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  1. Kimi'S Career

    Thanks! It took me 3 weeks to forget about that and I was just getting ready to sleep! Now I 'll be having nightmares about Briatore running around naked, slinging fruits at me with his thong shouting in Italian and yelling at me to go there and sniff it ! Pretty much the same dream I always have when seeing or remembering that one...
  2. Fia Vote

    Heh! JT is an F1 man and I trust him to bring the sport back to its old glory! I believe the F1 teams are more united than ever these days and there is an excellent climate all around! JT will be extra careful to handle any "Ferrari affairs" that may come up, so I expect him to be fair! Good luck indeed! He is gonna need it!!
  3. Fia Vote

    Well, to be honest this post doesn't even look like it has been written by you! Too delusional, biased and annoying to read! And I'm really being honest here! And lazy to explain!
  4. Oi! 'Ave A Look At This! It'S Georgia'S Birthday!

    Happy birthday! -Voted for the funfare in Wales ! -Sounds like fun for an old guy!!
  5. Puma'S 39 Steps

    Happy birthday!!
  6. Kimi'S Career

    Pedro Diniz and Gaston Mazzacane should also be considered..!!
  7. Happy Birthday Raikonmacher

    That's great! Drivers come and go, the teams stay! Not all of of them though and some are around less than some drivers, but anyway!
  8. Happy Birthday Raikonmacher

    Happy birthday!! Have a nice time!!
  9. Dod Suzuka

    Vettel! Flawless and fierce !
  10. Suzuka Qualy & Race

    Me neather ! I 've been saying Ferrari must hire Vettel the first time I saw him race the BMW Sauber! I hope it will happen sooner than later!
  11. Suzuka Qualy & Race

    Vettel keeps doing well under difficult circumstances! A great sign for the future!
  12. Kimi'S Career

    What Kimi has to say! I believe he verifies Brad more than me, but he insists the agreement with Ferrari to end his contract early was mutual! I can only believe that if he is planning to retire... from http://www.formula1.com/news/interviews/2009/10/10024.html Even though he
  13. Kimi'S Career

    The car was good, but it didn't really set the world on fire! There was very little between the two cars (Ferrari, Mclaren). Personally I expected more from Kimi and I bet many others too! I wouldn't be surprised if his performance was the reason he lost the drive, but I 'm pretty sure that, as everything in life, it had to do with money as well! Don't get me wrong Brad! I like Kimi, but I just can't justify him for not fighting for poles and victories. These last few races he seems to be on form and I hope he keeps it!
  14. Is It Final Then..?

    From here The point of interest is this: ...Moreover, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo now rarely mentions thename of the team's Finnish driver, and on Thursday the Italian cametantalisingly close to letting the cat out of the bag. Speaking with Spanish reporters at an event in Madrid, he said in a video posted on the website of the sports newspaper Marca: "We are very happy about having so many fans in Spain, and next year, with Alonso..." Montezemolo stopped himself, laughed, and pointed a finger at the similarly-amused ranks of pressmen. Later, he said: "I can confirm that Massa will be the first driver, and the third driver will be Giancarlo Fisichella. "After Singapore, Stefano Domenicali and I will meet and decide whowill be (in the) second car. Soon we will make the announcement," saidMontezemolo.
  15. Kimi'S Career

    My original response to these news was a bit of disappointment, because I enjoyed seeing Kimi fighting again these last few races! Although I believe now he was back on form in a "job interview" kind of way, after he was notified by Ferrari that his services won't be needed for next year! I may be wrong, but honestly, I believe he could do better! Last year he was rather frustrating and I can see why Ferrari made the decision to bring Alonso in! Even I could see Ferrari was lacking in development during the year and needed a more "technical" driver, or a more motivated one!
  16. Ferrari Fan

    Ferrari is the oldest team in F1, so they have a long history of both wins and losses! Obviously I would like to see the "old glory" returning, rather than the "stone years"!! I also referred to Kimi's championship as an "old glory", because..it is! In F1 you can't be living in the past! Otherwise you are just a wash-out/has been!!! And I don't think LDM killed the team off! MS was already too old to keep racing and had to retire! JT and RB also had their fair share of battles all these years and stayed around as long as Michael was racing! they couldn't go on for ever! Of course many mistakes have been made these past few years and really uncharacteristic for Ferrari! Lets hope they get it right next year!
  17. Ferrari Fan

    Not really! I support the team and I believe FA is going to help bring some of that old glory back! The last one to do that was Kimi but that's over for now!
  18. Ferrari Fan

    Welcome aboard for as long as you stay !! Guess you'll be filling in for Brad!! This whole thing is a bit of a mess! Who is the good guy now and who 's the bad guy ?? Oh yeah! ------- ---- ---- ------->Lewis Hamilton<--------
  19. Kimi'S Career

    I don't think that's the case Brad! F1 is serious business. Our perception of agreements or ethics does not apply here. Kimi is a part of the F1 world, lives by its principles, even though he does his own thing occasionally. Is he 'just a driver' that got kicked out of the team, kind of like an employee who never had the time to get his work right and was fired by his evil employer? The straight answer is a big "NO". All F1 drivers are multimillionaire athletes and they are paid because of their skills and to get the job done! No one is allowed to "fall asleep" here and the drivers know this. Do you really think Kimi will be ice-fishing to survive? He buys yachts for fun! He didn't try hard enough and he was no longer considered to be the best driver Ferrari could have. Right or wrong of Ferrari, we shall see!
  20. Kimi'S Career

    The guy who wrote this sure knows a thing or two about weeds!!
  21. Ferrari Fan

    I, for one, would like to welcome our new Spanish, former world champion driver!! He ain't the dearest among the Ferrari fans, but then again neither was Schumacher in '96 and we all know how that turned out! I feel a bit bad about Kimi, but I 'm sure he has his back covered and was fully aware of what was about to happen. He shone these last few races, but it was perhaps his longest competitive streak since 2007... I wish all him all the best and I would like to see him kicking a$$, even if it's Fernando's (damn this whole thing is just confusing)!
  22. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    Thanks, but I 'm here every day! I 've seen the thread! Renault was accused of fixing the race. The Renault employees involved were Flav, Symonds and NPJ. Renault was the accused and admitted guilt by not contesting the charges. It was a way of saying, "ok they did it". If Flavio was innocent, I bet Renault would have fought!
  23. Mrs Vs ??????

  24. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    No problem! I agree Flavio didn't admit guilt, but he and Renault pleaded no contest to the charges, which equals to an admission. They wouldn't have done this out of pride. The evidence against them must have been completely damning. Otherwise they would have fought very hard to avoid being exposed/punished like that! I'm pretty sure bigot-ism is not a word, but it was in the Firefox dictionary, so I thought I should give it a shot . The "others" was a quick reference to Adelaide and Jerez ("other incidents") but I wasn't all that bothered to be precise! I meant they haven't been proved beyond reasonable doubt, but stated in a more "quick" way. My native language is Greek and we always have many different ways of saying something. The sentences are not that standardized! Of course this isn't translated properly in English I guess! Well that's a lot of discussion over a 3 sentence post! Maybe I should pay more attention to the way I write!
  25. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    As a reply to you I analyzed my earlier post. Is this what confuses you? It's all there!