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  1. The Actual Incident Between Lewis And Kimi

    Any link on that?
  2. The Actual Incident Between Lewis And Kimi

    Actually the Race contol story came out soon after the Race. I was first a Mika Hakkinen fan and after his retirement an ardent Rubens Barichello fan and after seeing what they did to him during his time at Ferrari i lost all love for Ferrari. Unlike you ,I have enormous Respect in a team who've been continually harassed by a governing body who've been on the payroll of the most unsporting team in all kinds of sport. Straightlining a chicane because you've been forced off the road and slowing the momentum by lifting the throttle letting him by no less....and out braking him in the next corner to pass him is 'Racing'. Yes.
  3. The Actual Incident Between Lewis And Kimi

    Sorry to say you're wrong but you don't have the actual telemetry and Mclaren have theirs and they showed that there was a throttle lift from Lewis after he was back on the straight(6.7kphs slower than kimi to be exact) and Mclaren sought conformation TWICE from Race control that what Lewis did was okay....Also Ferrari were slower than Mclaren at Spa in terms of straight line speed AND going for it at the next corner is not moronic but proper 'balls of fire' motor racing.(something Gilles,Ayrton and your "Idol" MS would be proud of).
  4. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    Instead of Hamilton and Mclaren replying with a "we're disappointed with this penalty" they should completely diss the FIA in the press.
  5. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    Well done Ferrari international assistance!
  6. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    Kimi's thoughts....... Kimi Raikkonen said he did not want second place at the Belgian Grand Prix after crashing out on the final lap while battling for the lead with Lewis Hamilton. The Ferrari driver had led the majority of the race, but Hamilton benefited from the rain during the final laps to close the gap and pass the Finn. Raikkonen regained his position when Hamilton and the Ferrari driver himself nearly crashed into the spun car of Nico Rosberg, but lost it again moments later when he spun too. The world champion then lost control of his car again and crashed against the wall. Raikkonen admitted it was all or nothing for him. "I was prepared to win or lose, but unfortunately I went off," Raikkonen told reporters. "I only wanted to win. I slid wide on the fast left hander, and tried to come back on the circuit but I spun. "I needed to get points so wanted to win it or lose it but unfortunately went off. I didn't want to finish behind we would have lost points. We see what we can do." Raikkonen made contact with Hamilton a few times while battling for position, and their clash was put under investigation by the stewards. Hamilton jumped the final chicane when the pair made contact, and although he let Raikkonen past, the Briton kept his momentum and overtook him on the following corner. Raikkonen did not want to comment on the incident. "There are rules about cutting chicanes and gaining an advantage and they are looking it. So I don't have anything to say," the Finn said. The result left Raikkonen a massive 23 points behind Hamilton in the standings with just five races left. Teammate Felipe Massa is eight behind the Briton, and it is now likely the Finn will have to play a support role. He said, however, that he is only planning to win races. "It is not up to me if he (Massa) wins or not," he said. "I will do the best I can do and we see what the situation is. I try to win races and we will see what happens."
  7. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    Hamilton clearly infringed Rule 345-4-B.
  8. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    Lewis Hamilton snatched victory in the Belgian Grand Prix from Kimi Raikkonen in the dying stages of the race. But their thrilling duel as rain fell in the final laps of the race is being investigated by the stewards who feel Hamilton and Raikkonen may hae broken the rules. The duel began when Hamilton caught Raikkonen on lap 42. He drew alongside the Ferrari on the outside of the chicane, but Raikkonen pushed him off the track Is this what Raikkonen is being investigated for? Should he be penalised for it? That meant Hamilton arrived on the start/finish straight ahead of Raikkonen. Having gained an unfair advantage he let Raikkonen past (which is what he should have done with Vettel at Magny-Cours) but then re-passed Raikkonen at the next corner (La Source). Is this what Hamilton is being investigated for? Should he be penalised for it? Later on lap 43 Raikkonen ran wide at Pouhon but regained the circuit without seeming to gain much of an advantage. Then Hamilton came across a spinning Williams and had to drive off the circuit in avoidance. Raikkonen also took evasive action and seemed to hit Hamilton in doing so. But surely for both drivers this was an unavoidable consequence of Raikkonen trying to avoid the Williams? I don
  9. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

