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  1. Beijing Olympics 2008

    Me too! I don't think it's ignorance, it's just a matter of taste! So what if a guy spent his whole life working hard and accomplished to throw a javelin 20m further than me? I know, let the flame wars begin!
  2. Is It Me, Or Is This Forum Missing Something These Days?

    Yes, even the F1 guys are more concerned about which spot to choose on a beach or what the best sunscreen is and how much spf it should have! Also there is the restaurant, cafe, night club issues that keep them and us busy ! We 'll all get grease on our hands sooner or later!
  3. Happy B'day, Priscilla A.k.a Katy

    A bit late, happy birthday!!
  4. Why Is My Hangover So Bad?

    Maybe the drinks were of dubious quality! Happens quite often lately..
  5. Yes but Massa was having brake problems, as he and Ferrari said of course, so I 'll give me him the benefit of doubt this time. Anyway the Mclaren was so fast, I don't think there was a way to keep him behind! As far as Vettel is concerned, Ferrari better make sure they sign him when he is available! He's got some serious talent!
  6. Could This Be "it" ?

    From f1complete.com McLarens secret is within the steering wheel Monday, 21 July 2008 Wondered why Hamilton could accelerate so fast with such little wheel spin? Why he can start so well? Well the answer lies in McLarens steering wheel. It is believed they almost have a manual traction control system on their wheel. Spotted by the Telegraph as follows: "McLaren's steering wheel features four paddle levers rather than the usual two. The upper two are conventional gear-change paddles, one for upshifting, one for down. The lower two allow different engine torque settings to be chosen. Using two fingers at the same time allows the car always to have the most favourable engine torque setting for each gear, thus giving the driver a tool for limiting wheelspin out of slow corners without then suffering a reduction in power in the higher gears, where wheelspin is not an issue. The rules stipulate that any change in torque settings cannot be triggered by the same driver input as a gear change. Having two separate levers gets around that rule, while still allowing the change of gear and torque setting to take place simultaneously. This is part of McLaren's current performance superiority over Ferrari." Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtm...1/smpoin121.xml ________________________________________________________ If this is true and is legit, I say good for Mclaren. Innovation, once a characteristic of Formula One is rare these days. Ferrari better do something about it quick!
  7. Could This Be "it" ?

    Nobody said Ferrari or other teams aren't using it, if Mclaren does! You don't think F1 engineers could make a legit device that would do that? You probably don't give them enough credit!
  8. Dod German Gp

    It said multiple choices and I ticked 4 boxes ! Of course that kind of takes something away from the whole thing, but I was too lazy to decide
  9. Could This Be "it" ?

    Well the article says it's legal and If Mclaren is using it (which I don't know), they must have thought about it very well!
  10. Could This Be "it" ?

    Nobody said "Lewis" or "Heiki"! It's just you! And how can you reject this info and being ironic? If it's legal, what's the problem? Are you the guy who builds the steering wheels for them ?
  11. Could This Be "it" ?

    This is something greatly overlooked isn't it? What about that button sequence that would make the engine mapping more aggressive? Maybe it was just a rumor, but it was reported Honda discovered it and asked for explanations. After that the whole thing was forgotten.
  12. Dod German Gp

    Nelsinho, Vettel, Nick, Lewis in random order!
  13. Could This Be "it" ?

    I didn't see the gear paddles neither!!! Maybe Ron is changing the gears as well!
  14. Why are we discussing drivers? The Mclaren was by far the fastest car out there by a margin that's unacceptable for F1! The pit-stop mistake should have taken the win away form LH but the car had so much advantage that nothing could be done to stop him. Of course Hamilton is a worthy winner but still, the Mclaren had enormous speed. Both Ferrari's looked like midfield cars and both drivers weren't impressive at all. They better get their act together because there is no way to fight for the championships, the way things are going.
  15. 'santander Swap Hints At Alonso To Ferrari Move'

    I guess the Ferrari fans will have roughly 2 years to get used to the idea !
  16. Finally! Some Worthy Research

    Great stuff! All I have to do now is print it and go out in the street asking women to help me relieve stress and live longer
  17. Nobody should have aids... But if the driver is having a hard time, he just might get it...
  18. Coulthard Goes

    My experience so far following motorsports is that when speaking of top drivers they can always beat each other. So, if they raced the same car in certain circuits you 'd probably have a winner, who may not be the winner the next time. Also, even in the same team, even though the cars have the same specs, they still are not the same. So if a driver gets luckier than the other and gets a car that for whatever reason is 0,001 faster than the other, that could influence the outcome.
  19. Der Regenmeister

    Actually Alonso and Hamilton are not that far off each other, in many ways!! Think about it...
  20. To be more clear, I believe the actual level of skill of today's drivers is really high and it gets better year after year. However for some reason, the driver error rate is also still high, given the driver's skills! Perhaps the modern drivers are a lot closer to the edge and often overestimate themselves!
  21. I agree! Error-prone drivers across the grid is such a frequent phenomenon these days, it's getting annoying!
  22. Coulthard Goes

    I'm actually sad to see him go . Let's hope the grid finally re-claims some special personalities along the way, because for the time being that's exactly what's missing.
  23. Ok, I'm Officially Bored

  24. Gtr Beaten!!!!

    Yes, I totally agree! Also the ZR1 looks awesome!A very beautiful car!