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  1. Caption Time Anyone?

    MS: Block me one more time and i'll effing rip your balls off.... FA: erm.. MS: Now.....where is lewis? FA: Hooning? MS: WTF is that? FA: You don't want to know....
  2. Hamster In Trouble With Oz Police

    can't confirm this story yet but the late news on channel 10 is reporting that hamster got pulled over by the victorian police for going over the speed limit and doing a couple of burnouts.......the police have impounded his merc for 24 hrs....will try to post some links asap...they said that he has some serious explaining to do...
  3. Hamster In Trouble With Oz Police

    Apologies for the transgressions.......
  4. Time To Come Clean

    Hope You live on forever mate.....May god be with you.
  5. Apropos Of Nothing

    :thbup: :thbup:
  6. The Bahrain Gp Official Thread

    go Adrian!
  7. Mclaren'S Livetiming i received an e-mail from mclaren this morning saying to check out their 2010 website....i thought....hmm..mclaren being should be just another corporate whiteboard , but i was pleasantly surprised to find,out of all things they're introducing a new livetiming feature this year and it's so cool...since i can't get live television access this year, i hopefully plan to follow F1 on my lappy through's livetiming and now mcl's Live timing.. Check out and let me know if you're doing the same....
  8. Mclaren'S Livetiming

    No mate....Thanks to God i'm very well, i'm fortunate enough to have a's just that i'm in uni and they don't have cable access on campus.So no f1 on least till i think 11 at night where they air F1 races on channel 10.
  9. The Mclaren Wing

    What is up with the 2008 rear wing....i seem to come across references to "the wing" . can anyone fill me up on what that is? i seemed to have missed the memo....
  10. 2010 F1 Champ

  11. Intra Team Fights

    It's always the "home" press that starts the trouble........we don't even know if there is any animosity between ferni and felipe but they always try to eke out some little misunderstanding and sensationalize it......if you guys remember the feud in 07 was 80% media generated and 20% mclaren shooting their own feet.Effin idiots.... BTW by "home press" i mean not only all the spanish bull but england"s dastardlies as well....same goes to any d#cks violating the true principles of journalism...just report it yipee ka yayee......don't interpret it.... Terribly sorry for the rude behaviour by the way.
  12. Holy Crap, This Car Looks Interesting....

    Very cool....leave it to DOF to bring us interesting concepts. Thanks mate! P.S: quick launch much?
  13. In Before The Inevitable... that you don't feel bad,Lewis will win the title this year. Cheer up!
  14. Fear

    Fear......Conquer it and you WILL conquer the world.
  15. Why Is It When Schumacher Returns...

    It seems that as soon as max hit the road good things are happening to formula 1 again....
  16. The Schumacher Thread

    Can't wait for the testing to start.....
  17. The Schumacher Thread

    All i can say is.......giggty giggty.........ooh yeah......looking forward to Lewis vs Schumi vs Ferni.
  18. Teams & Drivers 2010

    Thanks Kati.
  19. Teams & Drivers 2010

    S*#t.......look at autosport's Merc GP graphic....
  20. Teams & Drivers 2010

    Mclaren have the merc engines till 2015.......enough time to pool talent and resources to develop a fledging engine manufacturing department.
  21. Teams & Drivers 2010

    Mclaren were champions before mercedes....and WILL be champions after them.
  22. Teams & Drivers 2010

    even though they have merc's only vodafone mclaren now i assume....
  23. Teams & Drivers 2010

    merc walking away from mclaren...... Hope mclaren retain their brixworth division though and hope they bring back mario Illien..
  24. Teams & Drivers 2010

    No JB at no no! We want kimi!.....the kimster!
  25. Funny Pictures

    Welcome to Funny Pictures... All members are invited tO post hilarious/funny/LOL/LMFAO/ROFL pictures from across the web.......hopefully more from the world of Formula1... So kicking off the post will be..... Who do you think is the most unlikely person in the picture? a.Jean Todt b.The guy on the far right. c.The new FIA presidente...