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  1. Budget Cap Rules

    Indeed it will be... It 'll simply diminish the technological competition even more, making the sport more boring, predictable etc. Anybody remember the days were Mclaren would kick Ferrari's a## in a race and Ferrari would come back the next Gp with a new engine and aero bits to thrash them and vice-versa (or change team name at your preference!!) or spent hundreds of working-hours just to make a gearbox shift XX milliseconds faster?? ( I'm sure you all do!!). Yes I really wanted to see that, to know that after every GP the teams would work backstage to change things at every f###ing GP! Nowadays there is none of that and yes, we want them back! We don't care about the series's name...
  2. You Heard It Here First

    Ron Dennis was brought down by a woman? I didn't even like the guy but I refuse to accept that! Were is this world coming to??
  3. Ayrton Senna

    Ayrton Senna was a driver who actually contributed in making his/this sport great, not just a champion. He still has more fans than today's drivers! RIP Ayrton.
  4. Bon Aniversari, Tanita!

    Happy anniversary birthday !!!
  5. Mclaren Handed Suspended Ban

    It may be a case of not wanting to push Mclaren and Mercedes any further in these difficult economic times. They are extremely valuable to the sport, as winners and as losers. They already are at the edge of the cliff.. F1 needs them, the other teams need them, the fans need them. I say let 'em stay and get beaten on track. That's what everybody wants to see from any big team! Teams/driver haters make the sport more exciting whether we like it or not
  6. Mclaren Handed Suspended Ban

    Well they had their points from Australia taken away as a punishment and obviously the FIA believes it was enough, so they got a suspended sentence! Mind you, if the sentence for whatever reason comes into effect, they will suffer big time and may lose everything for this year and possibly sponsors etc. I don't expect something like this to happen though!
  7. Shhh, It's You Know Who's Birthday.

    Happy birthday clever, old, bald guy
  8. Happy Birthday Eric!!

    Happy birthday!! Must say you are very clever for your whatever age Have a good one!!
  9. Mclaren Possible 2 Race Ban?

    Psst, the other guys with this kind of attitude disappeared long time ago! Where you frozen in a block of ice the past 4 years? Your posts are from 2005 man! Get on your time machine and go back! Seriously!!
  10. It's Dribbler Day!

    That's great! Happy birthday Dribbler/Steve!
  11. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    Thanks, that's all I needed to hear! You are missing the point the whole time! Read the whole post not just isolated sentences and maybe you 'll find yourself understanding more than usual! That bit was an example to demonstrate what I was talking about above but ANYWAY...
  12. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    I'm not sure why he retired, but if I was an almost billionaire and world famous driver approaching my 40's, I guess I would have retired too. There could have been an intra-team politics situation, but if that was the case, I don't think he would have stayed around. It was good for him to leave before he became an embarrassment for his own name, but I can't help thinking he still had a couple of years left in him!
  13. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    First of all, I didn't get excited or upset, or bitter. Glad I could make you smile though, which means you tend to take it personally than read the argument. That could blur your perception.. Anyway, I responded to the " Alonso took MS down and I wish my boy had taken him down" comment of yours, not anything else! The whole reigning/domination thing is not just a one-man achievement. So how can one man be taken down in a team sport? Sure the driver has the final say in success or failure, but there is only so much they can do. If we take into account the last seasons only, what was FA doing in 2007, 2008? What was Kimi doing last year? They both threw away championships, they (supposedly) could win. So? I 'm willing to bet ALL the champions in every single sport/occupation or whatever on this planet have lost their crown at some point... If someone thinks this a reason to gloat is fine by me!
  14. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    Your boy is the one who should stay down because sometimes it starts to type... I believe you are more knowledgeable than what you present yourself here! So if Button wins this year's championship, we 'll all get to say he torn Hamilton apart in 2009! That sounds like fun! (And stupid)!
  15. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    How come everybody want their favorite drivers to join a "good" and "winning" team and keep whining about how their talent is wasted currently, yet when they accomplish something, suddenly the driver is the mastermind? Ferrari was nowhere in 2005, how was MS "taken down"? Weren't you watching back then? Yet he finished third and it was an accomplishment. The Renault car had nothing to do with Alonso's success? He was driving last year and so did Kimi. Why didn't they become world champions if it's so written in their genes to always be one and they are (as drivers) such deciding factors? If MS had a car good enough to construct a constant WC campaign and not just the second half, he would have won in 2006. Ferrari in 2006 was trying to recover the awful previous year and bounced back spectacularly, Renault were the champions and continued their good form. Why do you focus on the drivers? There are physical limitations to a car's speed you know.
  16. Driver Of The Day - Australia 2009

    Voted for Button! I can't remember him even being a candidate for DOD, apart from his first win! Maybe he had some great drives, before the internet ( ) but anyway!! It was great seeing the Brawn boys doing well today (the whole team)! It was a breath of fresh air! Ferrari would have been on the podium maybe or somewhere near it, hadn't Kimi screwed up a g a i n . They are on a good path, below where they should have been but only just! Hamilton did a reasonably good job, but he was benefited by the cars ahead retiring!! He wasn't anything special in my book, Truly started in the pitlane and ended up there as well! The cars look a bit funny and I can't help but having the impression I 'm watching a lower spec series, but maybe that's just me!!
  17. F1 On Pay Tv

    I'm more than furious these last few days, since we got the news F1 won't be on a free to air broadcast anymore but on pay tv (in Cyprus). The news that the tv rights were acquired by Ltv (the pay-tv channel) circulated this last month, but everyone expected F1 to be broadcast free under a separate agreement between a local channel or something. Since this should not happen by FOM's and the teams wishes/concorde agreement I guess/sponsorship deals etc, I wonder how come we are now forced to pay a good amount each month to watch F1, which was supposed to be free. Isn' t free for the rest of the world or am I missing something??
  18. F1 On Pay Tv

    Ok, just a short update on the issue, as is my duty!! The last 2-3 days there was an ad on a local channel that it would broadcast the races recorded. It seems they 'll show the highlights every afternoon and the full race around 1 o'clock after midnight (gee thanks, it's every other SUNDAY, we have to go to work the next day)!! To cut a long story I ended up subscribing for their bloody pay tv, because I didn't want to risk losing the races... The exploitation of fans at its finest. I guess the free to air broadcast, even a day after it happened, should have them covered. Thanks a lot F##kers (hey look I said KERS)!!!!
  19. F1 On Pay Tv

    Thanks! I was actually looking for these
  20. Coming Out Of Hibernation

    The more I think about it, I believe KERS may be very exciting! The leading driver won't know how much boost the driver behind is carrying and it could prove deciding in many occasions! KERS management by the drivers will be something to see as well!
  21. F1 On Pay Tv

    Yes, indeed! I hope I don't have to leave the house in the morning to watch the race elsewhere though, if things don't work for me! If all is well, I 'll be here!
  22. F1 On Pay Tv

    Thanks for the link! I have a few options for online viewing but I'm a bit worried if they 'll do the trick on race day! It's either that or I have to subscribe. I already have cable so it should be connected soon enough but of course I would have to pay the subscription
  23. F1 On Pay Tv

    Are there "international" feeds? Bbc will broadcast it on the internet, but it will be location based and only for the UK.
  24. F1 On Pay Tv

    Thanks guys! That's what I thought as well and I couldn't figure out how come the Tv rights went to a pay channel, so I decided to ask around, just in case FOM changed it's stance, which of course would justify this. It seems we 've been had by greedy people... I 'm curious regarding the deal they signed and whether Ltv is applying it honestly.