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  2. Silly Season 2021

    From sublimed to wake up in fantasy world. GP Blog is not a place I would like to get my dose of news every day, but I couldn't let this one go. It's simply too juicy low hanging friuit. I am not sure from where those people are getting details of these intimate conversations, but is it plausible Seb did speak with Wolff? Yeah, sure, he might have, but who else was a fly on the wall to hear what was said between those two? On the other hand, why German money paying price for keeping people in UK working, should hire a German driver, when they can have two British drivers, right? (Hamilton / Russell as voices are now being heard). Is that the idea? I don't watch English TV anymore, however recently I have seen couple of shows, and I am yet to see a one "good guy", who would drive a Mercedes. They all drive American, financially resting (new nice way to talk about people in trouble???) Ashton Martin, or Japanese cars like Lexus. Scumbag in those shows, on the other hand, sure enough, he was in Mercedes alright. Experts in cognitive science could explain significance of it. In my private thoughts I say its time perhaps for Mercedes to review their marketing strategies.
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  4. F1 should be more German

    Date 2020.05.25 Time 5:45 (UTC) Ecclestone: Ferrari doesn’t have a true leader What's missing Mr. E? Someone who is loud, obnoxious, bloated with hot air, overwhelmed with self importance as an indispensable human being (as some TPs strike me these days)? A type of a leader who has a gun and knows how to use it when pillaging foreign lands? Is that's what is missing? Back to this article, once you take a first step, it would be nice to finish it, and explain, what Binotto has or hasn't done, and what he could have done which was "much better". Being quiet, reserved, authoritative and competent in something other than talking is not a crime. Not yet.
  5. New member

    Welcome Kelly, and hopefully we will see you in F1 racing section. Perhaps you could open a new thread in which you tell us about your expectations, and what has attracted you most to this kind of racing. From experience, in my case, it was also first visit to the track at Kyalami, which drew me ever since to racing. Noise, pomp, splendidly looking cars, and that all added up. Cheers.
  6. The 2020 Season

    I am not going to defend Binotto here, with admission, that I don't know much about him in a managerial role. I am having nagging doubts that he had completely free hand in a decision who team's drivers are, and just because he seemed rather indifferent to Vettel, that's not a crime. Nicolas Todt* certainly could (but I doubt he will) explain what was really going on at that place. Negotiations for new "CA" or similar document couldn't be playing any role in these developments, right? Oh darn, I am now conspiratorial, so it's time for me to leave that subject. *Nicolas, son of J. Todt (FiA), is Leclerc's manager.
  7. The 2020 Season

    True Rus, I've also stated that... He gives the appearance of being a little... whimsy. It's like he's easily affected by circumstances that happen around him, then act accordingly. He's technical, and shud've stayed in that position. Certainly Marlboro man was better than this dude... Now Leclerc has to answer q's about nr 1 status, which he vehemently denies. This bromance might not last and fizzle out quickly. Wait till Sainz (whom I also have my doubts about) start beating him, then we'll hear those moans again. He strikes me as a spoilt brat. The pressure is enormous
  8. The 2020 Season

    1. What Is Binotto to say. that a rookie has equal status within the team. that would not go well with the media would it.... Most team managers say that the drivers have equal equipment and equal opportunity, and things like that, even if it is not true. It was unusual enough for Binotto to say that, that I commented on it a couple of times on CTA forum. It struck me as odd and inappropriate. I am sure Leclerc has some interesting questions from the press about that. But, I have said for a while that I was not convinced that Binotto was the right guy to lead Ferrari, and so far how 2019 season was run has backed up my point far too well.
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  10. The 2020 Season

    Publius would be probably able to explain it. My own interpretation was a simple speculation that Seb has certain way how he feather brakes, and when he steps on power. RB was a stable car responsive to his style, whereas Ferrari was probably not that exactly, but, again, I am not totally sure. People do study charts to know what driver did, and when he did it.
  11. The 2020 Season

    Agreed. i was actually referring to the "mysterious" spins... which is really weird i must add
  12. The 2020 Season

