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    Well obviously I love Formula One, Michael Schumacher most, but my interests also include listening to music and playing my guitar.
  1. Silverstone 2007

    Hi, My dad and I went to the Silverstone Grand Prix this year and we had bronze plus tickets for Copse Corner. Both my dad and myself think that it was good but there is probably a better place to be. So as it is at the end of my GCSE exam period my dad and I are going up again. Could anyone suggest a place on the Circuit that they feel is a very good spot? Thanks, Xander1727
  2. F1 Steering Whell Sizes

    I need to know the dimensions of the wheel and the connecting part. Sorry I don't know what the technical word for it is.
  3. F1 Steering Whell Sizes

    Hi, I'm doing a project and I'm trying to find out the sizes of the Ferrari F1 Steering wheel. If anyone can help me, it will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Schumacher Fans

    I have to say that i am VERY sad to see Michael go. I will obviously continue to watch Formula 1 as much as i can. As for who i am going to support next year team wise is still Ferrari, and driver wise Felipe Massa because he shows alot of potential and Michael said the exact same thing. It'll always be Schumi for me and no-one will ever be able to take his place in my eyes
  5. F1 Drivers In A1 Cars

    Yeah i think that in A1 all the specs are the same to make it even. The engineers are only given tight places to make modifications. I went to Brands Hatch for the season opener. But i got a little bit bored because i had no idea who any of the drivers were.
  6. How Well Do People Know F1? Or Brand Power..

    Yeah i agree with you on that point, my mum is a huge Jenson Button fan and takes great delite in ripping the p**s out of me when Schumacher is overtaken by anyone. She doesn't know that much about the sport and i've tried to explain it to her once, but she fell asleep becuase "she found it boring". But i have to say this, Fernando is slipping away and Schumi is waiting in the wakes.
  7. Kimi & Fernando Split Screen Driving Compared

    Yeah, i agree with Fed Up that Kimi raikonnoen has a smoother driving style than Feraando Alonso. They are both amazing drivers and as Autumnpuma said, their cars have very different driving characteristics.
  8. Aerodynamics

    Hi, i'd just like to thanks you all for replying to my post. Does anyone else hink that renault have been caught in the dark with this mass damper thing in their front wing being banned? Because i do, and it's rather stupid of them to have solely relied on this piece of technology and haven't had the clever thought of using other methods, like say Ferrari.
  9. Silverstone Grand Prix

    Ah, cool, maybe we'll see each other, won't have a clue who each other is mind, but hay ho. lol
  10. Silverstone Grand Prix

    thanks, we got the bronze plus tickets for the Copse corner.
  11. Michael Schumacher

    Yeah, thats a load of crap what you said about Schumi pointing his finger at anyone. To be honest if you don't have anything constructive to say on this forum then make another post and bitch about him somewhere else.
  12. Silverstone Grand Prix

    hi, My dad and I have just ordered tickets online for the Silverstone Grand Prix, they are only general admission tickets but hay ho, still t's going to be my first Grand Prix. But anyway enough about me, anyone else going? Stupid question really, lol. see you there.
  13. Spanish Grand Prix

    I'm from Hampshire, but more specifically in a Town called Waltham Chase
  14. Race Stratagy

    Yeah, thats what my dad said, they just wanted a home advantage so that FA could go and bring on home the win
  15. Race Stratagy

    Yeah, thats what I call sportsmanship, if you can? lol. How about JPM spinning off? Do you think that there should of been a safety car to make it that little bit more safe for the marshalls?