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  1. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    --That post was directed at you, who commented on my original post directed at Wez and therefore directed your post at me, so I had to direct it at you, so that I wouldn't be talking to myself ! (to be read with Kimi's voice and accent). --What do you mean you don't understand? Isn't it plain English? --Ok, Buddy, don't be sorry! --Yes that's what i was saying!
  2. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    Indeed I didn't bother enough to even make it readable enough. Plus i 'm not English. What I meant (deep breath), is : 1. If he cannot understand the differences or the circumstances that differentiate these events, i bet there quite a few other things he can't understand. Have you ever seen the video from adelaide '94? Have you ever raced in a track with opponents? Maybe you should take an unbiased look and tell me again. 2. Also, if we were to compare punishments, we have a team principal who admitted to have ordered his driver to hit a wall so that other driver can win from the back of the grid and a race driver who had some "suspicious" events that can be considered as racing incidents or bad judgment at some very highly stressful situations (championship on the line, figure it out). There is no way to prove they were deliberate so it's plain bigotry in my book. MS was excluded from the results of the 1997 championship, quite a severe punishment and this still without concrete evidence. 3. They have been beaten to death.
  3. Deliberate Accidents In F1

    I bet there are a lot of other things you can' understand! Briatore admitted quilt, the others are assumptions, unproven beyond reasonable doubt and bigot-isms, if there is such a word! These matters have been beaten to death more than anything and I just can't see the purpose! By the way, did you know M. Schumacher has 7 world titles *to his name and 91 victories?!!!
  4. Why, God, Why????

    Whaaat?? You plan on listening the whole thing?? Please don't, things are bad enough as it is...
  5. Bye-Bye Flavio...

    Since good ol' Flavio is now out of the sport, I think it's only fair to provide him with his own farewell thread! I know he wasn't the most like-able guy, but he was a special person indeed! I wouldn't mind having him back actually!
  6. Bye-Bye Flavio...

  7. Bye-Bye Flavio...

    Ok, I guess Briatore in a thong won't be missed by anyone for sure, we got that covered!
  8. Bye-Bye Flavio...

    ...for her!!
  9. Renault Under Investigation?

    Well, looking back (at youtube) and seeing Piquet's crash again, I must say... he was excellent! I don't think he ever drove that car as masterfully as he crashed it! Too bad to see Flav leave, not because I like (which I don't) but because he is a classic F1 figure! The paddock won't be the same without him!
  10. Ferrari Is Making Me Soft

    Welcome back Mike and Eric!! Great thread and I wish F1 had more historical teams to write about! The thing about Ferrari is that is an "exotic" car manufacturer that dares to compete at the ultimate level and not simply built "rich boy toys" that are hidden behind horsepower numbers. There is an authentic racing heritage that is alive and kicking in their road cars and is available to the public! Also the sentiment does belong in a team like Ferrari, but remember Enzo Ferrari! He was notoriously hard but also generous with every single one of his employees! He demanded absolute perfection! The ultimate success Ferrari had during the Todt-Schumacher-Brawn era would make him indeed proud, to see his team united like an army and aiming only for the ultimate success! Also all (we) Mediterranean guys are notoriously bad at losing and I know very well I enjoyed every single one of MS's victories or any other Ferrari driver for that matter! Perhaps there is a bit of a cultural difference in perception regarding competitiveness , since this is the World championship, but I assure you that even though many of the fans were complaining of boring seasons, many other where enjoying them or getting terribly annoyed because their team was doing/not doing well!
  11. Happy Birthday Mikathegreat2

    Happy birthday!
  12. Bravo Fisico! Balle Balle Force India!

    Welcome back!! Bravo Fisico indeed! Excellent result and with reasonable fuel load!
  13. Belgian Gp Practice, Quali & Race

    Well, actually you compared the two and suggested Ferrari weren't penalized because of "blah blah"...! Was Brawn punished or reprimanded for the spring that almost killed FM officially?? Was anybody penalised for broken bodywork that came of the car by itself? I don't think the FIA would look into this as you suggest if it was another team and I really believe I 'm wasting my time because your views are distorted by your Ferrari-hate . These things and other things have fallen off cars in the past and some more will come off in the future and indeed they travel at high speeds!! So are the cars... I say ban them too! This whole thing is just dangerous!!
  14. Belgian Gp Practice, Quali & Race

    Totally-different- One is a wheel, the other a wheel cap. The penalty was for the team releasing him unsafe, now Badoer was lapping the circuit and it broke off.. Spot the difference, will ya!!!
  15. Valencia Gp

    Lewis and Heikki are on fumes! Lets see how the races unfolds tomorrow. If Rubens stays close in the first stint, it could be his day!
  16. Renault Will Race In Valencia

    I agree Renault shouldn't have been disqualified and i 'm glad they 'll be on the grid! They never put their wheels on well in Hungary anyway, so why punish them??(Hungary 2006!) I wish MS was back as well, but anyway, maybe some other time!
  17. Schumacher Cancels Formula One Return

    Go cry in your corner...!
  18. Schumacher Cancels Formula One Return

    He didn' t test the F60, but lets hope the simulator makes up for it!
  19. Happy Birthday, Mr.Abbas

    Happy birthday Abbas !
  20. Ferrari Hits Out At Williams And Red Bull

    Agree with the first two sentences. About the fair play -thing- I had to use an example because I got tired of saying the same things over end over again. I believe it was a good example anyway! I don't understand why fair play doesn't belong in F1 or "in any serious competition". I 'm sure the teams have been nice to each other on occasion in these past 50 years or so and to rule it out completely is not realistic. Even N. Haug said about the Williams stance, that what goes around comes around!! And the test would benefit his (their) largest competitor! Nobody watches a sport to see "fair play" in action! However, I believe, a good gesture now and then is probably a breath of fresh air for the fans and the teams! Does this mean I have to watch football now?? Because I don't want to...!
  21. Ferrari Hits Out At Williams And Red Bull

    Well you thought wrong, twice !! It's not exactly boxing and is very mental as well, so I 'd say it's a noble sport!! Of course by saying noble I didn't mean gentle! Anyway the Williams team made the decision, not FW himself! I don't think of him as a saint though! If he was, he wouldn't be rich and having his own F1 team! He would have given them to the poor !
  22. Ferrari Hits Out At Williams And Red Bull

    Have you ever seen a football match, where when a player of the rival team is hurt and down on the ground and the referee doesn't show a foul and everybody is supposed to keep playing? What do the players do, even if the referee says "play"? They kick the ball out of the court, essentially handing the possession of the ball to their rivals, until their player gets off the ground. This is called fair play. If you can't see a connection here, then I have nothing else to say. Even Haug, who even said MS could win this season, "hit out" at Williams. Ferrari didn't oppose the STR rookie test, Red Bull does..! Do they have the right to be angry? I don't know!!! Unfortunately F1 turns out to not be such a "noble" sport after all...
  23. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    This is their excuse for not agreeing to the test and I believe it's flawed for all the reasons I mentioned so far. However if they don't want to agree, they hardly need an excuse, therefore this excuse of their is not debatable by anyone. I don't agree .
  24. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Of course bringing back MS is a brilliant move, it's amazing for everybody! About the out of shape 40year old who can't possibly be their best choice, well maybe we 'll just have to wait and see!! About all the test drivers (without being reserve drivers) having superlicences (which are needed to compete in an F1 race, not testing), I highly doubt it and I may look it up.