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  1. can't confirm this story yet but the late news on channel 10 is reporting that hamster got pulled over by the victorian police for going over the speed limit and doing a couple of burnouts.......the police have impounded his merc for 24 hrs....will try to post some links asap...they said that he has some serious explaining to do...

  2. Why no TV?? "Recession"??

    No mate....Thanks to God i'm very well, i'm fortunate enough to have a's just that i'm in uni and they don't have cable access on campus.So no f1 on least till i think 11 at night where they air F1 races on channel 10.

  3. i received an e-mail from mclaren this morning saying to check out their 2010 website....i thought....hmm..mclaren being should be just another corporate whiteboard , but i was pleasantly surprised to find,out of all things they're introducing a new livetiming feature this year and it's so cool...since i can't get live television access this year, i hopefully plan to follow F1 on my lappy through's livetiming and now mcl's Live timing..

    Check out and let me know if you're doing the same....


  4. It's always the "home" press that starts the trouble........we don't even know if there is any animosity between ferni and felipe but they always try to eke out some little misunderstanding and sensationalize it......if you guys remember the feud in 07 was 80% media generated and 20% mclaren shooting their own feet.Effin idiots.... :thbdn:

    BTW by "home press" i mean not only all the spanish bull but england"s dastardlies as well....same goes to any d#cks violating the true principles of journalism...just report it yipee ka yayee......don't interpret it....

    Terribly sorry for the rude behaviour by the way. :unsure:

  5. We don't need that kind of threads for bashing an F1 personality on these forums. There's no issue we all love Hamilton, he's great. As you said, a very talented driver and a good bloke.

    Edit: Sorry, I've just moved to Stevenage. no need to explain any more.

    That doesn't make any sense.

  6. McLaren made their own engine with their new MP4-12C supercar so maybe they might have a crack @ making their own engine & probably fail in the process of the 2010 season!

    Mclaren have the merc engines till 2015.......enough time to pool talent and resources to develop a fledging engine manufacturing department.