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  1. Also........Ham and Fernando are my DODs.............those two are head and shoulders above the rest with incompetent cars............if anyone thinks they're lucky it's because fortune favours the brave.

    Vettel...........young,brave and immature

    Kubica..........the next Great one........


  2. Wow! What a great result for formula 1..................................

    Anyway.........I have a feeling FOTA is about to disintegrate.........see


    World champion Lewis Hamilton could yet be elevated to third position in the Australian Grand Prix result, after both he and Jarno Trulli were summoned to see the race stewards following an incident in the final safety car period.

    McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh confirmed that the FIA was investigating Trulli after the Toyota driver re-passed Hamilton under safety car conditions, having lost control and run off the circuit.

    "There is some debate over whether it is a third place or not at the moment, given that Trulli fell off and re-passed under the safety car," Whitmarsh told the BBC. "But whatever it was a solid result.

    "Obviously it relied on a bit of attrition, we know the car is not quick enough yet and we have got to do a lot more work, and we'll be doing that in the coming races."

    Whitmarsh added that Hamilton had grounds to believe he could be promoted to a podium position after a strong drive that had seen the world champion fight up from the back of the grid.

    "At the end, under the safety car, Trulli fell off onto the grass and Lewis had no choice but to go past him, he was not on the racing circuit," said Whitmarsh.

    "Trulli then re-took the place under the safety car, which ordinarily you wouldn't do so I know that the FIA are looking at it at the moment and doubtless we'll have a ruling in due course.

    "That's our position at the moment and we will see what happens in the coming hours."

    Hamilton admitted to the BBC that he was "very proud" of the team, which has already admitted that the MP4-24 is not fast enough to win races and hadn't expected to finish as high as he did in Melbourne.

    "We did the best job we could," he said. It was an incredible job done by the team all weekend. They've all kept their spirits up even though they are off the pace. We stick together, we keep our heads up and we keep going. That result just shows the true spirit of the team, so I am very, very proud. I am very happy with those points."...........

    I'm in Oz and on channel 10 i couldn't get this incident...............did any one else get to see this incident live during the race and also did anyone get to see kimi's crash........?

  3. Lewis Hamilton gets his hands on a radio-controlled version of his Formula One car in the latest viral ad from McLaren's title sponsor Vodafone.

    The advert features his team making Hamilton's car fully controllable via bluetooth from a Blackberry.

    Hamilton is not only made to look like he can steer the car, but he drives it out of the pits and is even seen driving it around a section of the Portimao track at the end.

    Matt Bishop (McLaren Group Head of Communications and Public Relations) said: "Vodafone tech is pretty mega. I wouldn't say it replaces the need for Lewis Hamilton, because he's pretty mega too.

    "But it's amazing what can be done with a Blackberry Storm and that's all I'm prepared to say about it at the moment!"

    The viral can be viewed here.......

    All i can say is Holy Moses!

    Edit 1: Sorry guys......i couldn't get in the video link embedded in the post......let me try again......

    Edit 2: D'oh! Sorry'll have to copy and paste the link........look it up before it gets removed!

  4. McLaren may not be impressing with their out-and-out lap times so far in testing, but at the first day of this week's Barcelona test they surprised the paddock with a radical reshape to their car's floor.

    Rather than a flat continuous floor inside the coke bottle shape, the MP4-24 has appeared with a curious cutaway section just ahead of the rear wheels.

    A triangular section of floor is missing between the forward part of the floor, which follows the curve of the sidepods, and a squared off edge just ahead of the diffuser.

    The rules demand a flat bottom underneath the car, with no part of the car visible from below. In recent years this cut-out would have exposed the flip-ups that surrounded the sidepods, but the cleaner sidepod lines allows the team to try this new floor shaping.

    A diffuser creates its downforce at two points: firstly at the kick-line between the diffuser/floor, then secondly at its leading edge.

    By effectively moving this leading edge backwards, McLaren are also moving the downforce it creates towards the rear. This may be part of a McLaren strategy to focus downforce production on the front wing and diffuser, as both devices are efficient at creating downforce with little drag.

    If these two devices can create enough downforce, then the rear wing can be smaller reducing drag and gaining speed on the straights.

    With no question on the floor's legality, McLaren may have stolen a march on the opposition at a time that many observers have been questioning the team's testing pace.

    McLaren confirmed on Thursday that the introduction of the new floor came alongside the use of a new front wing and top body. The team conducted back-to-back tests in the morning and afternoon with and without the parts to establish a baseline for the improvements, and will now work on honing the developments.

  5. Who is going to be fast in 2009?

    The change in the Formula 1 rules means that the sport is looking at a potential shake-up of the established order, but the testing in recent weeks has been very difficult to read and it has become clear that some teams are avoiding showing their hand until the Australian GP, while others are going for times in order to achieve other goals (such as selling sponsorship).

    The latest tests in Jerez resulted in Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull setting the fastest time, although his Red Bull Racing team-mate Mark Webber was only 11th fastest overall. Most of the teams managed sigificant mileage with Toyota the only organisation to top 1300 miles of running, although Red Bull, BMW Sauber and Williams all did more than 1200 and Ferrari and McLaren were both in the 1100 range. Renault did only 830 and Force India did just 625. These figures are probably more interesting than the lap times or the order. Toyota's Timo Glock was second fastest with Fernando Alonso third for Renault. Then came Nick Heidfeld's BMW and the two Ferraris. Heikki Kovalainen was seventh quickest in his McLaren. This led to the inevitable stories suggesting that McLaren was in trouble but the reality seems to be that the team is keeping its powder dry. Ferrari is doing the same, while Williams and BMW are generally running with full fuel loads as playing games with the weight of the cars serves only to confuse.

    Mark Webber told the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne that he reckons there are as many as seven teams in the running for victory in Melbourne because analysis of long runs, rather than qualifying bursts are more important. The degradation of tyres is going to be a key element in the sport this year as the new slicks are wearing out and so the fastest cars in qualifying may not be the race winners, particularly if overtaking is easier, as the drivers are suggesting.

    Many of the teams have new parts that they have yet to put on the cars in public tests which they are going to use in Melbourne. There will be much interest in this, particularly at the rear where the diffusers are creating a lot of interest as teams have adopted very different attitudes towards the rules in this area. It remains to be seen who will use KERS and who will wait and see. In theory it is the way to go but most of the teams these days operate very strict systems of proving new parts and would rather not risk a mechanical failure with KERS.

    When all is said done, therefore, the contest seems to be wide open.


  6. Hi guys!

    I'm planning on going to this years oz gp in march and i was wondering if i should advance book them on the official website now or should buy'em in feb or march.........also if you buy a grandstand ticket for the whole three days do you need to buy the general admission ticket as well? i'm currently in gold coast starting my bachelors in i'm planning on going there in march..........are the official formula1 offers really worth it.........and also which is the best way/place to buy a ticket?

    Thx in advance! ^_^

  7. Thank you God! :bow: First of all Felipe Massa is a true gentleman and a great sportsman................secondly Congratulations Lewis! FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPION 2008! Thirdly congratulations to Ferrari on winning the constructors...........Fernie and Vettel.........superb drive! Finally to all the naysayers,critics and the idiots,Glock was on dry tyres on a wet track.what'd you expect?

    Lewis Hamilton.............World Champion 2008......Well Deserved Mate! :congrats::thumb::king::1st:;)

  8. lol.........saw the video one more time...........Martin looks p**sed when one of the mechanics bolts a tyre onto the car(he runs away immediately) and looks even more p**sed when another one drops a wrench... :lol: