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  1. Ove Andersson Killed In Rally Crash

    Ove Andersson killed in rally crash Former Toyota team principal Ove Andersson was killed on Wednesday in an accident during a classic rally in South Africa. The Swede, who managed Toyota's European motorsport arm for over 30 years, is believed to have been involved in a head-on collision with a truck during the Milligan classic rally. Andersson oversaw Toyota's Formula One programme when the Japanese manufacturer made its grand prix racing debut in 2002. He left his role as team principal in 2003, becoming an advisor to the team. Andersson was 70. May he rest in eternal peace.
  2. Lewis Blows 400 K On Plates

    Idiots who bashed Lewis should have a better sense of checking the facts before using their filthy minds and their dirty fingers. Ash1 are you reading this? utter stupidity! No point in telling you............should arrest the guy who wrote that article.
  3. Two Words

    We are the champions..............We are the champions my friend!
  4. Mourinho Joins Internazionale

    Mourinho takes over as Inter boss Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been appointed as manager of Serie A side Inter Milan. Mourinho has signed a three-year deal with the Italian side in his first job since he and Chelsea parted company by mutual consent in September 2007. The 45-year-old succeeds Roberto Mancini, who was sacked after leading the club to a third consecutive Serie A title last season. Mourinho will be unveiled at a press conference at 1030 BST on Tuesday. A statement on Inter's website said: "Internazionale announce the arrival of Jose Mourinho. "The Portuguese coach has signed a three-year contract and will work alongside Rui Farias, Silvino and Andrei Villas Boas. "The assistant coach will be Giuseppe Baresi." The club added: "Thanking Roberto Mancini and his staff for the success obtained in four seasons as the leader of the team, all of Internazionale has the great pleasure to welcome Jose Mourinho and his coaches." Mourinho has been heavily linked with the role at Inter and has reportedly been taking Italian lessons ahead of any possible appointment. Inter appear to have drafted in Mourinho to help improve their success in Europe. Despite their domination on the domestic front, they have struggled in the Champions League and were beaten at the Last 16 stage. While at Porto, Mourinho won the Uefa Cup in 2003 and the Champions League in 2004. He also led Chelsea to the Premier League title in 2005 and 2006, while the Stamford Bridge were beaten by Liverpool twice in the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2005 and 2007. Mourinho is expected to have plenty of funds to strengthen the side and has already been linked with Chelsea players Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba. ................................................................................ ....................... I'm getting bored so.............Your thoughts ladies and gentlemen........
  5. Dead Heat

    He is a Phenomenal Talent. But i'm waiting.........waiting to see who kicks him out first.
  6. Sports You Follow/teams You Support

    Thanks for your approval But if we are really talking Baseball i guess i really like the chicago cubs,red sox are no3 on my list.
  7. Sports You Follow/teams You Support

    I guess it's never too late........... Formula1 - Mclaren Football - Chelsea fc Tennis - Rafael Nadal Basketball-Boston Celtics(although i love Kobe) Baseball - New York Yankees(i'm surely gonna get canned for this.) NFL - Where ever Peyton Manning goes...(so for now it has to be the Indianapolis colts) Cricket - Australia IRL - Scott Dixon Nascar - Dale Earnhardt Jr. IPL - Deccan Chargers Golf - Tiger Woods,Jeff Oglivy,Stuart Appleby Intl Football- England. WRC - Subaru Moto GP - Dani Pedrosa Olympics- Australia,China Please forgive me if i have upset anyone........
  8. Fuel Prices - Compare The Countries

  9. Fuel Prices - Compare The Countries

    Converting food into fuel is the worst idea in the world. Probably a close next to the invention of the atom bomb.
  10. Clever People 'less Likely To Believe In God'

