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  1. Shummacher Myths To Be Destroyed One By One...

    I came here (not) to say this! But this is what I would have said if I bothered to reply in this thread! And i'm not bothered, obviously, I'm I?
  2. Caption Time Anyone?

    MS: "Tell Felippe to come by motorhome mein and bring some pasta and a diet coke and I won't tell Charlie what you did" FA: *engine noise*"Ok, I 'll tell Felippe he is a "pastard" and go home to choke a Charlie "
  3. Time To Come Clean

    It's really sad to hear this from you. You are a really special person/personality and that's obvious through your posts. What is good to see is that your spirit is intact through the way you express yourself, so maybe you can fight this as much as possible, even though you say different. In another note, you actually inspired my -not so inspirational- username! I was watching this forum a long time before I joined and you were just about the only, long time, real Ferrari supporter around here so you were my favorite! I couldn't decide what my username would be and then I saw your "old fart tifosi" you used to have on your sig! So, since I was just a "tifosi' as well, I ended up with "tifosi too"!!!
  4. They are not dead... ... they simply retired!
  5. People seem to forget how old MS is! What he really wanted to say the moment he saw him was -GET OFF MY LAWN YOU LITTLE BRAT-!!!! Then he realized he was an F1 driver again and just moved on!!
  6. Happy Birthday Week To Lewis Hamilton

    Totally gold !!!
  7. Happy Birthday Week To Lewis Hamilton

    The views will be registered when we enter the glorious week in which LH shall celebrate his birthday !!
  8. Birthday Year For Alonso

    The title is all wrong... It should have been "birthyear" for Alonso..!! Besides I believe it's actually just a "birthfortnight" he is having !!
  9. The Schumacher Thread

    Totally agree!! Or as Damon Hill said, he 'll probably remember through the season why he retired the first place!! It looks like middle-age crisis to me !! But with his kind of talent and commitment, he can definitely pull it off...
  10. The Schumacher Thread

    Welcome to the forums! An opinion should not be passed around as fact, so starting from that, I disagree with most of your post! MS was an active driver between 1992-2006! You didn't get to see him drive long enough in order to decide if he is "fast" or not? And what about the "second category" drivers? Rubens and Massa especially are among the strongest drivers on the grid. You saw MS vs FM and FM vs Kimi. Where you blinded by Kimi's performance or was FM blown to bits by the -"extraterrestrial talent" of KR?? And I won't even deal with the "contractual slowness". Why don't you post us a page of MS's or Felippe's contract then? Actually there is no point to start debating this!
  11. Happy New Years

    Happy New Years guys and girls!!! Happy 2010!!
  12. The Schumacher Thread

    I wish I could respond using cowboy jokes but it's out of my league ! Well, MS's and Ferrari's fans were a nice big family for a long time so it's not easy to tell them apart. I believe after the first couple of races this whole thing will clear up! Definitely an interesting situation!
  13. Suggest Me A New Username

    It's all in the name of fun so don't take it personally! It's what I would say to any "Team Switcher" that is "Gone with the wind" at every chance and acts like a "Trojan Horse" in the tifosi army !!
  14. Suggest Me A New Username

    *edited "Traitor" is a good one or maybe "The Undecided"! And if you start bashing Ferrari you shall be "The Unreliable One" !!!
  15. The Schumacher Thread

    I guess it depends on the reasons someone is an F1 fan! The insanely fast cars and the technological competition is an aspect of the sport I really admire, even though the technological competition aspect has been beaten half to death these last few years! I 'm sure we all remember the past decade where the teams would introduce new engines and crazy aero solutions almost at every race! This a part of the sport where the team creates the spectacle, not the driver! The cars have physical limitations and is up to the driver to take full advantage of the car's potential, not exceed it, because then it will be slower! Of course the people make a team, but they all follow the team's policy and tradition! An engineer, a mechanic or a driver may be talented , but in the end, the team was the one to put them in the position to prove themselves by providing the necessary equipment and working environment to do so! That even goes for any given team or company president! LDM, for instance, cannot get up from bed one morning and say that Ferrari will be building saloon cars from now on and pulls out from racing! If he had the power to do it, which I don't think he does because of the Ferrari company structure, that would be the end of the team and everything associated with Ferrari heritage! That would equal the death of a person, in terms of the end of a "life" in the sports cars industry and motorsport! In the end, even though I 'm not fully awake, I believe teams do have a "soul". The team is the members, history, fans and the competitive spirit and passion of the creator and of the people who continue his work combined! The F1 teams weren't appointed as such! They were created with really hard work! A good driver is vital for a team, but he hardly represents it! He is an employee who has the duty to promote all this hard work! And he is expected to do that every single time! This is the reason teams may seem "heartless" or "unfair" sometimes! The driver is a vital component for a given time! In the overall history of the team, he is just an employee with ridiculously high retainers! Of course I also support drivers with a passion, as was the case with MS, but I that was because of his success for the Ferrari team! I didn't like in his Benetton days but, as I said earlier, I wish him some success for his "Mercedes days"! Nobody is irreplaceable, as an old Greek saying goes ( I 'm Greek by the way, not Italian)! My whole post may not make that much sense but anyway! I 'll reply AC (after coffee)!!
  16. The Schumacher Thread

