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  1. Felipe 1 Fernando 0

    Massa: Alonso knew about race-fixing By Jonathan Noble Thursday, October 15th 2009, 07:42 GMT Felipe Massa says he remains suspicious that Fernando Alonso did know about the deliberate crash plot at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix - but has vowed not to let it affect his future relationship with the Spaniard. Massa spoke to Brazilian media during a get-together in Sao Paulo on Wednesday and, during the lunch, he said he was in no doubt that Alonso had to have been aware of the plans for Nelson Piquet to crash deliberately in the Singapore event last year to try and help him win. "In all, he is the least of the problem," Massa was quoted as saying by the Brazilian media about Alonso's involvement in the affair. "It was the team and Nelson - but Alonso was part of the problem. He knew. We can not know it [but] of course he knew. [it's an] absolute certainty." The comments created a huge media storm in Brazil ahead of this weekend's grand prix, and Massa and Ferrari moved to clarify the remarks in a statement issued on the Maranello team's official website on Wednesday evening. In it, Massa said that his comments relate to a feeling he has rather than being based on facts, and he totally respects the FIA's findings from its investigations that Alonso was not aware of the crash plot. "What I've said is the outcome of a hunch I've had and is not based on any concrete evidence," Massa said in his statement. "The FIA World Council announced that there was no indication that Fernando may have been informed of what had happened and I respect this outcome. "Obviously I'm very disappointed about what transpired last year in Singapore: I have already said several times what I thought about it and now it's time to close that chapter and to look to the future. "What is certain is that this episode will not mar in any way the relationship I'll have with Fernando when we will be team-mates." ----------------------------------- I love this guy! oh god....i can imagine Felipe kissing fernando godfather 2 style and telling him "you broke my heart Fredo"
  2. Interlagos - D O D

    Hamster.....from the back to the front.
  3. Puma'S 39 Steps

    Happy Birthday mate!
  4. And It'S Over, It'S Over!!

    That's True.
  5. And It'S Over, It'S Over!!

    Alonso is the only person to have made Al Pacino cry
  6. And It'S Over, It'S Over!!

    yes, Alonso if the greatest human being in the history of mankind, we get it
  7. And It'S Over, It'S Over!!

    WTF have you got against Obama?
  8. And It'S Over, It'S Over!!

    Oh.......hi everyone...been a long time.
  9. And It'S Over, It'S Over!!

    Good news to both Ferrari and Mclaren fans. I really hope Heikki ends up with a good team as he really deserves to be in F1. A return to Renault,replacing Jarno at Toyota or partnering Rubens at williams?
  10. Lucky Ol Flavster

    Lucky Flav Just found this whilst searching the web for some scientific information.
  11. Lucky Ol Flavster

    i give up.....just go to and it should be on pages 3,4 or 5........or if you don't find that either just type in flavio briatore on the search option.It's very very funny.
  12. Lucky Ol Flavster

    Damn.......what is up with tf1....,0
  13. Lucky Ol Flavster

    yep,sorry........just copy and paste this link in the add bar and repace the stars with astar,0
  14. Mclaren Handed Suspended Ban

    McLaren has been given a suspended three-race ban for bringing the sport into disrepute after lying to stewards at the Australian and Malaysian Grands Prix. Following a hearing of the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris on Wednesday, the governing body announced that since McLaren had admitted to the offences and made clear that there had been a change of 'culture' at the team, it has suspended the sentence that it deemed appropriate. A statement issued by the FIA said: "Having regard to the open and honest way in which McLaren Team Principal, Mr Martin Whitmarsh, addressed the WMSC and the change in culture which he made clear has taken place in his organisation, the WMSC decided to suspend the application of the penalty it deems appropriate. "That penalty is a suspension of the team from three races of the FIA Formula One World Championship. This will only be applied if further facts emerge regarding the case or if, in the next 12 months, there is a further breach by the team of article 151c of the International Sporting Code." McLaren had been called before the WMSC to answer charges relating to former sporting director Dave Ryan and Lewis Hamilton lying to stewards about whether an order had been given to let Jarno Trulli overtake the world champion at the Australian Grand Prix. The team was only found to have lied when radio transmissions, and copies of interviews Hamilton had given to the press immediately after the hearing came to light. In the wake of the events, McLaren sacked Ryan and team principal Whitmarsh wrote a letter of apology to the governing body. Furthermore, former team boss Ron Dennis announced that he was stepping away totally from the F1 team in a move not unconnected to the matter - despite claims from Dennis otherwise. Whitmarsh chose to appear at the FIA hearing in Paris alone, staying for less than an hour to apologise for all that had happened. Speaking to reporters on the steps of the FIA building, Whitmarsh said: "We've made mistakes, we've apologised to the FIA and the public. We await the decision." When asked if he hoped today's events would mark the end of the affair, he said: "I very much hope so." Source:autosport ................................................................................ .................... I think it's a fair punishment.........thank god mclaren don't use e-mail about those twitter accounts.....
  15. Felipe Baby-

    D'oh! never mind......Christine if she's as hot as she sounds....yep,just checked her on facebook....she's kinda hot.
  16. Felipe Baby-

    lol! felipe baby!........who's the singer?
  17. Mclaren Handed Suspended Ban

    wow...failure to detect sarcasm.........I blame Ron and Mclaren for screwing long enough with maure's head.......please......i apologise on their behalf.
  18. 30-mil Budget Cap

    Exactly...and more pitbabes.....
  19. 30-mil Budget Cap

    I think a 40 mil budget cap would be feasible given the team's payroll and the drivers salaries are outside the cap.Even 30 would be feasible..........and more importantly we could see more number of teams enter F1.
  20. It's Dribbler Day!