    Mistakes? What kind of mistakes? Take selected a few. (1) Hamilton provoked Vettel, who lost consequently temper, and in revenge bumped into Hamilton's car. Explanation was given that it was supposed to be only close move to make clear for Hamilton not to f***k around. In that he said he lost control and contact was initiated, Media called driver's mistake, I don't. In sport anger flares and brawl happens all the time. (2) In Singapore after lights went off, Vettel moved across, didn't touched anyone, but Verstappen and Kimi got tangled together behind Vettel. Now, media call called Vettel's mistake, I still don't understand why. Verstappen on couple occasions dove into some impossible places, Vettel tried to avoid him, contacted Kimi, and who was blamed? Not Verstappen, not Kimi, but Vettel. Seems like double standard to me (in ref. to Verstappen). (3) In Germany he was leading the race, he got his car unexpectedly on a wet patch, and slid into a wall. DNF. Media claimed it was his HUGE mistake. Oh, ok then. No one else ever slid on a wet patch, that's what rocket scientists on sidelines are saying? (4) In Canada last year he went off, returned, and received 5 sec penalty to get Hamilton into a lead. Good for Hamilton. I do recall a race in Mexico, and a hatched job Whiting did on him, but it was again Vettel, who was blamed. It seem like tradition with certain people in F1. In the same race Hamilton went off the track quite early - no penalty to anyone, yet he kept his position. (5) Hard to talk about Italy last year. Ferrari managed with their strategy-special to warm Seb up, and rest is history. Mistake or not, one would argue maybe his tempter was in boil, but we are what we are, and one could discuss how much responsibility Ferrari was bearing for that mess which they created to begin with by wanting to have golden boy take the flag. Point I am making here is not to absolve Vettel of anything particular, but if you look under the hood, it is not as much Vettel's (alledged) incompetence as many like to holler, but set of conditions which played on his nerves. Senna after all hit Prost in anger, Senna in pits slapped Irvine, yet he is judged differently from Vettel. Vettel is not the only one who clashed on the track for one reasons or another, but surely he received a different treatment for it than most. That's how I see it.
  13. Vettel deserves more respect

    I didnt even want to go there. Inaccurate perceptions are really difficult to shake off, and gets amplified when one refuses to accept the truth, then stubbornly believing its still... out there
  14. The 2020 Season

    We're not saying Vettel did not make any mistakes during his tenure at Ferrari... Ferrari made a ton of mistakes themselves. The drivers certainly did not have the fluency that the Merc cars had
  15. The 2020 Season

    1. What Is Binotto to say. that a rookie has equal status within the team. that would not go well with the media would it.. Or anyone else for that matter. Another way of of indirectly piling heaps of pressure on a already fragile relationship (looking back in hindsight), where they either refused or could not to build the car around Vettel's wishes and driving style. Was that point not already aptly demonstrated right from the beginning of the season. Already at Bahrain it was stated that Vettel is NOT HAPPY and struggling with the car, DURING THE RACE, with Leclerc scampering off in the distance, already at one with the car. Do u remember that. Did Vettel just lose his speed and regain some of it during the season...? I mean... WTH. If you read between the lines of Leclerc himself, he certainly did'nt think he was de-facto nr 2 driver. No way son, not with the attitude that boy has... 2. Really? It was always my impression that the lead car in the race has the preference within the team... Any team.. And seeing that Vettel had some issues with the car.. Well...duh 3. Refer to point 1. Also on the basis of the previous years with Kimi as teammate. How on earth can you, when u have a realistic chance of winning a championship, give preference to the other driver who was already on HIS WAY OUT. Pls explain that to me. First at qualifying..then Kimi's unyielding attitude right at the start at Monza and pushing Vettel into the hands of Hamilton... Maybe Vettel's mistake that he cud not unify the team in the exact manner that Schumie did, but then Schumie did insist on bringing his championship big brass folks over from Bennetton did'nt he. He was loaded with the right ppl behind him that made it easier to influence the team to rally behind a common purpose. With Vettel it seemed abit... Disjointed There are those for and against the penalty that Vettel received in Canada. The best way to get a clear handle if it was fair or not, was a previous incident with Hamilton at Montreal himself, where he did exactly the same thing and got away with it
  16. Vettel deserves more respect

    I am rather amused by critique, if one can term it as such, of FiA after all what they have done in the interest of Mercedes (protecting them from competition for several years), McLaren, and smaller teams (protectionist measures), whilst all such actions are against interest of Ferrari.
  17. Vettel deserves more respect

    However there IS a clear definition for the exact opposite, the FIA is consistent with NOT bein impartial or good Ferrari International Assistance (FIA)
  18. Jokes

    Re: Only criminals and idiots would now put cash in F1 John Stedman >Whats New - Bernie did THAT years ago
  19. Vettel deserves more respect