    Here 's my 2cts!! Good on him to come back! He will remove all doubt the Ferrari fans, like me, had since 2006, about whether his retirement was premature and he could still be the "hero" he once was. Having said that, I believe the majority of Ferrari fans felt really strange about him filling in for FM in the summer, when it was first announced! It didn't happen but it had a considerable impact! It felt as if F1 was going back in time in a glorious age and the "king" was back! He earned that "title", since, concerning the Ferrari fans who used to watch F1 before he went to Ferrari, like me, he was the guy to bring the team to the front of the grid and help us make fun of our fellow F1 followers who supported other teams, after years of humiliation!! However, he chose to leave Ferrari and come back in action with Mercedes, generally considered Ferrari's arch-rivals. As a Ferrari fan, I consider the Schumacher chapter closed and in the past. I didn't feel like that a few weeks ago, when he was well settled in the team! So, what I'm trying to say is that I really hope he gets his B### kicked by FM and FA, but I 'll probably be happy to see him finishing 3rd and maybe a win or two! Bye-bye Schumi!!! (My sig needs some editing as well!!)
  17. Kimi'S Career

    What do you think is the next step for Kimi?
  18. Pics Of U!

  19. Schumacher At Mercedes?

    It doesn't make much sense. He can take F1 cars for a ride any time in Maranello and stay connected to the F1 scene. Suppose he goes to Brawn and cuts his ties with Ferrari. Where does that leave him next season? In his custom backyard track racing the F1 cars he owns? Can he compete at 41 as he did before? In ROC he said he went there to play with "what is left of a talent". Do I think he can race? Yes, of course. Will I be disappointed as a Ferrari (and his) fan because he 'll be racing for Mercedes? Yes, of course. Will I be disappointed if he is slow and hopeless? Yes, of course. Will I enjoy seeing him compete and win ? I won't feel good about it, but I will be happy! MICHAEL JUST (DON'T) DO IT!!! Unless you come back with Ferrari!!
  20. Kimi'S Career

    "Excellent" doesn't not describe this post accurately! Watching multimillionaires race and supporting them like we do, doesn't really make a lot of sense! Indeed the average F1 fan would find hard to wash the hand he touched an F1 car with, provided he had such an outrageous chance to actually touch it! This shows we are actually a lot closer than them (the drivers) to the essence of racing and the real spirit of it, that made racing a sport. If a driver is racing for a place to earn a bonus, this whole concept is already dead! Unfortunately, that's all we get from them!
  21. Kimi'S Career

    Interesting ! A move to Mclaren makes a lot of sense since Sandander sponsors both them and Ferrari and Ferrari now has their favorite driver! Brawn is in the frame for sure though! But if Kimi is as tough about the money, as it's been reported, it's highly unlikely!
  22. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    It should have been a poll!! And, people please! Can't you wait for one more day? We have the Grand Prix to discuss (especially here)! The f****ng OFF SEASON starts officially tomorrow and we 'll run out of subjects very soon...
  23. Kimi'S Career

    I'm not that sure he refers to Kimi. It might be about JB but it seems Kimi's manager(s) have strong demands! I believe most of the drivers on the grid are able to shine in a good car! What the teams would love to have is a driver that would actively develop the car and be able to turn things around. These days, obviously, we can make pretty safe assumption for each team's form by their first race! The aerodynamics are defined, the engines are frozen (well not entirely but relatively yes). In the good old days, we would see teams bring modified engines every 1-2 races and more aerodynamic packages. These days there is almost none of these so the driver input is vital. By saying this of course, I expect the younger drivers to be more technically aware so what you say probably is right!
  24. Fia Vote

    That's interesting! i didn't know that! Of course with Briatore as his manager, no wonder he ended up in Renault! So it seems the Ferrari-Alonso combination was being planned for quite a while! He wasn't "drafted in" to replace Kimi then!