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  1. b#####d! You ruined my Russian dream...I dreamt of crusing alps driving and Aston DBS with a Russian girl speaking english with strong russina accent ploting to kill me..I didn't know what you were talking about coming out clean till I read this post! next time I am sure you create another id posing as the widow of a rich Somalian man and asking for help to release millions of dollars from his account.
  2. I duno if its only my problem, but, why the hell can't I see all the posts together the way it used to be. Everyone's posts seem to be hidden by their user names!
  3. Yes, that why I need the fifteen years.
  4. A guy driving an Aston Martin, talking to a Russian girl, doesn't sound like Bond, James Bond? Btw, we need a Chinese too....If she joins the Church Of Hamilton, she gets two t-shirts for just signing in. Just Kidding, Yeah Tanita, for now I can only dream, but I will have one in fifteen years. @Sorry Andres, I forgot about Paul. But I thought he gives his hands to anyone who asks him.
  5. Welcome Fanny! Don't be worried, its not like a matrimonial site! But a Russian girl was something we really needed, btw, I hope you speak english with Russian accent! (no offence) Though I am not a British I do drive an Aston Martin.
  6. Welcome Nilesh! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. I am really waiting for him to reply!
  8. Hi Karen, you must not let your number of post remain just seven.
  9. There was another girl here. She used to be Alonso's fan, and she left this forum after we found out she was a girl.
  10. Did someone speak about quality!
  11. Welcome DPR! You need to consult Cav on the hero workship part!
  12. Thank God, My parents still think I am a Teen.
  13. I thought he was taller than Bernie!
  14. Hai Fernando! You don't mind being called Nando?
  15. ah! really? from when did you guys start taking me seriously?
  16. oh you dirty pevert! we all know what you were doing in US.
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