  10. Driver Of The Day - Spa

    You are the cutest clown in the world!
  11. Mclaren Confirm Kovalainen For 2009

    Heikki Kovalainen will remain alongside Lewis Hamilton at McLaren next year, his team confirmed to in Hungary on Thursday. The Finn joined the Woking-based at the start of this season and, although being quick in qualifying, bad luck has robbed him of several points-finishing positions. He has taken just one podium finish, where he finished third in Malaysia, but secured his maiden pole position at the British Grand Prix. It is understood that Kovalainen's contract with McLaren contained an option for his services next year and the team have ended speculation about his future by confirming he will remain there. Although there is no official statement, McLaren F1 CEO Martin Whitmarsh told that Kovalainen would be continuing with the team. "We welcomed Heikki on board at the start of the year," said Whitmarsh. "He is under contract to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, and will continue to race for us in the 2009 season." ................................................................................ ................... Hope it does good for his confidence and wonders for his luck.........
  12. Gp Hungary

    Lewis's puncture was a result of debris cutting up his tyre's sidewall............Bad luck.(source:who else but ITV!)
  13. Driver Of The Day - Hungary Gp

    Defintely Felipe. Poor chap.........gutted for him...........brilliant start and awesome race pace.............although this could be the reason why the engine gave up...............well done Heikki! Glock did an outstanding job under pressure from Kimi...........Lewis could've overdriven but they reported that debris caused him the puncture.......(although Ham was poor on race pace compared to Felipe.)May be because of the tyres............. what do you guys think of the pecking order in terms of pure pace between Mclaren and Ferrari? Bring on Valencia!
  14. So Who Dunnit?

    Maybe he set himself up........old grumpy ba****d!
  15. Engine Freeze Loopholes Frustrate Briatore

    FIA gives Hamilton's engine the all-clear Lewis Hamilton's engine has been given the all clear by the FIA following its routine examination prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix. As reported last week, the FIA has begun a series of random tests of the power-units of the car manufacturers in F1 to ensure they are complying with the freeze on development. Mercedes-Benz were the first manufacturer whose engine was picked to be examined, with Lewis Hamilton's race-winning unit from the German Grand Prix sealed after the race for a detailed examination by the FIA. The sport's governing body duly conducted an exhaustive test of the engine and its parts, as well as comparing it with the engine that was submitted to the FIA by Mercedes-Benz's High Performance Engines division earlier this year. The FIA confirmed in Hungary on Thursday that all parts of the engine conformed with the regulations, and there was no disparity between the power unit submitted before the season and the one being used now. ------------------------------------------------------ Naughty ol'Flavio complaining as always.....
  16. Mosley Wins His Case

    There are no other schools of thought here...........he did a very bad thing and has to be punished for it.........god decided that he is going to deal with him later.
  17. Mosley Wins His Case

    Mosley has thus achieved what he set out to do. This is a decision which could have profound implications on British laws and it may be that the matter will go to appeal. There is little doubt that the News of the World has little to be proud of and has not come out of the affair well, but then the newspaper has never had a good reputation. The other element that is important to consider is that while Mosley has the right to do what he likes in his private life (so long as it is legal), there is a school of thought that once these activities were exposed it was his duty to resign to protect the FIA because of the embarrassment that was caused for the federation and for the Formula 1 world. There is nothing wrong with Mosley then fighting for his rights as a private individual, but it should not have been a battle fought while he remained in the office of the FIA President. The FIA member clubs voted to keep Mosley because of the need for stability in the sport. When that decision was made the damage had already been done to the federation and to F1 and some felt that getting rid of Mosley would add to the damage. He committed himself to standing down in October 2009 and we will now have to wait to see if he keeps to that pledge. Good for him...........Bad for motorsport.Period.
  18. Hamiltons Engine To Be Checked By Fia

    It's a routine check...............Ham's engine was also checked after was Heikki's,kimi's and Felipe's and other Formula 1 teams.
  19. Hockenheim: P1, P2, P3, Q1, Q2, Q3, Pre-race, Race, Post Race...

