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  1. Alonso buoyed by gap to Massa

    By Pablo Elizalde and Matt Beer

    Fernando Alonso says he took great satisfaction from his margin of superiority over Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa this season, with the Spaniard seeing the gap as evidence that he was in his best form yet.

    In an interview with Onda Cero radio, Alonso said that beating Massa by the margin that he did - with Alonso qualifying in front 15 times in 19 races and out-scoring his team-mate by 108 points - showed he had raised his game in 2010.

    "It's probably the biggest gap that I have ever had to a team-mate and that makes me happy because of the results that I've had over the past years," said Alonso.

    "My level of driving is better than ever and I hope I can keep it up next year."

    The former world champion added that he had put the disappointment of his last-gasp defeat in this year's title race behind him, and was now only thinking about the successes that he had achieved in his first season with Ferrari.

    "Over the first few days you always think about the race," he said of the Abu Dhabi result.

    "Then you start to focus on your next goal. In any case, the balance of my first year with Ferrari is unbeatable.

    "In 2009 I was on the podium once and Ferrari was only average with a car that was not too competitive. In 2010 we started pretty strongly in the first race, we won five grands prix and we scored a good amount of points.

    "Everything has gone better than expected in this great family that is Ferrari. It has been a wonderful year for me."



    BTW anyone else starting to think Maure,my 2 cents and Jose Mourinho are the same person? :lol:

  2. Hehe....autosport live forum meltdown after Fernando threatened Vitaly after the race Mafia style.... :clap3:

    Mastah: fred is MORON :angry:

    Doubtfire: Alonso and Petrov :blink:

    Arn: haha idiot alonso

    ensign14: Classy Alonso. Again. :thbdn:

    Slackbladder: alonso

    fauxhemian: ahahahaha alonso you knob end

    jk: Alonso :thbdn:

    peroa: lol alonso threatening petrov :D

    FlashMaster: hahahahahahah Alonso

    SuperDaan: rofl alonso

    wewantourdarbyback: Fred :angry:

    Dalton007: ALONSO <_<

    Scotracer: AHAHAHAHAHAHA Failonso

    pacwest: Alonso is an a$$hole

    AndyW35: Alonsl :furious:

    rolf123: lol brundle "get real son "

    karlth: Alonso blaming Petrov!

    wingwalker: sCREW YOU, FRED!

    grunge: alonso

    Betty Swollox: waambulance for ALO

    wrighty: awwwww alonso spitting the dummy


    Doubtfire: What an excellent loser

    purplesector: ha ha brundle giving it to fred

    Fudce: Top marks to Brundle...

    MSf: Alonso

    Anomnader: LOL at Alonso

    panzani: Alonso is an idiot! He was behind!

    Slackbladder: what a knob

    Haribo: Alonso having a go at Petrov - LOOOOOSER

    Coral: Did Alonso wave his fist at Petrov? Moron!


    Enkei: Alonso, you sucker

    DarthWillie: epic drive by Vettel

    anbeck: hard to imagine a better season than this. It had just everything and we weren't sure until the very end.

    ColchesterF1: Bless him, as a Team not driver fan im happy Mclaren got P2. Alonso is shocking...

    Youichi: I liked petrov swerving at him

    Mastah: that showed how low he is

    Fortymark: Alonso, WTF??

    f1fastestlap: alonso idiot

    McLarenforever: I cannot believe it.....Alonso and Ferrari blew it..they deserve it for team orders

    DrChatNuff: Alonso

    Crafty: brundle

    Johnrambo: ALONSO GO to HELL

    Timstr11: Alonso fist at Petrov

    Lord Snooty: Fred not happy with petrov: Brundle's comment to Fred 'Get real son'

    AndyW35: Well done Petrov

    nsidb: lol alonso stupid

    peroa: alonso is a f*ckin' a##

    Dalton007: LOL I love it!!!!!!!

    Diablobb81: cry me a river Teflonso

    HP: Vettel great today, Webber, well today his drive wasn't even worth a #2

    Risil: Robby Gordon-esque swerve from Petrov there. Silly Fred.

