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  1. He was there and did a pretty good job, but in the end he simply couldn't match MS. I thought he knew that by now..! The timing for these claims though is indeed awkward! He probably has something to gain!
  2. The End For Alternative Energy Sources?

    It's last week's news but I believe it 's good news for everybody ! Well except for the guys who make the hybrid car's batteries! Lets hope this piece of news stays "as is" and is for real! Fungus 'manufactures diesel' 3 days ago A tree-living fungus that manufactures diesel fuel has been discovered in South America. Experts believe the organism, Gliocladium roseum, could potentially be a completely new source of green energy. The fungus, which lives inside the Ulmo tree in the Patagonian rainforest, naturally produces hydrocarbon fuel similar to the diesel used in cars and trucks. Scientists were amazed to find that it was able to convert plant cellulose directly into the biofuel, dubbed "myco-diesel". Crops normally have to converted to sugar and fermented before they can be turned into useful fuel. Professor Gary Strobel, from Montana State University in Bozeman, US, said: "G. roseum can make myco-diesel directly from cellulose, the main compound found in plants and paper. This means if the fungus was used to make fuel, a step in the production process could be skipped." Prof Strobel led an investigation into novel fungi in the rainforests of northern Patagonia, which cross the borders of Argentina and Chile. He found that when the diesel fuel fungus was exposed to potentially toxic antibiotics, it reacted defensively by generating volatile gases. "Then when we examined the gas composition of G. roseum, we were totally surprised to learn that it was making a plethora of hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon derivatives," said Prof Strobel. "The results were totally unexpected and very exciting and almost every hair on my arms stood on end." The findings appear in the November issue of the journal Microbiology. Cellulose provides the fibrous supporting structure of plants. During biofuel production, cellulose from plant waste is first treated with enzymes that turn it into sugar. Microbes then ferment the sugar into inflammable ethanol. Nearly 430 million tonnes of plant waste is produced from farmland each year around the world. Prof Strobel said: "We were very excited to discover that G. roseum can digest cellulose. Although the fungus makes less myco-diesel when it feeds on cellulose compared to sugars, new developments in fermentation technology and genetic manipulation could help improve the yield."
  3. The End For Alternative Energy Sources?

    After I saw the title it seemed a bit odd ! You are right of course!
  4. Hamilton Vs Vettel, See The Video

    That thread shouldn't have been closed! It was one of the funniest ever ! By the way, I am the best!!!
  5. Hamilton Vs Vettel, See The Video

    Ok, that was IT! Thread over, Dribbler wins! Oh, and I am the best ..!
  6. Renault Confirm Unchanged Lineup For 2009

    Indeed! Alonso has climbed enormously in my appreciation of him this year (probably a syntax error there somewhere) and either way his contribution to bringing Renault at the front can't be doubted IMHO. I also think it's actually a good idea to keep Piquet! When he performs well, he is up there! If he doesn't follow Alonso in the scoreboard this year, it would be time to go though!
  7. It's Jez's Birthday

    Happy birthday Jez !!
  8. Braziiiiiiiil

    I believe you misjudged my post and categorized me rather unfairly! If you honestly believe Heikki was not disadvantaged with heavy fuel loads, then it's ok. This is not my theory though! It's been on the news and it became apparent since the start of the season! I can't believe you dismiss it as a conspiracy theory! Also if a car cannot challenge for the championships, then it won't in modern F1. I believe it's common knowledge the competion is really high and the lesser teams/cars cannot provide any driver with championship-winning material. Furthermore, I find annoying the fact that you chose to attack the poster instead of answering the post. I 'm not offended, it just makes the whole participation in this (or in a) forum a complete waste of time.
  9. Whatz Happened To This Forum?

    You seem like you really need a hero...!!! There, I 'll be nice to you and introduce you to someone you can always count on!!!!
  10. Braziiiiiiiil

    Well, I didn't watch the '86 championship ! I was only referring to myself on that post! I said I didn't remember etc!
  11. Braziiiiiiiil

    Well it was amazing in a way! Sure amazed everyone!
  12. Braziiiiiiiil

    Heikki never really got the best strategy though, did he? He was always racing a tank-ful of gas! And I don't think anyone can say the Mclaren wasn't a front-running car, able to win the championship, right ?
  13. Braziiiiiiiil

    And Vettel does need to get a top drive ASAP ! Let's hope Ferrari has already made arrangements!
  14. Braziiiiiiiil

    I guess it's true when the champion and the car are both the fastest! When the cars are comfortably faster and help their drivers to overcome their weaknesses and excuse their mistakes, I don't think that's the case! I simply don't remember/or haven't noticed, another season where the so called "top drivers" (top teams 's drivers that is) have done so many mistakes! I don't think anyone can congratulate FM or LH on a "perfect season" or an amazing display of skill!
  15. Braziiiiiiiil

    Ep, not mine !
  16. Braziiiiiiiil

    Well, either or neither I guess !! If they didn't have the fastest cars, there is no way they would get anywhere near fighting for the title!
  17. Braziiiiiiiil

    No offence Giorgio! Don't take things personally! I believe there is little tension still around from the race! After all, arguing all the time is what Greeks do best right? Cheers!
  18. Braziiiiiiiil

    Well I was certainly cheering for Alonso today because he was absolutely vital for the championship! Everything fell into place and it was lost in an instance! If FM didn't stand a chance of winning the WDC I wouldn't mind about Felippe losing it because Lewis did a good job claiming it! I couldn't predict he would be so willing to throw it away again!
  19. Braziiiiiiiil

    You were right about that though! It was pure luck to see your post (and Giorgios)! Still can't believe we lost it in the final corner ...
  20. Braziiiiiiiil

    Still not good enough! Anyway I 'm more annoyed about the way things turned out in the race than whatever you may say, so nevermind re! Enjoy while you can...
  21. Braziiiiiiiil

    Hey not the only one ! Don't let our Giorgio annoy you! He is a fat Mercedes (A-class) probably owner! And don't get me started about the race...!
  22. Braziiiiiiiil

    This sounds way too cool !! Except meeting Ron Dennis of course !
  23. Mistakes By Drivers

    Brad, I believe it's more than obvious to anyone that the Ferrari car is very unpredictable in the rain. It's said to wear the tires very little or less than the Mclaren if you like and subsequently doesn't heat them up enough when the temperatures drop. Massa doesn't have the best reputation in the rain but lets not forget Kimi has suffered from a severe lack of grip in the rain as well. I don't think they forgot how to drive in the wet in a single year! Nevertheless FM said they had made significant progress about this issue at the last test! Let's hope they did because we may have rain again!
  24. Happy Birthday Rainmaster!!! :)

    Happy birthday Rain-master-man !!
  25. Shanghai China

    The drivers don't push the car, they drive it. If it's not fast enough, there is nothing they can do about it, apart from being as consistent as possible. There was a clear performance gap today and I can't possibly imagine it changing for the next race. I don't get it how come everyone is jumping on Ferrari's throat (not just you) for every mediocre or even bad weekend. Mclaren won it's last championship with MIKA HAKKINEN IN 1999. We all know how Ferrari was doing in the meantime... If Ferrari loses the championship, this will only make them stronger for next year. Everything in life works just about the same way! Sometimes you are at the top, sometimes at the bottom.