    Lewis owned them all...............all thanks to god.........I think it's time for both Mclaren and Ferrari to pick a clear no.1 at this stage in the season.Wonder if Ferrari have the courage of picking Felipe ahead of Kimi.(since he has more points)
  20. Mosley Survives Vote........will Stay On

    Breaking news from the BBC that Max HAS won a vote of confidence and will stay on until 2009 and may possibly run for a re-election. More news as it follows.........
  21. Donington Park To Host British Gp From 2010

    The British Grand Prix will leave Silverstone and move to Donington Park from 2010, the FIA announced on Friday. After months of speculation about whether or not Silverstone would retain the race, Donington Park has moved to complete a deal to secure the future of the event. FIA President Max Mosley said: "After many years of patient but fruitless negotiation with the BRDC, we are delighted that Bernie has nevertheless been able to ensure that the British Grand Prix will keep its place on the Formula One World Championship calendar. "We understand that the development programme planned for Donington will achieve the very high standards we and FOM expect from a modern F1 circuit. Finally, British Formula One fans will get the Grand Prix venue they deserve." Bernie Ecclestone, FOM President, added: "Finally the uncertainty is over. A contract has been signed with Donington Park and the future of the British Grand Prix is now secure. "We wanted a world class venue for Formula One in Britain, something that the teams and British F1 fans could be proud of. The major development plans for Donington will give us exactly that. A venue that will put British motor sport back on the map. "I am sorry that we could not have helped Silverstone to raise the money to carry out the circuit improvements and run Formula One. I believe that the government should have supported them which would have cost probably less than .002% of the government's commitment for the Olympic Games." ---------------------------------------------- I'm very sad to see Silverstone go..................gutted. one of the greatest racing circuits of all time.......
  22. Silverstone - The Race