    Dribster!......have a great day and a wonderful life. Happy Birthday!
  21. Malaysain Gp Race Thread

    Mission accomplished - television coverage shows nothing but stationary cars for 40 minutes and people still watch. Half a medal wooo! Race control was just too stupid to figure out the correct result faster than this, so they pretended to be waiting for a possible re-start. The FIA are trying out a new precedent to alter the results of every race after the checkered flag Brawn.... again f'ed the what an unsatisfying race. Its like being in bed with the girlfriend and being interrupted by the boss phoning and telling you to go to work. Because it was clear that when we started to work on the regulations that there were things that you could do, and we needed to perhaps clean them up, but nobody was interested. They are interested now." priceless massa having a tantrum......... felipe baby - rob smedley is immense Greatest team radio ever! LOL Legard telling us the Universe had not stopped existing RK to spanish TV: at least i'm McLaren are just keeping Hamilton away from the the race stewards, incase he tells them its perfect weather for sun bathing Bernie's medal system - sucked 17:00 starting time - sucks BBC mike man:what the hell is that?? a minute and a half before the leaders?? EJ: "you got me there thats's a first". LOL cant they PRETEND they are on the right lap This is a bloody joke. Far more detrimental to F1 than Hammo's alleged lies. Can't believe a sport that spends this much money can't get anything right. The FIA should be hauled before the stewards for causing an avoidable fiasco.... bernie is such a pillock, why oh why in the last year has he only just realised the world has time zones I bet Webber after his racing career will become a politician Maybe any team that doesnt race is bring the sport into disrepute. kimi on vodka ice cream now-iceman!Kimi is recharging his body KERS next video on youtube - kimi falling off a malaysian balcony drunk kimi will be banned for taking on extra weight during the race! Ferrari: "Kimi, we'll give you a coke and ice cream if you hop on the spare car".. DC...Lewis has got a wet bottom...he's a bit haha sliding down the hill nice... mudbutt and the fat guy won!!!!!!! Was that kimi on the hill? Complete waste of time. We could all have been eating ice creams 50 minutes ago! The phrase is 'epic fail'
  22. Oz Gp Race Thread.

    Also........Ham and Fernando are my DODs.............those two are head and shoulders above the rest with incompetent cars............if anyone thinks they're lucky it's because fortune favours the brave. Vettel...........young,brave and immature Kubica..........the next Great one........ Ferrari..........WTF?
  23. Oz Gp Race Thread.

    Wow! What a great result for formula 1.................................. Anyway.........I have a feeling FOTA is about to disintegrate.........see Also........ World champion Lewis Hamilton could yet be elevated to third position in the Australian Grand Prix result, after both he and Jarno Trulli were summoned to see the race stewards following an incident in the final safety car period. McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh confirmed that the FIA was investigating Trulli after the Toyota driver re-passed Hamilton under safety car conditions, having lost control and run off the circuit. "There is some debate over whether it is a third place or not at the moment, given that Trulli fell off and re-passed under the safety car," Whitmarsh told the BBC. "But whatever it was a solid result. "Obviously it relied on a bit of attrition, we know the car is not quick enough yet and we have got to do a lot more work, and we'll be doing that in the coming races." Whitmarsh added that Hamilton had grounds to believe he could be promoted to a podium position after a strong drive that had seen the world champion fight up from the back of the grid. "At the end, under the safety car, Trulli fell off onto the grass and Lewis had no choice but to go past him, he was not on the racing circuit," said Whitmarsh. "Trulli then re-took the place under the safety car, which ordinarily you wouldn't do so I know that the FIA are looking at it at the moment and doubtless we'll have a ruling in due course. "That's our position at the moment and we will see what happens in the coming hours." Hamilton admitted to the BBC that he was "very proud" of the team, which has already admitted that the MP4-24 is not fast enough to win races and hadn't expected to finish as high as he did in Melbourne. "We did the best job we could," he said. It was an incredible job done by the team all weekend. They've all kept their spirits up even though they are off the pace. We stick together, we keep our heads up and we keep going. That result just shows the true spirit of the team, so I am very, very proud. I am very happy with those points."........... I'm in Oz and on channel 10 i couldn't get this incident...............did any one else get to see this incident live during the race and also did anyone get to see kimi's crash........?
  24. Formula 1's New Champion: The Blackberry

    Lewis Hamilton gets his hands on a radio-controlled version of his Formula One car in the latest viral ad from McLaren's title sponsor Vodafone. The advert features his team making Hamilton's car fully controllable via bluetooth from a Blackberry. Hamilton is not only made to look like he can steer the car, but he drives it out of the pits and is even seen driving it around a section of the Portimao track at the end. Matt Bishop (McLaren Group Head of Communications and Public Relations) said: "Vodafone tech is pretty mega. I wouldn't say it replaces the need for Lewis Hamilton, because he's pretty mega too. "But it's amazing what can be done with a Blackberry Storm and that's all I'm prepared to say about it at the moment!" The viral can be viewed here....... All i can say is Holy Moses! Edit 1: Sorry guys......i couldn't get in the video link embedded in the post......let me try again...... Edit 2: D'oh! Sorry'll have to copy and paste the link........look it up before it gets removed!
  25. Pre-season Testing