    Well said
  11. Arrogant Lewis

    Hamilton says there is no stopping him Lewis Hamilton says "nothing can stop" his McLaren team this season, the Briton claiming he has already put his Canadian Grand Prix blunder behind. The McLaren driver lost the championship lead to BMW Sauber's Robert Kubica in Montreal, after he crashed into the back of Kimi Raikkonen after failing to see the red light at the end of the pitlane in time. Hamilton will also start the French Grand Prix on the back foot after receiving a ten-place grid penalty for the incident. But the Briton, who was running strongly in the race before the crash, says the accident will not affect him, and he reckons that nothing can stop him now. "This will make no difference," said Hamilton of the accident. "I t hasn't knocked me confidence-wise. I'm not gutted or disappointed. "Going forward the mood is strong. The fact is we destroyed everyone this weekend. With the car we have right now there is no stopping us. "It is not going to take me a day to recover or anything. I'll be up first thing training and really looking forward to Magny-Cours. You can't win them all. Hamilton labeled the rule that cost him the crash and the penalty as "silly". "We are baffled how it came to that in the space of 30 seconds," he said. "They fuelled me longer I had two guys in front of me and suddenly they have stopped as I have looked at the red light. "Personally I think the rule is silly. We are in the race, how can you see a red light at the end of the pitlane? But that's the rule and I accept it." But the 21-year-old admitted that starting from the middle of the pack in France will give him added motivation. "I start ten places back in the next race. It's a bit harsh really. I didn't aim to ruin anyone's race. I've already lost everything. This makes me stronger. I can't wait for Magny-Cours." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- God knows I love Lewis like my own brother but he is being a tad bit arrogant. Lewis if you're reading this,feet on the ground mate!
  12. Arrogant Lewis

    Nope...he can qualify with a lighter fuel load and since he is surely to end up starting below 10th and he can use his own choice of strategy.(i'm 98%sure about this....because i think they haven't changed this rule since 2005 and i distinctly remember kimi had engine failures in France,silverstone and at Monza and he precisely did the above thing. )
  13. Arrogant Lewis

    Anyone who starts after 10th can choose their fuel load-penalty or not.
  14. Arrogant Lewis

    An excellent cartoon from the autosport journal this week.......... untitled.bmp
  15. Arrogant Lewis

    You just focus on Renault allright........
  16. Arrogant Lewis

    Knock on wood.......if Lewis qualifies 1st he'll be starting from 11th with a full tank........hopefully if he drives his heart out he can do what kimi did in 2005....finished second. Mclaren can place kovy on pole with a three stopper.Magny cours has the shortest pitlane..........and as displayed by herr schumacher in 2004 if Mclaren have that capable car maybe he can win. Testing starts tomorrow in Barcelona .
  17. Arrogant Lewis

    [quote name='Murray Walker' post='255486' date='Jun 10 2008, 08:57 PM'] All F1 drivers are arrogant. It's one of the first things I learned.[/quote] Not me. oops
  18. Fuel Prices - Compare The Countries

    I feel really,really sorry for sierra leone and Darfur among others.They are currently going through economic depravity,starvation as a result of this..............Plese help them God. Others who want to help please donate to the international red cross. if you're wondering about me i'm currently broke but once i get my hospital project funding(god-willing) the first thing i do will be that.
  19. Congrats Bmw

    Fantastic job...........phenomenal drive from Robert and well done nick.World championship leader!
  20. Canadian Gp - Race

    Well done Bob,nick and BMW.
  21. Idiot Of The Race

    Seriously though Hamilton should've taken it easy at the exit.
  22. Canada Gp: Practice And Qfy

    Great job by Felipe as always...
  23. Italian Press Hails Monaco Master Hamilton

    Even the notoriously nationalistic Italian press had to hail Ferrari adversary Lewis Hamilton's win on the streets of Monaco on Sunday. "With extraordinary talent, Lewis was the master of the wet circuit; he did not even have the best car," La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian sports newspaper, wrote. Famous Italian marque Ferrari, hindered by numerous team and driver mistakes on Sunday afternoon, struggled at the Principality despite locking out the front row of the grid in qualifying. "Ferrari remains strong enough but Maranello may take the liberty of no more errors," Corriere dello Sport, another Italian sports newspaper, surmised. Tuttosport, a Turin-based sports newspaper, characterised the Prancing Horse's Monte Carlo outing as a "half-disaster," and La Stampa said the race had been a "blackout" amid the common perception that the F2008 is still the quickest car in the field. "After seven years Ferrari had hoped for victory in the Principality but must again accept humiliation. McLaren fully deserves this victory," Tuttosport concluded.
  24. Mosley Survives Vote........will Stay On

