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  1. The Spaniard Steward Explains....??

    Maybe but if the result of this race is proved to be decisive for the wdc then its not that simple!But i agree with you that no matter what we say that matter is over!But labels like "cheater" etc must be used with extreme caution no matter for whom!!Its just to point out that this decision is not exactly bulletproof and is not to be taken so seriously!MY opinion of course
  2. The Spaniard Steward Explains....??

    well there quite a few differences from the itv link i posted especially about the "laughing thing "!!The stewart actually said that???????I dont think so!If he did that makes him even worse in my eyes at least!And the other mentioned do not exactly point to a very serious person now do they??
  3. The Spaniard Steward Explains....??

    Thats not the point again!!The stewart said that if he had crashed then it would have been ok even though they would make (just about), as expected, the same level of research and said that it would have been a "driver error" in their eyes.So the crime was saving the car???THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!
  4. The Spaniard Steward Explains....??

    Well Jean Todt said otherwise.And is another thing to judge that same incident again and again and another to criticize the "judges" of the sport.What if the same thing happens to Alonso the next time?An excuse(from FIA) like this one would be enough?Especially if it contradicts in 5 sentences!!
  5. The Spaniard Steward Explains....??

    Dont miss the point!!Come on is this a serious statement from one of the three stewarts that made the decision?It's a rather fine line to examine but that statement tells a lot about the way the race stewarts think!And it doesnt look good..
  6. The Spaniard Steward Explains....??

    I meant from the FIA !If this was about your team and driver would it sound ok?After all this is F1 and the world Championship
  7. The Spaniard Steward Explains....??

    the control can be lost everywhere!!Accidents can happen everywhere right??Anyway i'm just pointing out the words of the people who made the decision.I certainly expected something more serious at least!
  8. In Hindsight:- What Could Have Been

    you mean could be right??(joke from the other thread )all we can do is guess here!!This race is over!Silverstone will be a different story(more or less!!).
  9. In Hindsight:- What Could Have Been

    why would MS need to pass FA??He would have been on pole!IF FA would pass him on the start that we ll never know!!
  10. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    well i don't think anyone would do that!I 'm not sure since the car goes straight to park-ferme if they are allowed to fix it.
  11. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    yes for sure is an extreme example.but its the way things are going!trying to analyze why a driver error occured is not natural is it??Sure it could be exploited as a loophole to create situations like these but how is that going to be decided?Especially if the WDC is involved.The stewarts could end up making world champions as the season progresses.Again rather extreme but possible.And in F1 the slightest detail counts!
  12. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    Well if that's the way it's going to be from now on maybe we ll get to see some f1 drivers arrested for damaging property(after crashes) even for attempt of murder if someone gets hurt or something.The rules have to be within the nature of the sport.Thats what i think at least!!!This decision is going to bring some real trouble for F1!
  13. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    the thing is that he was most probably found guilty under the pressure of the rest the paddock and the politics within F1.Its not like he did something wrong that would justify the penalty such as brake testing others or deliberately blocking someone or something that points to a direct penalty.Violation of rules=Penalty.In this case it was an assumption that led to the penalty,therefore Alonzo's win was unfair 'cause otherwise as the race unfolded Schumi would have won.
  14. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    Unfair race WIN.And with it comes the unfair extra championship points...
  15. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    definetely.People were acting crazy of what THEY THOUGHT was an unfair pole position.How about an unfair race win and championship points????
  16. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    I agree with you too!!If the cars and the drivers are not pushed to the limits in order to be able to make that little bit of difference between winner and loser then why race?That's what makes it exciting!
  17. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    Not everybody did it.There were some pretty dominant victories in Monaco in the past.no need to get historical.But this type of driving is not exactly what racing is all about.To be on the limit lap after lap is what racing is all about.Surely is the way(more or less) F1 has become lately but the race winner can't be that reassured.
  18. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    Well the grid demotion penalty certainly helped Alonzo win the race a little bit now, right? For me he was not a worthy winner.If anyone watched the race on live timing you could see how half the time he was lapping way off the pace.Surely a driver needs to preserve engine and tires but cruising around is racing. NOT racing that is...
  19. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    Last to 5th in Monaco.Do you really think Schumi needs to cheat??
  20. Schumacher Sent To Back Of Grid

    How come nobody suggested that was intentional? That's absolutely right!If we were to analyze all accidents/incidents like that then all of them could appear intentional!!For instance Ide wanted to overtake Albers didn't he??He could have stopped earlier but maybe he thought it was a good opportunity to gain a place so he pushed Albers out of the race hoping nobody would see him!!Make it look like an accident
  21. Monaco Qualifying

    hello everyone.i'm a ferrari fan(obviously ).I would just like to point out that the stewarts decision doesn't necessarilly make someone guilty as charged, since we all know that is not always the case even in courts of law.its an outrageous speculation to say that a driver DID'NT make a mistake because he passed through that sector of the track without problem some other times!!!Anyone who can understand racing may easily find this argument silly!The 2nd manouvre was obviously to avoid the barrier on his right and save the car.And dont be fooled by slow replays!Actually is very common in racing to have situation like these.They are called ACCIDENTS!!!Maybe he could have passed cleanly, as others could have not crashed heavily and injured etc. in other circumstances.If anyone thinks back to a silly accident of his own, can surely understand what i'm saying!Sure Schumi is a 7 times wdc but it can always happen.