    This is the Race Report from An Excellent article....... Lewis shows his class In the days when Mr Kipling was a celebrated poet, rather than a man who makes cakes, he wrote a poem by which many young men of the age tried to live their lives. It typified the attitude that built the British Empire. "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing their's and blaming it on you," Kipling wrote. "If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too..." and so it went on until it reached the conclusion that if one could do this long list of things, you would in the end become a man. At Silverstone on Sunday, Lewis Hamilton became not a man, but a superman. He did not need a telephone box in which to change into a Lycra suit, he simply climbed into his McLaren-Mercedes MP4-23 and showed the rest of the F1 field that he is moving into a league which may already have left them all behind. Yes, he has made mistakes this year. Yes, he may need a different kind of management. But is there anyone else in the field who could have driven like that? This was a classic drive, one to compare with the very best in the history of the sport. The conditions were horrible, and constantly changing, but as others stumbled in his wake, Lewis drove brilliantly. There were times when he was going away from the field at a rate that frightened his engineers, but when they called him up to slow him down, he replied that he was fine and was amazed when he was told how fast he was pulling away from everyone else. "The team were telling me that it was forty seconds, 48 seconds, you're five or eight seconds or whatever it was faster than the guy behind," he said. "And I'm thinking, hold on a second, what's going on? I'm not even pushing. I'm driving to a comfortable pace. I didn't want to slow down because the moment you slow down, you perhaps lose concentration, so I just said 'I'm comfortable at the pace I'm going' and even then I was a silly amount quicker than everyone. So I really had to be very, very sensible. Imagine I was a minute, sixty seconds ahead and I came off, and I didn't win. There would be no way you could come from that. That would be the most embarrassing thing. You would have to retire. I was comfortable with the pace I was doing but I asked the team 'How much slower can I go?' They gave me a margin which I was comfortable with, yet I still did a 1m36s and that was quicker than I'd been in my last stint. But I was comfortable there. The car felt good, I felt comfortable where I was." "It is by far the best victory I've ever had. It was one of the toughest races I've ever done and as I was driving I was thinking if I win this, this will definitely go down as the best race I've ever won, not only because of its history but it's on my home ground, but also I think I drove one of the best races I ever did. But I was coming to the last lap and I could see the crowd beginning to stand up and I was just praying, praying and praying: keep it on the track, just finish and you could not imagine that we're going inside. I wanted to push, I just wanted to get it round." Hamilton started the race on unused wet tyres and admitted that with a damp road it was tough. "It was so extreme out there," he said. "It was probably as extreme in some cases as Fuji last year. Obviously there wasn't as much rain but such tricky conditions: the first sector maybe dry or not so bad, and then in the second sector you could see big drops of rain on your visor. I was having big problems with my visor, I couldn't see a thing, especially the right side was fogging up, so always between turn one and two I would have to put the visor up and clean it on the inside and then put it down, and then I would have to do it again before Stowe. I had to do that nearly every lap, just to be able to see, especially when it started to rain. It was so slippery, it was so tough, it was a real mental challenge. I just focused on making sure I didn't make any mess-ups and mistakes and they were doing such a great job in analysing the weather forecast and making sure that we were on the right path." "I had a lot of pressure on me," he went on. "I had done a terrible job, really, in qualifying, at least by my standards, but today I just kept saying 'I'm not going out there to' the plan is not to beat myself up and say 'I'm going to go out and win and try and do everything on the first lap' I just wanted to get a point. I would have been happy with eighth today, I would have been happy just getting a point and so with that approach, I just remained relaxed, I remained calm. It was really important that I had three Cs: cool, calm and collected. That's really what helped me keep everything together. It was such a mental challenge out there. You could see the fans, they were getting all excited. The track conditions were changing non-stop." The race began with a great start which took him from fourth on the grid, past Kimi Raikkonen and Mark Webber and down the inside of the pole man Heikki Kovalainen. "To be honest, I lifted too early into Turn One," Lewis admitted. "Heikki had the outside line, so he had the grip but unfortunately I was on the inside and I was just sliding, sliding across. There was nothing I could do to avoid him, I think we tapped or we touched. I had another opportunity on the exit of the last corner but that's not a place to overtake really. We were almost side-by-side and I had an oversteer moment and the last thing I wanted to do was take my team-mate out, so I just tried to keep it on the track." He went ahead of Kovalainen at Becketts on lap 5 and after that he was gone. He had only a couple of moments after that. "Going into Brooklands, I hit the brake too hard," he said. "I locked up the wheels and I was stuck, I thought I was going straight onto the gravel. That gravel trap is horrible, there is no way you can get through it. But fortunately I kept it together." The sceond incident was going into Abbey when rain had started to fall, as it did intermittently. "I couldn't see, I honestly couldn't see, " he said. "There was no way I could even see what line I was on. I had already gone wide through Turns Nine and Ten. I couldn't see the white line, the car was just skidding everywhere but luckily I just kept it cool, I was already forty or fifty seconds ahead, so I didn't have to get out there and start pushing, I just took it easy from then on." "Today was not a physical challenge," he said. "It was just mental. I don't know how I've done it but I did it and that's the most important thing." Lewis ended up trying to quote from Martin Luther King, which is not something