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  1. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    That was Funny!! Thanks!!
  2. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Oh and welcome to the forums gos27 !!
  3. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Just saw this discussion and got confused! So you are a minor and George aka Rainmaster came to your town to meet you saying he was your friend from the internet, while dressed in a "Tails" (googled it just now, looks pretty good!!) costume!! Sounds like fun (and police work) !!!
  4. Wdc To Be Decided On Wins

    Perhaps there is an attempt for a moral reward for the driver in there somewhere and the fans, who will be satisfied once the driver with the most wins is also the champion. Of course that doesn't make it any more right. The best driver in the best car will be champion, but what about the guy that fights in inferior equipment? Who should be the hero in the end of the season? The guy who had the best car/budget/luck/funds/sponsors and also was good enough to win and get the job done, or the guy that never gave up and fought with everything he had? Also the title contenders will be separated from the rest maybe 6-7 races before the end of the season, maybe halfway... If Kubica or Vettel for instance haven't won a race till the first half of the season but are a few points behind the leaders, who drive for the teams that can win races (because someone has to win every time!), who in his right mind would expect them to win all the remaining races??
  5. Formula 1's New Champion: The Blackberry

    The technology exists for sure, but on a regular blackberry, straight from the factory? Also who in his right mind would power down the pitlane, with poor visibility, a multimillion F1 car? And what about the glitches and buggy software? --"Please wait while steering left is attempted" --"Steering left failed, steering again in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ..."
  6. Formula 1's New Champion: The Blackberry

    ! "Steps and Drivers were removed during this ad "!!
  7. Formula 1's New Champion: The Blackberry

    As far as I know, radio controlled F1 cars had been around since the Senna-Prost era! I remember reading about it! I simply don't believe a Blackberry can control an F1 car. It would require very sophisticated controls! The video also looks fake and I believe it's just an ad/pr video, nothing more!
  8. Formula 1's New Champion: The Blackberry

    I am not really the first one to realise it's fake right??? Unless Blackberries now ship with a 10 km bluetooth range instead of 10m and all the rest i can think of and if this video was not a joke! Right??
  9. Pre-season Testing

    That's what makes this thread a failure! Everybody knows that in a decent thread, whoever posts LAST is best! And I am him!!
  10. Pre-season Testing

    But, but there is nothing to talk about this year ! There is no action at the test tracks, the season still needs more than a month to start ! I suggest we start from 1930 onwards, in DOF's thread! There is plenty of time !
  11. Pre-season Testing

    Drivers are essential to the car's development and setup! I thought that was common ground! Also I said "perhaps", because as I said right after, we can only assume. All I know is that sometimes everybody can work a bit harder than what they may think is the "hardest". I didn't accuse Kimi of anything and I expect him to be a lion in a cage in Australia! Lets hope everything will be in place for Ferrari to win!
  12. Happy Birthday Medilloni

    Happy Birthday Medilloni-man!!
  13. Pre-season Testing

    Maure, if the car didn't suit Kimi enough, then surely it was his fault as well... He could have (as he did towards the end of the season) worked his A## off with his engineers and make some changes. And as Abbas pointed out, he made a few serious driver errors that pushed him aside in the title chase.(Spa, Singapore etc). Being quick is not enough and perhaps work ethic is something Kimi has to work on. P.s. I make these comments being an outsider, just like you. We don't really know what really happened during the season. The suggestion that Schumi knew FM's and Kimi's driving style so well in order to propose some changes that would suit FM, during his two days of testing, doesn't hold much water.
  14. Pre-season Testing

    Brad, with all due respect but this theory is heavily flawed! If something like this was so easy in F1, with the best and most professional drivers in the world, supported by the best engineers then what can I say? MS was seen laughing while holding a screwdriver near the suspension of the car I guess? You must give Kimi more credit than that! It must be more difficult to take away candy from a baby..!!
  15. Is S

    Voted "carried away" too!! He is an excellent driver but the "best of the world" title cannot be given lightly, if at all!!
  16. Happy Birthday, Eduardo!

    Happy Birthday
  17. This Explains A Lot!

    Found this clip on Youtube just now! It's too much fun not to share! Ralf indeed started his career the same way we all got to know him . Here it is!
  18. Anyone Knows If Schumi Is Fine?

    I didn't found out about this until now. It was bound to happen... He is fine though! From http://en.f1-live.com/f1/en/headlines/news...211185702.shtml "Today I had an accident at the biking tests in Cartagena, and to be safe I went to a hospital,” Schumacher said in a statement. “I was riding down start-finish and when breaking into the first corner I hit some bumps which made me fall. ” “The checks in the hospital showed nothing and I am fine,” he added. Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm told Sportinglife.com that it was ‘only a slight concussion,’ and that “Michael will fly home immediately,”
  19. Bourdais Confirmed For Str

    Jenson at Mclaren... ! This could be great for both! Back to the topic, I 'm glad for Bourdais! He deserves another shot and he has what it takes! Lets not forget he was a rookie last year and came as a multiple champion in another racing series! If he was an ordinary F1 rookie, it could have been easier for him! This year he should be better!
  20. How The 2009 Cars Should Have Looked Like Imo

    Don't get me wrong, I 'm with you as far as the F1 cars are concerned! I would like to see the fastest car any team can produce and see drivers and machines to the limit and then decide who's best! I'm quite certain the drivers wouldn't be able to match the cars though! I believe the problem does not lie with the dimensions, its just that with so many restrictions the gap has closed, since the "maximum" has been defined. The best is only milliseconds ahead of the second best, while if we had an open field for innovation, the same teams could have been worlds apart, or not! Sadly it looks like we 'll never know!
  21. How The 2009 Cars Should Have Looked Like Imo

    They would look impressive but I don't think any of the current tracks is wide enough for two of them side by side!! Also those huge suspensions would be a huge hazard for a driver in a big crash!
  22. Honda Rescued!

    Excellent !! Lets hope they buy it out anyway! By the way, if Honda made a "spot decision" to quit, as they say, how come they didn't have an engine ready by December? I 'm pretty sure they built the damn thing as well as their notorious KERS! Why don't they supply the new buyer and thus make the team a lot more attractive to sell? They already spent million on research and building the whole car, why not minimize the damage by selling everything ?
  23. 2009

    Why are we discussing Kubica vs Vettel again??? They don't drive for the same team so there is no point!
  24. Happy Birthday, Aussief1!

    Happy Birthday !!
  25. 2009

    I still remember the first race of that season with DC and Mika. I couldn't believe how much faster than any other car those Mclarens were!