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  1. Question

    Of course ! MS comes back (not even sure yet) and suddenly the forum goes back to 2005/06! I actually enjoy having these debates! All we need now is Kenneth, FUSchumi and the other haters to complete the de-ja-vu!!!
  2. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    -There are always exceptions to the rules, otherwise they wouldn't be functional. -How do you know that?? -All test drivers have a superlicense? Qualifi cation for the Super licence 5.1 The Super licence is issued by the Formula One Commission, on its sole decision, following a specifi c request and recommendation from the driver
  3. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Honestly your answer is not to the point. You used the STR rookie as an example of preferential treatment by the FIA in favour of MS and continue to make a fuss about it, while I simply pointed that the circumstances are not the same, therefore a different approach is justified IF THEY JUDGE IT'S RIGHT TO DO SO. STR rookie---> brought on the grid for team reasons, money, fun, prettie than Bourdais, younger etc MS---------> brought on the grid following an emergency situation where a Ferrari driver was injured ON TRACK WHILE COMPETING. Ferrari considers MS as their only realistic option and they ask him to come out of RETIREMENT in order to deal with the extraordinary circumstance(FM injury). You say the had the test drivers option. Do the test drivers even have a superlicence or are qualified to apply? I don't think so and feel free to look it up. Even if they do/did, nobody can force Ferrari to select them. After all why do they have both race and test drivers, if they can fill the race driver's shoes so easily and pay huge amounts to them (race drivers)?? So these are the points I expected you to comment on and I won't repeat them for the 5th time! IF THE FIA AND FOTA DECIDE MS SHOULD GET A TEST, THEY WILL CONSIDER MANY THINGS, NOT THE SAME THINGS THEY CONSIDERED ABOUT THE STR ROOKIE THING. 2 DIFFERENT SITUATIONS.
  4. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    This reminds me of that time, when I was riding into the sunset on a horse with no name... I ended up calling it Dolly, she called me Luke! So did the others. I was fast, faster than my shadow people use to say. All was good, apart from those Dalton boys and that pesky dog... What do you mean "we are leaving"??
  5. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    What I meant was that we are supposed to take other people's opinions and facts into consideration when replying, not just writing down whatever we think and reject everything else. Otherwise what's the point of using the "reply" or "add reply" button? There should have been an "add personal opinion only" button! This way we end up having a thread full of mono-logs (thanks Meanioni )...
  6. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    I get the impression we don't do any dialogue in here, just individual monologues...
  7. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    I simply gave you the reason why MS should be allowed to test, because he replaces a driver that was injured during official track time (qualy) and it's only logical they cut them some slack to prepare, since nobody has active F1 drivers lying around the garage (apart from Kimi of course ). P.S Jumped thread to the 'Question" one!
  8. Question

    We are already having this conversation here !! Like I said, It's simply not the same circumstances. If FM was injured at his spare time, perhaps the FIA and FOTA could allow MS to test, but that wouldn't be fair to the rookies. FM was injured during the qualifying session and it' s only ethical the team and MS are given a chance to prepare for putting another driver in FM's place. If that's not logical for you, then ok!!
  9. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Whaaat?? The test drivers in all the F1 teams hardly tested this year!! Yes, they needed MS because this is Ferrari we are talking about. Badoer and Gene are not good enough to be frontrunners, as they should be. Also Ferrari knew about the testing ban and still brought in MS, so what? Did they say they took for granted they would be given permission to test?? And since you have thought about the reason I mentioned, why did you dismiss it?
  10. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Even if they do let him test the 2009, there will be a perfectly logical explanation, you never stopped to think... STR replaced their driver on their own will and under their own terms. Ferrari is doing it under extraordinary circumstances, because FM was injured during qualifying. It's a last minute resort and since they bring a driver who has no knowledge of the 2009 F1 cars and they have no other suitable replacement, they should be allowed to provide him with the means to prepare himself.
  11. Bmw Are Gone Gone Gone

    Yes, they did! The same with Giancarlo Fisichella, Heikki Kovalainen and half of Kimi Raikkonen!!
  12. So Who Replaces Massa?