    Germany's national motoring body, ADAC, has been the first major organisation to react to Max Mosley's victory in today's confidence vote, saying they regret the result. ADAC had been one of the bodies who had asked Mosley to reconsider his position as head of the FIA following revelations about his private life. The German body, which claims to be the largest Automobile club in Europe, said on Tuesday that it was withdrawing all involvement with the FIA. The ADAC said it will continue with that policy as long as Mosley stays as president of the governing body. "With regret and incomprehension, the ADAC has learned from the decision by the General Assembly of the FIA in Paris to confirm Max Mosley in his function as president of the FIA," the ADAC said in a statement. "For Europe's largest motoring club, this is a reason to put down all its functions and the involvement in the global organisation of motoring clubs with immediate effect and to step down from the globally active FIA working groups. "The ADAC will stick to this attitude as long as Max Mosley will be on duty as president of the FIA. "After the affair became public on March 30, 2008, the ADAC insistently called upon Mosley in a personal letter to step down in order to avoid any harm being done to the FIA and its institutions. This was done in close co-operation with other major motoring clubs within this global organisation. "The service portfolio for ADAC members will by no means be affected by the decision now taken. This is being ensured by a closely-knit worldwide network that the ADAC has already established for a long time and that is working very effectively. "The services will be carried out without any compromises by its own companies as well as by European and global organisations in which the club is participating." Dutch motoring body president Guido Van Woerkom said he was unhappy but not surprised about the outcome of today's confidence vote against FIA president Max Mosley. "I am not quite surprised but I am not happy," said ANWB's Van Woerkom after Mosley got the support to stay at the helm of the governing body. "I voted against. I wrote a letter with 34 other, bigger clubs, to ask Max to step down by at least November 2008, but the outcome is different." Van Woerkom believes Mosley benefited from the votes of smaller clubs, but he reckons the bigger bodies were against him. "Well, we've known Max for a long time. He is always pushing the arguments against him away and he is promoting his own arguments," he added. "And he has a lot of contacts with the smaller clubs and what we have seen in the general assembly is that more or less the smaller clubs are in favour. "But when you look to the bigger clubs, the AAA (USA), the triple A in Australia, the JAF (Japan) of 70 million members, the ADAC in Germany, the NWB in the Netherlands, they all are against. So when you count the members behind the members then I don't think he will succeed." Van Woerkom suggested some clubs are now likely to withdawn all involvement with the FIA, following ADAC's example. "Yes, well, I am now away to have a lunch with those clubs and maybe that is the outcome of that discussion," he said. Van Woerkom also said that it was normal that the clubs getting money from the FIA voted in favour of Mosley, although he denied there was corruption involved. "It is more or less difficult to say, but there is a lot of money going around and if you get a small piece of that bread it can be very nice to eat," Van Woerkom said. "Corrupt is not the way, I won't say it. But when you look at the McLaren fine, that is a lot of money, and when you get something from that you are more or less in favour of the people giving you that bread. "So that's normal in life, although in some countries that's normal."
  25. Mosley Survives Vote........will Stay On

    FIA president Max Mosley has won the vote of confidence at today's General Assembly meeting in Paris. Following a vote of delegates, Mosley won the majority of support for him to continue in his role. An FIA press release confirmed that Mosley had won by 103 votes to 55 votes in the meeting. There were seven abstentions and four invalid votes during the secret ballot. Mosley is not expected to make any comment about his vote of confidence until after the conclusion of the privacy action that he has taken against the News of the World. Full statement from the FIA: During the Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) held in Paris today, the FIA Member Clubs voted on a motion of confidence in the FIA President. The FIA membership voted as follows: For the motion: 103 Against the motion: 55 Abstentions: 7 Invalid votes 4 Voting in the EGA was made by secret ballot. Votes were counted in private by the FIA legal department in the presence of four scrutineers, selected by the EGA from a list of Delegates proposed by the Chairman of the meeting (the President of the FIA Senate). The entire voting procedure was supervised by an external Huissier de Justice (French state-appointed public witness). Paris, 3 June, 2008