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  1. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    True!He could have braked or lifted if he had seen Felippe! Provided he had the time to react!
  2. Bourdais 25 S. Penalty

    I was not very amused to see FM crashing with Bourdais! Maybe Bourdais was to blame the most because FM had already half of the car ahead (and so he got the penalty because FM had already passed him) but it was a totally unnecessary move by Felippe. Somehow I remembered when I saw it!Good times!
  3. Canada Loses Formula One Slot.

    Agree with (most of) the above, especially the "NOOOooooo"s and the " you b###rds"!! Definitely one of my favorite tracks. It better return soon, like Suzuka!
  4. Hamilton Class

  5. Hamilton Class

    Ha ha, go on Mr T !! I think you need to get offline, relax a little!
  6. Hamilton Class

    I won't put you on ignore, I 'll be here to underline every stupid thing you say, but not always, because I can't be here 24/7, which would be necessary in order to catch up with you... You act as if you are trying to prevent a "heartbreak" for Lewis, if he happens to read some of the comments here! And stop b!tching about the forum, either continue to post or leave.
  7. Hamilton Class

    "Fed Up", you are starting to annoy me... The "accents" thing is nothing short of a racist comment. There are more countries in the world than England and many of them happen to be doing a very good job, in case you haven't noticed. The guys with the "accents" may not like Lewis, because they don't feel they have to, because he is not their country-man! Stop whining about "poor Lewis who is mistreated and misunderstood", get on with commenting the sportive aspect and whenever you feel like saying that 80% of what you say, STFU.
  8. Massa Class

    I was just referring to what you said above, not what you think you said... As far as the "difference" you say, you think I really care?? Why bother with posting in a forum if you expect everyone to agree with you? Why not make a blog??
  9. Massa Class

    It's just bad luck. There weren't any major strategy errors, or the team lacked in development or anything during the season. A guy pressed the button 1 second too soon yesterday, the lights system Ferrari is using is connected to the fuel pump and wasn't computer controlled during the stop. The mechanic acted like a bad "lollipop man", that's all!
  10. Massa Class

    That's a serious delusion, right there my friend! That's what they do for a living! And Lewis is driving/has driven only a car able to win the championship so far in F1. Sure he deserves his drive, but don't make a god out of him!
  11. Massa Class

    Yes, I agree, as far as Kimi is concerned wejustneedtowaitandseenextyearandprayhewakesup!!!!
  12. Massa Class

    I agree!Tough luck today and good for Felippe to be a good team player! I only hope this championship proves to be even more unpredictable, meaning Hamilton crashing out the remaining races, Ferrari and Massa/Kimi winning the championships etc!! Too much to ask??
  13. Street Races Concern Ferrari Boss

    Rain was considered when they put the lights around the circuit and they 've been placed stategically!At least that's what the video I saw about the track said! Speaking of boring races, the only GP I remember falling asleep for the past few years, including those I was out at night and watched with minimal or no sleep, was Valencia..!!Must have been really tired that Sunday... (not!)!
  14. Let There Be Light!

    I don't think they built it for Singapore alone! Lewis must have ordered the headlights, so he can flash them to the cars ahead to let him by..!!
  15. New Villian In F1

    Bah, I believe he was referring to the guys with MS in their signatures
  16. New Villian In F1

    Last year he was quite likeable and that was the image he was promoting. This year he is intentionally being provocative by saying many things he shouldn't. Maybe he likes it that way, to be the "bad boy" . I no longer like him though so he is good at it! Also it makes watching the races more interesting so it's a good thing for me!
  17. Driver Of The Day-italian Gp

    Vettel of course! It was a great race! I don't think anyone can take anything way from Vettel's victory. How can people say Hamilton or anyone else could and would have won if this or that didn't happen, since he didn't? There is only one winner and that 's Vettel. I don't think he had it easY WINNING AN F1 RACE IN A TORO ROSSO...
  18. Whoops!

    Never owned one or anything like it, but I sure feel your loss my friend... I hope you 'll be able to restore it fully!
  19. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    At this point of the championship I 'd prefer Massa to win. Of course if Kimi wins I 'll be just as happy, but somehow I doubt it! I 've waiting patiently long time for Kimi to dominate the field and I don't really think we 'll get to see that this year. Lets hope he wakes up next year and get things right, every time/race after race.
  20. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    Well done done for Sebastian and his team! Vettel is an excellent driver and I just wish Ferrari signs him sooner or later, as I 've said many times before! Maybe the Ferrari car is not as good as the Mclaren in the wet, but there is always that factor that nobody can measure exactly, the DRIVER... Good strategy and luck also play their part, but I believe the "top" teams and "top" driver could have thought this through better!Sebastian and STR own them for now! P.S. Go Felippe....
  21. A Sad Day For All The Racing World

    Indeed it is! R.I.P Phil Hill!
  22. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday!!!
  23. Is Vettel The Real Deal?

    He definitely is for me!
  24. Some Interesting Articles On Global Warming

    I guess your main POV, which I agree with, is the need to preserve the environment as much as possible. The anti-GW measures are directed towards and so I agree with them. If GW does exist or is caused by man, I 'm not sure! I prefer to take protective measures anyway!
  25. Life Changes

    I wish the trip around the world be continued for many years until you 've had enough of everything! You are a great example to all of us! Cheers