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  1. Congratulations indeed for Vettel! For sure the championship is in in the hands of a proper champion. There was no stopping him today and the truth is he had more than his fair share of bad luck this year. He totally earned it! He totally deserved to be champion and the same can be said for Fernando and Webber. Bring on 2011!!!!!
  2. First of all I 'm not that good at math, so a good fellow at ManipeF1 did the job for us! I thought it would be interesting to have a thread like this one during the race, since, as we all know, anything can happen tomorrow!! The possibility of Alonso, Vettel and Webber finishing on equal points is also high! I must admit I never even thought of it as a possibility! "For the first time in Formula One history four drivers go into the final round of the season with a mathematical chance of claiming the title, with Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton all separated by just 24 points at the top of the table. This evening's qualifying session provided a great insight into the relative performance levels of their championship-challenging cars, with Vettel in the Red Bull having just edged Hamilton's McLaren to claim the coveted pole position. Last year's start showed drivers in odd grid positions had the advantage by starting on the gripper racing line, suggesting Alonso and Webber will have the advantage on their closest rivals into the first corner. Championship-wise, the revised points-scoring system introduced this year has increased the number of possible outcomes, with numerous permutations possible for each driver to win the title. Running in reverse order, below are the outcomes necessary for the contenders to be crowned 2010 World Drivers' Champion tomorrow night in Abu Dhabi. Lewis Hamilton Facts: Needs a victory to overhaul the 24-point deficit to Alonso, with the Spaniard finishing outside the points, Webber finishing sixth or lower and Vettel not finishing second. Chances: May well take the fight to Vettel for victory, but will need more than good luck for Alonso to finish outside the points and for Webber and Vettel to perform badly. Unless the trio take each other out at some point during the race, Hamilton will have to wait until 2011 to win his second title. Sebastian Vettel Facts: Only first or second will keep Vettel in contention for the title. Victory will give him the title if Alonso is outside the top four, while second will give Formula One the youngest ever champion if Alonso falls outside the top eight and Webber is outside the top four. Chances: Having dominated the race last year, victory is his to lose, but the destination of the title is out of his hands if Alonso can stay on-track. It's difficult to see Alonso binning his Ferrari, but there may be another twist to come in the tale of F1 2010. Mark Webber Facts: Webber can theoretically win the title if he finishes inside the top five. Victory with Alonso in third or lower will give Webber the title, as will second place with Alonso sixth or lower and Vettel not winning; third with Alonso outside the top six and Vettel not winning; fourth with Alonso outside the top eight and Vettel not winning; fifth with Alonso outside the top nine and Vettel third or lower. Chances: Was second-favourite coming into this weekend, but qualifying only fifth has seriously dented his chances. Assuming Alonso races competitively Webber will need to overtake Button, Alonso and Hamilton to put himself in a position to claim the crown. Having failed to perform in qualifying there's little evidence to suggest he can pull this one out of the bag. However, anything can happen in Formula One. Fernando Alonso Facts: No matter what happens, victory or second place will secure the title for Fernando. He could still theoretically win the title if he fails to finish, but put simply he cannot lose more than 24 points to Hamilton, 14 points to Vettel and eight points to Webber. Chances: The firm favourite with Webber only fifth on the grid. If he stays out of trouble on the first lap only a surprise thunderstorm will rob him of the title. Having experienced a late-season push for the title on three other occasions he knows how to handle the pressure. The closest ever finish: There remains a possibility that Alonso, Webber and Vettel will finish the year on identical points, if Vettel wins, Alonso finishes fifth and Webber finishes second. Such a result would put all three on 256 points, the first time ever that a championship would be won with a zero points advantage. If that does happen, Vettel would become the champion based on a countback of race results. Webber would finish third due to having just four race wins, but the countback would have to go to the number of fourth place finish to split Alonso and Vettel, with Vettel winning the toss with three to two. Both would have five wins, two second places and three thirds. Ironically The closest championship finish to date was in 1984 when Niki Lauda beat McLaren team-mate Alain Prost to the title by just half a point."