    Coral: Alonso deserves to win nothing

    D A: alonso sore loser

    rolf123: if alonso blame petrov that is sour grapses. petrov not once even had to defend his line. cra p track and cr ap cars

    carbonfibre: f*ucking loser Alonso

    PLAYLIFE: awesome, well done VETTEL!

    Arn: hahaha alonso, than will win you even more fans

    Dalton007: this is what we want, some fights

    pacwest: If Fred says ONE word about Petrov I'm going to go out of my way to malign him


    wingwalker: no dounuts?

    SuperDaan: even of alonso would get passed petrov there was always nico who he had to pass also

    fauxhemian: Petrov Alonso you showed your true colours

    Brundle - "You expect him to jump out of the way? Get real son!"

    Lord Snooty: Brundle: 'Get real son'

    AndyW35: Suddenly more happy Seb got it after that from Fred

    nsidb: everyone has to move aside for his lord Alonso

    Darrenj: Alonso should only be angry with himself

    wrighty: well i dunno about anyone else but i thought that was a superb finish to a superb season

  3. Ground effect, turbos set for F1 return

    Formula 1 teams are closing in on finalising all-new regulations for 2013 that will likely see a return of ground effect cars and turbo engines - as the sport witnessed in the early 1980's.

    Several think-tank Working Groups have been set up to get consensus on moves to improve the spectacle of F1 and ensure it becomes more environmentally friendly.

    On the engine side, draft regulations were circulated among teams a few weeks ago and the latest plan is for 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo engines to become standard.

    The power units will be bolstered by numerous energy recovery systems, and should produce around 650bhp. Plans are also being considered to limit engines to just five per driver per season.

    In a bid to further increase F1's green credentials, teams are also keen for there to be a fuel flow rate limit - which will ensure the engines are economical.

    Williams technical director Sam Michael said: "Rather than dump as much fuel in as we can at the moment, there will be a fuel flow metre - so you won't be able to blow more than a certain amount of fuel. It is a good chunk less than we had at the moment."

    On the chassis front, Williams co-owner Patrick Head and former Ferrari designer Rory Byrne are working with the FIA to head up concepts for new car rules.

    Teams are keen for the cars to be better for overtaking than the current generation of machines - with ground effect being actively considered.

    "They are talking about putting a greater proportion of down force to the diffuser, a ground effect car - like the early 1980's," added Michael. "They have been looking at that, as well as increasing crash protection at the front of the car by moving the sidepods further forwards."



  4. Why dont we call hamiltons one? (against formula one) . Is he writing new rules? Overtake safey and medical... Come on... Hamilton should have forbbiden drive even at karts.

    More and more lies at mic hearing all world. Is it good for f1? Can anyone stop him? Can anyone change

    Charly waiting for a dog witch probably wil be more just than him?

    Omg, day by day while hamilton is driving, we are watching a manipulated chapionship. i hope one day, all this Sh#t backs to Charly W.

    Welcome to TF1 Fernando. "charly" will be with you in a sec....

  5. My thoughts on the whole FIA SC, Hamilton, Alonso argument...


    All three of my DODs (Kobay, Barrichello and Sutil) received no advantage from FIA **** ups. They knuckled down, got on with it and finished 4th, 6th and 7th.

    I have sympathy for Alonso's argument today - the time it took to hand Hamilton his penalty was way too long and made the penalty pointless. FIA did a very poor job (deliberately or not) - this is nothing new.

    On the other hand Hamilton was given and served a penalty for his SC overtake. We can see from the replay that it was a close cut thing and actually he could have been well away in front of the SC had he not hesitated - had that happened there would be nothing to complain about.

    Complaining about an advantage he could have easily gained legally is different from complaining about an advantage he could only gain illegally - it opens the complainent up to accusations of sour grapes - to me, a true F1 fan would respect the fact that Hamilton would have been ahead of the SC had he not hesitated and would therefore accept the penalty he was given and move on.