you're going to hear from Kimi Raikkonen. He made a bit of a mess of it (and admitted as much), but the point was made. "The ultimate measure of a man," King said, "is not where he stands in moments of comfort and conveniences, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." Raikkonen looked a potential threat early on, particularly after Kovalainen spun and dropped behind him. Kimi closed up on Hamilton for a while but the team left Kimi on the same set of intermediate tyres. McLaren gave Hamilton a scrubbed set, and that proved decisive. Kimi dropped away in dramatic fashion and it was not long before Hamilton was more than 20secs ahead of Heidfeld and Kovalainen. Raikkonen had fallen back to fourth and then another stop for tyres on lap 30 dropped him back to 11th. "There were mistakes made that we cannot afford to repeat," said team boss Stefano Domenicali. "We could have won this race with Kimi but we made a key mistake at the first pit stop. The rain did not ease off and our drivers - Felipe had also gone for the same choice - found themselves in difficulty. Formula 1 is not an exact science: sometimes strategic choices pay off and sometimes they don't. All the same, we have to admit that, this weekend, we did not operate to our usual standard. We made mistakes at every level. Now we have to work out why, but calmly without panicking." Felipe Massa had an awful weekend and spun no fewer than five times in the race and finished in 13th place. "This Silverstone weekend is one to be wiped out," he said. "On Friday I had an accident, yesterday there was the problem in qualifying and today a series of mistakes at all levels. After nine races I am still in the lead in the classification and I have every chance to fight for the title all the way to the end. Today, I could hardly keep the car in a straight line and it was always very difficult to drive." Robert Kubica looked to be on course for a podium finish but made a rare mistake. "I was already aquaplaning for many laps and unfortunately in a straight line I just lost the car completely and went off," he said. "It was a crazy race in difficult conditions. I couldn't keep the car in a straight line, was losing power, the rear wheels were losing contact with the tarmac, and that was it." In the end Nick Heidfeld came through. He made a great start and was fourth at the end of the first lap. After the first stops he moved up to second behind Hamilton, after a brilliant move on both Kovalainen and Raikkonen on lap 28. It was a great effort, but (as usual) Nick had to make do with second place. "Before the stop we were discussing it on the radio," he said. "They said it should only be a short shower but I was going down Hangar Straight and I thought how could that become just a small shower, it was so dark and the rain was getting stronger, so I told them I think we should go on new inters and don't keep these ones on. But I said this is your decision, you have the better overview and then luckily we chose new inters which I think was the most important thing today." The biggest surprise was the progress made by Rubens Barrichello who decided that he wanted extreme wet tyres and came in on the same lap as team-mate Jenson Button to get them. That meant he had to wait longer than might have been the case, but the risk paid off and Rubens charged up to third to take Honda to its first podium finish for a very long time. "This is fantastic," he said. "It was the right decision for us to take the extreme wets, and I could pass people inside and outside. It was just magic. I made the decision after I nearly ran out of track at Club and almost hit the wall. Club and Abbey were the most difficult, so I said I was coming in for extreme wets. It was a great call." Kovalainen had one spin and in the closing laps was able to climb up and pass Fernando Alonso for fifth. "It was an extremely difficult race with lots of things happening," Heikki said. "It was so easy to get caught out today by aquaplaning and slippery conditions: I spun twice but I was not the only one." Alonso fought a good race and was rewarded with more points but once again Nelson Piquet threw away a good opportunity for points. He had done well up to that point and one almost felt sorry for him. A similar fate befell Jenson Button. The last few laps saw a lively fight for the minor points with Kovalainen, Alonso, Kazuki Nakajima and Jarno Trulli all running in close order. In the end Jarno managed to scramble to seventh on the last lap, leaving Nakajima with just one point. This may not seem much but this was a significant event for it was the first time that Kazuki completely dominated Nico Rosberg. The German started from the pit lane and later damaged yet another nose by rear-ending Timo Glock's Toyota. He was ninth by he finish. Mark Webber had a bad day as well, spinning on the opening lap and losing his qualifying advantage. He charged hard to recover but a light fuel load meant that he was soon back down the order again. He had several spins and ended the day 10th ahead of Sebastien Bourdais, Glock and Massa. All of them had one or more spins. Both Force Indias spun out of the race while Red Bull suffered the indignity of watching Sebastian Vettel and David Coulthard collide on the first lap. "Massa spun going into Bridge," Vettel said. "That caused a lot of confusion and meant the cars were all running very close. In Priory I got hit on the rear left and it spun me around. I tried to save it, but I got stuck in the gravel. I thought there might have been a chance of being pushed out, but when I got out of the c#ckpit I saw the gravel was much too deep." Coulthard said he had not been able to see anything. "I'm sorry for Red Bull," he said. "It was two cars out in one hit." Hey-ho, as one star fades another rises. It is ever thus in F1, but the Lewis Hamilton star seems set to rise far higher than those of his generation.
  23. Coulthard Goes

    David and only.....He was truly a David against two Goliaths.......and he won...sometimes...but a great racing driver. So long DC....
  24. Mclaren Introduce 6-panel Front Wing

    McLaren have taken front wing development to yet another level again. After having used a triple element front wing for several years, first the team introduced a bridge wing that was recently split up in two elements at the outer sides. At Silverstone however, the MP4-23 featured 4 panels - two grey and two red. The complexity is in stark contrast with the front wing of Force India, having only 2 base panels and simple nose-connected deck wings. source:
  25. Ronaldo Leaves Man Utd.

    Thank gave me a scare!