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  1. I've never tried or heard of this Guarana drink before. I'm gonna look for it here in the UK now (not right now), but it sounds rarer than the Mountain Dew in DayZ. That's a reference that perhaps one other person on this forum might get; ignore it.

    it even sponsors.Felipe massa! it's a drink made or an qmazonian fruit and it has similar effects as caffeine or red bull. it's typically Brazilian.

  2. OK here are the rules. No seafood here. No street food like hotdogs and stuff. NO MAYO EVER. this is the deal with brazil and the reason why my bf never wants to come here. everything here can kill you, because ur body isn't ready for it. once i saw on tv people who died after eating fried shrimp with lime at a beach. it's just too warm, so things deteriorate quickly and normally aren't stored appropriately.

    As for guarana, you have to check all the tescos around. it's pure luck, all the ones in central edinburgh or glasgow didn't have it, and Corstophine is like 15min driving away from city centre and they have it. you'd probably also find it if you search for Brazilian restaurants or communities. Like around Oxford St in London. We are everywhere, we are like pigeons. You are gonna find us.

  3. Good reasons!

    However, whilst our fast food tastes better, your normal food tastes better than ours! and you have guarana smile.png

    My mother is a pain in the a** too, can I send her to Brazil as well? smile.png

    I dont like brazilian food. Or food at all. I'm VERY picky with what I eat. lol Basically that's McDonalds, Pizza, Pasta, and fried chicken. I do like Guaran√° though and just so you know, some Tescos do have it for sale there. My bf has seen it in Corstophine, Edinburgh. It's a little more pricey than regular soda, but it's cheaper than those American Candy stores that have Strawberry Fanta, aka the best soft drink ever.

  4. I have plenty of reasons. Like 823782. I shall list some.

    1. Scottish boyfriend

    14. Someone tried to rob me (i think?) on a bus yesterday and threatened to SHOOT me. I'm fed up of this place.

    35. Your fast food tastes better

    284. My mother is a pain in the a**

    23827. Kit kat is SO cheap there.

  5. I'm bored so I'm back. I probably dunno most of the people here anymore so, here it goes. I'm Kati, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Been to Interlagos a couple of times (not in the last couple of years though)... Supported Senna, Heidfeld (YES, I KNOW) and now Vettel. Two in three, not so bad...

  6. *mumbles something about not yet another Brazilian fan who will support Heidfeld and on top of that Kimi and whatnot but not Renault or Alonso and besides we all know in Argentina that Brazil is out there to destroy us and make us slaves and they are building huge deadly robots that emit green rays from their eyes and Maradona is better than Pele so there and no, I will never have enough of Trulli which is a driver that I like*


    Bem-vindo, mesmo!


    haha I want an argentinian pet :P

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