    On the other hand, it seems somewhat somewhat unfair to deny that Alonso and Ferrari have a good case to make. The FIA's slowness did aid Hamilton and they should really do better. Not Hamilton's fault, but worth making a complaint about all the same.

    On another note - any claim that the FIA sent the SC out deliberately to split Hamilton and Alonso is ridiculous. Show me someone who could make that calculation on the fly when they were only 2 seconds apart. Webber crashed and immediately the SC was called.

    Sadly, I quickly lost my sympathy for Alonso himself because of the subsequent whinging from him, Ferrari and their fans. The fact that he stopped racing after the SC and settled for 8th dissapointed me greatly. In the face of adversity I expect an F1 driver to try even harder and gets the best result he can. I don't expect him to spend the remaining 30 laps planning his boo hoo speech. Look at what Kobayashi, Barrichello & Sutil acheived.

    He and Ferrari should have lodged the complaint and then got on and raced.

    It's like England's loss to Germany. True football followers understand that although Lampard was deprived of a goal unfairly, Germany played better as a team and got the win they deserved. Whinging babies will continue to blame everything on the referee because they can't grow up and accept that sport is sport.

    I will only make this one post - I can't be bothered to repeat my take ad nauseum.

    (or not - still 2 weeks to British GP :D)

    Well said mate.

  6. Ferrari bitter about Hamilton's second place

    Fernando Alonso and Ferrari are bitter about the stewarding of the European Grand Prix, in which Alonso was ultimately classified eighth, and feel it is entirely wrong that Lewis Hamilton, who illegally overtook the Safety Car, was still able to finish second after serving a Drive Through penalty. The FIA, however, claims it acted entirely correctly and followed procedure.

    Ferrari feels it took too long for Hamilton's penalty to be announced, allowing him to suffer no consequence when serving it, and that 5s post-race penalties for cars which had sped during the deployment of the Safety Car were too lenient and had little impact on the final classification.

    Early on, as soon as the Safety Car was deployed for Mark Webber's huge cart-wheeling accident, and Hamilton passed it, Alonso was on the radio to his team. "Get Charlie (Whiting, the FIA Race Director) onto the Hamilton case – it's the only thing you have to do all race," he said.

    Post-race, Alonso stormed: "The race was ruined by the Safety Car and everything that followed on from that. I am disappointed most of all for the thousands of spectators who were here today and saw how the situation was handled. I am very bitter about what happened today. I was in third place, a metre behind Hamilton at the moment the Safety Car came out on track and at the chequered flag, he was second and I was ninth, even though we had made the same choice of strategy.

    "The penalty he was given came when it could no longer have any real influence on his finishing position. From then on, my race was compromised."

    Sporting director Stefano Domenicali added: "We are very angry because we didn't get the points that we should have done from this race considering the performance. We did a step forward, not enough maybe to catch Red Bull, but in the right direction and we saw on the first lap of the race the situation was progressing in the right direction.

    "We were extremely unlucky because if you look at the only cars that were on the main straight when the Safety Car was deployed, it was Vettel, Hamilton, Fernando and Felipe. Sebastian was able to be in front of the Safety Car, Hamilton was basically not respecting the yellow light of the Safety Car and we ended up with our two cars behind the Safety Car. And then we had a complete lap with our two cars behind it and in the meantime all the others are coming in and taking advantage of the fact that we are not able to pass it."

    Ironically, as Domenicali explained that he understood the importance of the FIA having to make sure the decision to penalise Hamilton was correct, England's second goal that never was in their World Cup match with Germany appeared on the TV in the Ferrari motorhome and he wryly gesticulated at it by way of example!

    He added: "When the situation is that you take a decision and know that there is an impact on the classification, and in the end, because of the delay, it has not happened, this is something that deviates from the principal of the decision and today this affected Ferrari very, very heavily. Next time it will affect someone else but today is the time, I think, to make sure this kind of situation does not happen again.

