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  1. JV Talking Too Much And Trying To Show Off

    Well, as far as skill you never really know from F1 who is a good or bad driver. it as all about the car. It is simply boring train from one start to finish now unless there is rain... Fast cars at the front (not necessarily fast drivers)... slow cars and the back (not necessarily slow drivers)... no driver skill test at all. This compounded by the fact that Ferrari and MS had team orders throughout his career there has made even more of a mockery of this once great sport. MS has zero integrity and is a smug arrogant a## on camera and is not a good rep for a declining sport. I am not a JV fan but a race fan all and if you listen with your head not your heart you will hear that what JV says is 100% accurate. He may not deliver his message is a good way but that does not make it inaccurate. God forbid some one has the balls to call it the way it is. Too bad that had to cost some drivers their ride...
  2. MS is capable of anything. He has proven this before simply with his behavior. I don't know what more proof anyone needs. He is smart but make no mistake, he is dirty and when the opportunity is right he will do anything (fair or unfair) to win....
  3. Don't give it to Paffet.... What a joke that would be... unproven.. PDR or anyone who is proven..
  4. JV Would Consider Nascar Move

    As long as JV is racing there will be a large following. As Far as NASCAR being boring.. round and round with lots of lead changes is just as good as the parade as far as most race fans are concerned. The numbers speak for themselves...