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  1. Hugs? I'll take one, Andres, but only if you shave your arms first.

  2. Darn. Says you can't receive any more PM's. As for sims, I'd suggest T-Mobile. AT&T will work but they're butt-heads that don't deserve your money.

  3. Hit me up when you're in Cali. Missed you the last time you were out...better luck this time?

  4. Right down the line, baby, right down the line

  5. is a night owl right down the line, baby, right down the line

  6. believes in Santa Claus

    1. Medilloni



      Suit's faded, the spirit hasn't.

    2. monza gorilla

      monza gorilla

      You still have the suit?? Cool.

  7. Someone swept up in here. And there's a marmite sandwich over Russ back?


    1. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      Uh oh...he's alive...and he's p**sed!

    2. monza gorilla

      monza gorilla


    3. Medilloni


      out of hibernation? ;-)

  9. Just got a Juicy Fashion purse and I love it! My Chihuahua fits perfectly inside it.

  10. So many people here I wanna get drunk little money to make it happen...

  11. Ok, I've managed to clean up the north of California...the southern part is just gonna remain seedy.

  12. Steph in California? This poor state isn't ready....

  13. It happened in the house? Hm. Y'know, you aren't young enough to bend that way anymore.

  14. On Jimmy Clark: I've got yer back.

  15. Slipped disk? Really? C'mon, you can tell us the truth. Steph ran you over, right? Damned hooligan girl.

  16. That white car avatar of yours is saying 'grrrrrrrrrrrr'.

  17. Alright. I'm American, you're American. Level with me....what the hell is a 'Pucky the Whale'?

  18. Alas, my Talisker is the 10 year variety. I can only imagine what the 18 year is like...

  19. Thanks for the chat in the Bruno Senna thread. Even when we disagree I just can't quit you.

  20. What the hell? I just start to root for Mikey and he's a half-second behind that kid! I need a cold compress...

  21. The season is upon us and we need the wisdom of the ages. Unfortunately he's already booked in Vegas and you're CV was right below his...

  22. Age has nothing to do with anything. I still need to go lie down....

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