  3. Damn, I knew I should have brought my rubik's cube...
  4. Well, Ferrari, or any other F1 team, is not your everyday local business! Only money, results and skill can let you stay! If FM continues to under-perform (he was in fact the leading driver the past two years), I don't see Ferrari retaining him. Of course they will be right to do so. They have millions of fans and billions of dollars dangling above their heads. Emotion has no business here. A certain level of success is required and there is no way to stay if he doesn't live up to it. I like him and I believe in his skills btw. But I haven't seen much of him this year. Maybe his accident has something to do with it, but he is never -in the mix-. He doesn't take points off other drivers/teams and he hasn't done his championship bid any favor. Sure, he could have won in Germany but still he is long way from Alonso, or the form he was in a couple of seasons back. I hope this is just as obvious to him as it is for Ferrari, Montezemolo, the fans and everyone else.
  5. tifosi too!


    I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he returns here as he was when he left!!! He definitely is a special guy! Strange maybe but special!
  6. Totally agree! I guess it's a good indication of the general decline all societies around the world are experiencing. Why the f**k should a singer, a football player or a driver be paid all those money? It's really frustrating. How can anyone invest in education and knowledge? All he can achieve is to have his name in unemployment lists or sub-1000 euro jobs that probably have absolutely nothing to do with his studies. Can you kick a ball well or sing for our entertainment? Then you are what we are looking for. You studied marine biology? I hear there is a pet shop around the corner that sells turtles, they may need somebody... Good luck...
  7. Only if you hold it that way !!!
  8. A very nice thread and some good points. I agree up to the last paragraph. There is no such thing as the "only correct viewpoint" ! As long as we are outsiders, as long as we don't know how these people operate behind closed doors, we can only assume. Massa didn't quit Ferrari after these last events and he knows why. He didn't accuse his team and he even tried to cover things up and he knows why. We don't.
  9. Well, we do! I really wanted FM to get a good result and rediscover his aggressiveness and winning attitude from the previous years he (rather slowly) managed to build over time. A win from him would mean he was going to be another strong player in this year's championship which of course would make this year even more exciting. However, as a Ferrari fan, I would like to see a Ferrari driver to (actually) fight for the championship. Based on points, FA is the one who is more likely to give us this "pleasure", this year. Which means, I can understand the team's decision. I also believe they did this after they calculated the consequences very well. If I knew they were doing something obviously (and rather provocatively) illegal, then I'm pretty sure they knew that as well.
  10. That's right, he was supposed to come back with Ferrari for his comeback to make any sense! He was a popular hero then, a struggling driver for the best taxi manufacturer in the world, now. He might as well go back to retirement and save as much of his glorious past as possible.
  11. I guess they did them a favor!!! He he!
  12. I 'm not a fan of it. I believe it ruins the very essence of racing. Gaining those milliseconds lap after lap and finally catching up on your "victim" is the very heart of the sport. Having KERS to correct your mistakes and fend off an attacker, is not what I want to see. The car in the back will have KERS as well, but still I"d prefer to see nerves of steel and racing tactics/racecraft instead of battery-pack management.
  13. Technically speaking, I think he is right! In Monaco the slowest F1 cars would have qualified midfield in GP2, or even lower if I remember correctly! The fact is there are categories in racing, just like every other sport! If you are not good/fast enough, you shouldn't play with the "big boys" and ruin their game! A bit harsh, but I think it's true!
  14. has not set their status (not)

  15. Oh and welcome to the forums gos27 !!
  16. Just saw this discussion and got confused! So you are a minor and George aka Rainmaster came to your town to meet you saying he was your friend from the internet, while dressed in a "Tails" (googled it just now, looks pretty good!!) costume!! Sounds like fun (and police work) !!!
  17. No its not! That's Lewis Hamilton!!!
  18. Yes you are a lucky girl!!I use to have some friends there too!Typical Pelloponisioi characters!!"Kato apo to avlaki"* etc * Star indicates Greek expressions that are untranslatable and incomprehensible to the rest of the world!!
  19. Been there many times!!I like it a lot!!
  20. He he!Where are you from(peripou) by the way??
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