    Ferrari doesn't need a No1 driver ...! I don't think they expect much this year!
  13. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    MS hasn't driven the 09 car and he doesn't know the circuit! I don't expect him to do well at the first race but if he stays for the rest of the season and goes back to the racer's mentality (and we all know how his mentality was/is), it's very probable he 'll be the top gun again! I give him 3 races to shake that rust off him!!! Obviously he is serious about this and he is not your ordinary driver/guy!!!
  14. So Who Replaces Massa?

  15. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Brad, the only butt Kimi kicked the last few yeas was his own...!!!
  16. So Who Replaces Massa?

    No matter how he drives, if he is lapped 5 times or whatever, these news are i n c r e d i b le !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a real " blast from the past"!! Now I can't wait for my summer vacations to finish and see the race...
  17. Speaking of unlucky Brazilian racers, let's not forget Cristiano da Matta...! He hit a deer (in 2006) and barely escaped alive!!
  18. Bmw Are Gone Gone Gone

    You deprived me of my "So who replaces BMW" topic ...!! It's not good for the sport, but Ferrari can use one (or both) of their drivers, so their demise won't be without benefit . In a serious note, F1 can't afford to lose any more manufacturers. Not because there won't be any teams to compete, but the series's prestige and glamor takes a definite hit. There is bound to be a bad side effect in the quality of the competition. I doubt the new teams can innovate all that much.
  19. I Thought Ferrari Were Out Of Favourites With Fia

    Kimi only touched with SV at the exit of turn 1. SV was rather optimistic and was behind Kimi when they touched, which means no penalty for Kimi. SV -could have- but -should not- getting one for trying to trying to overtake! This is what hey are supposed to do anyway! The MW situation was not the same obviously!
  20. Hungary Qualy &Amp; Race Thread...

    Source: http://www.totalf1.com/full_story/view/314438/Massa_suffers_skull_damage_concussion/ Massa suffers skull damage, concussion By Pablo Elizalde Saturday, July 25th 2009, 15:55 GMT Felipe Massa will need to undergo surgery after it emerged he has suffered bone damage of his skull and a brain concussion in his accident at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Brazilian will be forced to miss the race after he was hit in the head by debris believed to belong to Rubens Barrichello's car. Massa was airlifted to a Budapest hospital, where he remains in stable condition. Ferrari said in a statement that Massa will need to undergo surgery and will have to stay under observation in intensive care for an undisclosed period of time. "After the accident during the qualifying session of the Grand Prix of Hungary, Felipe Massa was airlifted to the AEK hospital in Budapest," the statement said. "Felipe was conscious at the arrival at the hospital and his general conditions remain stable. "Following a complete medical examination it emerged that he had suffered a cut on his forehead, a bone damage of his skull and a brain concussion. These conditions need to be operated on after which he will remain under observation in intensive care." The team said further information will be released later tonight.
  21. Hungary Qualy &Amp; Race Thread...

    Whoa! He is very lucky to be alive!!
  22. Hungary Qualy &Amp; Race Thread...

    Massa was extremely lucky it didn't come through the visor... It could have been fatal, easily.
  23. Michael Jackson Dead

    Well, he was notorious for being impossible to follow in a race, wasn't he?? They said the coroner couldn't continue because he couldn't fill in the form. He got stuck at the first question! --Race:_______________ (Sorry!!!!!)
  24. Michael Jackson Dead

    An opportunity that either arose or manufactured... I didn't like MJ particularly but his songs were always nice to hear! With him dying and -now- looking back to that situation, even though I have no desire of defending him or anything, I 'm starting to think his was set-up. All those millions the kid's parents could get just by threatening to reveal to the prees their son was on the same bed as MJ must have been tempting! People have done a lot worse for far less... Then again I haven't really looked into it carefully, it's just my current view on this! RIP Michael jackson.. You were a special guy, that's for sure!
  25. Happy Birthday Pabloh

    Happy birthday Pabloh! Hope you had a good one!