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  1. Braziiiiiiiil

    Sportsmanship at it's finest, his sense of humility is refreshing in a world dominated by egos. Felipe has come a long way in 2 years...
  2. The Official Hammy Congrat Thread

    The cynics out in full force... Congrats to Lewis on his first of many titles. I don't think it's easy when everyone expects it of you and his entrance to F1 has been burdened with expectation from day one. At any rate, like it or not, he is re-writing the records with his skill and luck. I hope those McLaren boys are out in Brazil painting the town Silver, they've earned it!
  3. Whats Up With Toyota?

    Longtime lurker jumping in here with post #2... I'm going to agree with Jaystorm, I think they're going to pull out when they see the success that will come with their NASCAR exposure in 2007. The value just isn't in F1 for someone of Toyota's size. What does F1 do for their company? Establish it as a premium brand or technology? Lexus maybe, but not Toyota. If Hybrid technology comes into F1 this would all change.
  4. Montoya

    I would guess that the first and foremost issue for RD are the Sponsorship details. JPM is all over alot of McLaren partners colateral materials, his face is an extension of the McLaren team. Having him photographed in another set of coveralls wouldn't go over very well. The team takes this very seriously. T