    Q, why do u call Vettel... Vettle?
  20. The 2020 Season

    After Sergio (or was it Arrivabene?) publicly scolded Vettel for wanting to have inputs into car design, do you remember - mind you your own business - he continued lacking the backing at Ferrari he wanted, which I suspect led to some mishaps on his part in 2018, and morphed into the end as we have it now. Add lack of car development at one point, strategy errors and why anyone should be surprised you get fed up and tired? In retrospect, perhaps it is good for his health to part ways with this team. There is a lot to unpack for those who are interested. I am not that much anymore. For me Sebastian remains a decent person, nice to be around, have a glass of wine with at my own dinner table, and I would definitely root for him again, if we had to do it all over.
  21. Cyril Abiteboul needs to go

    Sometimes men are caught in impossible situation, yet they are face of a business entity, carrying brunt of it all, deserved or not. There is very little to doubt Cyril had a lot of pressure to compete as a (presumably) top team with hands in handcuffs on financial budget Abiteboul got from mother ship, and unmitigated disaster what was left from Lotus. From what I recall, it was badly managed warehouse, and nothing more. There could be a lot of small factors which in aggregate are nothing less than undesirable noise on common cause.
  22. Cyril Abiteboul needs to go

    Actually, I have been having my doubts about Abiteboul for a while, but don't know enough to have a strongly informed opinion.
  23. The 2020 Season

    This could be part of it. We have seen in the past some very lackluster seasons (2014 comes to mind) and we have seen periods of uneven performances even during good seasons (including some of the ones he won). He has always been a strange driver. He is clearly very talented, and I suspect when everything is good, and his head is fully in it, he is as good as anyone. What he does not appear to be is relentless and on pace all the time. I mean for Ricciardo and Leclerc to outperform him like they did means that they are either the second coming of Christ or Vettel was underperforming. But, in the end, if you are getting paid $40 million a year, no one is going to be particularly interested is watching you throw a season away. As I suspect this is his last half-season in F1, he is probably going to leave F1 with a checkered reputation.
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  25. Ferrari

    Date 2020.05.23 Time 11:25 (UTC) Motosportweek has an article out quoting Sainz, that there was an offer for him on the table already last year from Ferrari. I am not anymore interested in morbid details of it all with exception of one question. Wasn't Sebastian worth some honesty from the team he supported for number of years, and couldn't they came up clean with us - public - in January, instead having us go through this distasteful charade? Drivers come and go, and Ferrari is not the only team with such dubious reputation. Williams kicked out Hill after he won championship. One can find quite a few eyebrow rising changes in F1 history. After all, I am not sure what happened with Schumacher first time around, when media - especially British - were screaming murder that he is winning too much and is time for change. I had nagging feeling end of 2013 Vettel received similar treatment from the same media sources. Yes, I was around, and I was Michael's fan, and I remember pain reading tabloids slugging this guy day in, day out, and all what followed on so called "reputable" forums. One guy, he claimed to be a solicitor by trade, called Schumacher a criminal. He is still on that forum, whereas I, when I made clear I was happy Webber retired, one Australian reported me as a hater, and my account got blocked for good. Long live free speech. To be clear, I am not upset that Ferrari wanted a change in their driver's line up, not at all, however that little theatrical performance called "we are negotiating" seems disrespectful of Vettel as a person, it is disrespectful to me as a fan. Teams want us to root for them, but I think they are making it hard by being that sordid towards to drivers and their fans, which are after all part of that large picture called F1.
  26. Vettel deserves more respect

    Hmm,, I realize why an impartial outlook can be confusing.. I guess there is no clear definition for impartial or good or bad. He has won top accolades for his endeavors in motorsports most elite racing series, and I give him that! Albeit in a car that was designed by someone who is way above average in his ranks as an F1 Designer. I don't want to defend my point at the cost of saying that Vettle is bad... I guess we are comparing him to different people while calculating out respective Average... F1 is a sport, more so about the car, then the driver I hope we can atleast agree on this. In most cases, fortunately or unfortunately, a driver is only as good as his car.
  27. New member

    HI! First time I went to Formula 1 when I it was summer break. I came to Baku with my dad. Unforgettable experience, my first essay was about Formula 1 at Baku.
  28. Cyril Abiteboul needs to go

    Date 2020.05.22 Time 15:41 (UTC) Renault Corp. is really in bad shape and may cease operating as a business entity. This is not a joke. I am not sure the team will be able to continue at all, but, until they says otherwise, they are here, and they are hot to go racing.
  29. Vettel deserves more respect

    @blackpebelwhy are you in a post addressed to me responding in French? Like with Italy, I love many things about France, I have my deepest respect for many things of French origins, but to avoid any further misunderstanding, I do not live there, and I was not born there. (I am however in spirit all of that and more.)
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