. Give U my word

    I promise to drunk, I am NOT god
  21. Well, if we go that far... I remember Ronnie Peterson burning alive on live TV. Besides that, I agree with you... LOL
  22. This is a phrase OFTEN booted around, need to go "back to basics" It does NOT actually say ANYTHING Lets look at that again. Go back to basics,; isn`t changing the PU going back to basics? Isn`t installing a new CEO, and team leader/manager, whatever U want to call it. Going back to basics Isn`t having a new driver pairing going back to basics? McLaren HAVE done all these things, consistent with going back to basics With little success. So going back to basics will NOT guarantee ANYTHING What McLaren actually NEEDS is a concept !! Something to build on, instead of just making it fit, and hoping for the best.
  23. sMax Verstappen...

    I say sMax because that is what he seems to do much too often. Give the most recent skirmish with Ocon, assuming that Ocon would back off was sheer folly. It cost him a win, but I don’t think it will make much of an impression. He believes that Ocon cost him the win and not his own actions. To paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Arrogance Is Strong With That One... He said from the c#ckpit of his Adrian Newey-designed race car...
  24. Old? No, old is remembering being at the 1973 Mid-Ohio round of the dear departed Can-Am Series and watching George Follmer in the 1972 Porsche 917/10K battle Mark Donohue in the 917/30KL!! Back to Kubica, I was really disappointed when Williams passed him over for Sirotkin. Nothing against Sirotkin, but I think a 2nd year guy and a rookie was not a good way forward. I believe signing Kubica for 2019 is recognition of that mistake.
  25. Wow, I just noticed the pic in my avatar. My son was 4 years old then. He is 18 now and going to college... i FEEL old. More Kudos to Kubica for coming back after all that time...
  26. Cool! So you remember my fights with Kati regarding Nick Heidfeld vs Kubica? Good old times!
  27. Williams Signs AT&T As New Title Sponsor

    cavallino Re:Teams don't rise out of thin air > RedBull Racing DID Where/who were, RedBull Racing until Newey? Then suddenly out of thin air, finger boy (Vettel) and RedBull Racing DOMINATE for YEARS and soon disappeared off the radar. NOW partnering with Honda and their $$MILLIONS hoping for a similar impact.
  28. Williams Signs AT&T As New Title Sponsor

    ykickamoocow Re: Red Bull has a extremely experienced design >Is this why these people ARE in sport because the ARE so dumb, didn`t they go to school? The correct saying SHOULD have been; >> Red Bull has AN extremely experienced design
  29. Williams Signs AT&T As New Title Sponsor

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