    "For sure, everyone thinks about how to use the sporting decision because at the moment you know that there is an investigation, you say 'push' because maybe they will get a 20s penalty. Then they get five seconds. That is something that from my view is not good."

    There was no problem with the timing of the Safety Car deployment or the fact that it did not pick up race leader Vettel – it can be called for at any time -- and in that respect, Ferrari was merely unfortunate. Race director Whiting had actually called for the Safety Car as soon as Webber was airborne and before his car had actually come to a stop. Anticipating a serious situation, he wanted the medical car to get to the scene of the accident without having to worry about race cars going past it, which is why, with Vettel and Hamilton already gone, the Safety Car did not wave the rest of the field past until it was through Turn 13.

    The delay in penalising Hamilton was because Whiting and the stewards wanted to be absolutely sure that a penalty was justified. Hamilton at first seemed to slow down when he saw the Safety Car out of the corner of his eye, then realised that the Safety Car line was further up the road and carried on. Whether he got there before the Safety Car or not, was a close call.

    Proving it was no simple matter. Race control has the use of a GPS system but there was no back-up timing loop at that point and so they had to find footage of the incident. That was initially from the wrong angle and was inconclusive and so they had to locate aerial footage. There was also the question of exactly where the timing transponders were on Hamilton's car and the Safety Car respectively which, if you are talking about less than a car's length, is significant. That all needed to be checked and speeds/distances ratified.

    There was also criticism that by the time it became clear to race control that a penalty for Hamilton was appropriate it should also have been clear to them that a mere Drive Through would have no impact on his finishing position and that perhaps a Stop-Go penalty would have been more appropriate.

    Against that though, the governing body follows precedent instead of making subjective decisions and leaving itself open to accusations of inconsistency. Ironically, the most recent precedent was the Drive Through penalty given to Webber on the occasion of his first F1 win at Nurburgring last year, which he was able to serve without losing his lead.

    The FIA also pointed out that the speeding penalties for cars during their pit stop laps under the Safety Car were relatively lenient because many of them were doing 180mph plus within a couple of hundred metres of the Safety Car line when the car was deployed and could do little about it. They may have broken the letter of the law but not its spirit. The conclusion has to be that on this occasion Hamilton was fortunate and Ferrari the opposite.


    nuff said!

  7. Red Bull 'draws line' under Turkey crash

    By Pablo Elizalde Thursday, June 3rd 2010, 12:04 GMT

    Red Bull Racing says it has a drawn a line under the crash between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in Turkey following a meeting in its factory on Thursday. post-1048-127556974733_thumb.jpg

    In a statement issued today, Red Bull said Webber and Vettel met with team boss Christian Horner, tech chief Adrian Newey and consultant Helmut Marko at the factory today in Milton Keynes.

    "It was a positive meeting, which draws a line under the incident that happened on lap 40 of the Turkish Grand Prix. The team is now fully focused on next week's Canadian Grand Prix," said the statement, which included a photograph of Vettel and Webber taken at the factory and captioned 'S*** happens'.

    "The team had got us into a great position and it wasn't good for them what happened - so I'm sorry for them that we lost the lead of the race," said Vettel.

    "Mark and I are racers and we were racing. We are professionals and it won't change how we will work together going forward. We have a great team and the spirit is very strong. I'm looking forward to Canada."

    Webber added: "It's a shame for the team, as we lost a good opportunity to win the race. It's sport and these things can happen, but it shouldn't have done.

    "I feel for everyone at Red Bull, at the factory and everyone involved. Seb and I will make sure it doesn't happen again and will continue to work openly together, no problem. We have talked enough on it now, it's done, we're looking ahead and I'm focused on the race in Canada next week."


    All's well within the RBR world it seems....

  8. Funniest moment of the weekend.....although only people in oz might've watched this.....John Travolta walking with a couple of stewardesses after he got off his quantas jet and speaking in a "press conference" for about 30 seconds...."yea...i love speed and speed is one of the most exciting ....."