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  1. Happy Birthday Oli!

    Happy birthday and happy New Year!!
  2. Honda Rescued!

    That would be excellent news if true, but it seems there is genuine interest for the team by more buyers so one way or the other we might have a decent grid next year! The "Slim Team"... Sounds like a cool place to work at !
  3. What's Not To Like

    I 've been listening to that radio for a few months, but since I put that link up, it doesn't play anymore, or doesn't connect !! Anyway Winamp has perhaps thousands of internet stations so I guess it can keep you busy!
  4. What's Not To Like

    Never heard him before but he sounds good! In case you like old-school hip-hop, this is a very cool station!
  5. What's Not To Like

    Wouldn't that be Cypr-ess ??
  6. What's Not To Like

    Well, there is a greek saying that (roughly) says, a guy is "full of praise for his house, so that it won't fall on his head" . I have enormously more respect for Nando these days than before, but as far as the "pressure thing" goes, I believe last year he showed just the opposite. His driving was greatly affected and made mistakes very often that eventually cost him the WDC! This year, he was a champ though! Besides MS was in his 3rd-4th year in the sport when he left Benetton, so hardly the driver he later went on to be!
  7. What's Not To Like

    Somebody said "Hamilton" in another thread, above this one! HUNT HIM DOWN!!! Take a chill pill! Whether you like it or not, people will share their opinion here! No need to offend people! Oh and I agree with the Insider! You think Lewis could have been champion in the BMW this year? Eh?
  8. Exploring New Grounds

    From what I know, a manual may be a bit confusing! It's a bit uncharted territory in there for someone without experience! Of course it's a challenge to pull it through! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  9. Exploring New Grounds

    i 've seen a few taken apart, but I 'm not useful here! Make sure to be certain about which cable goes where though! You don't want to risk damaging the motherboard! Of course you could have someone else do it!
  10. Greedy Ferrari - F1 Misfortune - No Fair Play

    ...With no hair in between, know what I mean??
  11. Greedy Ferrari - F1 Misfortune - No Fair Play

    I thought the article was pretty simple and by no means can I understand how the guy who made this thread got it so wrong !! I 'll explain this to you, nice and simple, so you won't get a stroke trying to figure this out... ---Once upon a time, Ferrari and a few other teams were planning on leaving F1 and forming a break-away series. This however was more of a threat than reality, but the teams were able to carry it out. It was, because of that, a powerful weapon for negotiations with Bernie. They wanted more money to be handed out to the teams or they would leave the sport and make another one just like it!! --What Bernie says, is that they made an agreement with Ferrari, which is the biggest attraction in F1, to remain in the sport, by giving them 80 mil. more than the others. The breakaway series was probably never meant to materialize and Ferrari snapped a further 80 mil right out of BERNIE's pocket, thus signing a super-deal to do whatever it was supposed to do anyway!! I hope that helps!
  12. Is It A Crime...

    I didn't read the whole thread, so forgive me if anyone else mentioned it, but that looks like a 2008 spec rear wing!
  13. He probably thought it's common knowledge by now, which it is !!
  14. Race Of Champions

    Maybe I wanted DC to win this a bit more but Loeb is just as good! An excellent champ and a good guy! Schumi was hit by his "can't see the wheels thing" again and lost to a guy I never heard of before! He was the man to beat up to that point! It was great to be able to watch it this year! More please !!
  15. A Completely Hypothetical Scenario

    Maure?? I thought this thread was about ... %*# #@!
  16. A Completely Hypothetical Scenario

    Hypothetically speaking, this would be stupid and fascist in a way, to try and drive someone out this way. This is an internet forum and everybody has the right to share their opinion about everything. Agreed you or anybody may not like somebody, but so what? Nobody but the owner of this site and the mods have the right to make such a decision. Should I remind a hypothetical somebody that his views were once regarded as idiotic and was "bullied" in this very forum, even though he was right? Personally I may find some members here intolerable, not that hypothetical one, but I don't bitch about it, I reply to them in a proper manner.
  17. Honda Says Goodbye?

    Indeed! But with a big constructor leaving, it's getting much more serious! The most alarming is the rumor that Honda didn't leave because of actual financial problems or the team's performance, but as JV said, it was a political decision. This means their view of the global economical situation, tells them to pull out of F1 and anything "unnecessary". And I bet they have a good view of it too!Tough times are ahead and they seem to be getting closer!
  18. Honda Says Goodbye?

    This is absolutely horrible news. With Honda leaving, which I consider one of the best car-companies in the world, it makes me wonder how hard it may be for the rest of the teams to survive. This is just the beginning. Honda just left, when will the other teams decide they can no longer participate? We may be witnessing the beginning of the end...
  19. Happy Birthday Muzza

    Happy birthday!
  20. Hamilton, The Great!

    "Luck does not come into it..."
  21. Rubens is shooting himself on the foot here. Ok, if he was so good why wasn't he the "No 1"? Also the Ferrari years is the absolute highlight in his career, the peak of his popularity and something to tell his grandchildren about. He can only damage himself and is rather sad for him!
  22. Mark Webber Seriously Injured

    Terrible luck for Webber... Hopefully it won't influence his season that much, but it definitely will... Let's hope he comes back stronger, MS style !