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  1. Alpine seems in doldrums. Seems like another story of a manufacturer moving from regular turbo to split and facing reliability issues while other 3 manufacturers have made progress on their respective power units.

    McLaren Ferrari and AM seem to be having a good preparation for the coming year.

    Redbull and Merc look poised to bring in thier A game if the reports are true.

  2. 21 hours ago, lipstick79 said:

    Those that can - DO
    Those that can NOT - teach

    Nothing against those who teach,,, but People learn more from those who CAN do.. they set the bar for what CAN be done, and teach people from their action and not just words.

  3. 7 hours ago, jimclark said:

    I read on so many boards the desire for "better" (closer) racing and more equity between cars. I don't understand why anyone, watching the best the racing world has to offer, expect 10 different constructors to design, fabricate, and develop individual vehicles that run at the same speed. A preposterous thought when it's supposed to be the exhibition of who can create, and who can drive, the highest tech race cars on the planet. Why does anyone want to lower the bar for this demonstration, when there are other series that have diluted themselves to put on the desired "show".

    F1 is technically advanced as compared to other racing series,,, yes. But it does not give it the right to take away the charm of showcasing the driver's championship,,, at the cost of holding a constructors championship alongside each other's. If there is a constructor who comes up with a car that has an undue advantage, only 2 driver's benefit from it.

    Imagine 20 people playing poker, but for 2 of those twenty, we deal out of a different deck that has more aces, kings, queens and jacks.

    Motorracing has a human gladiator element connected it, if you take that away, then we are only left with who can create the best cars.

    Equality in regulations is important, within which teams can find ingenious solutions, but nothing that gives them an unfair advantage.

    I personally see F1 in a better shape in 2022. It's is challenging for the constructors, and fair to the driver's, that is what it should be.

  4. 7 hours ago, Sakae said:

    How about possibility that Hamilton cost Hamilton victory. He was beaten by a faster, hungry for victory rival when it counted


    Redbull had nothing to loose

    and rolled the dice,

    Because one was not enough,

    They rolled it Twice...

    Lol... Rhyme apart, Redbull took a Very risky strategy of pitting Max TWICE. There is no need to blame the race directors for letting the lapped cars unlap themselves, this SHOULD be a normal practice in every safety car situation.

    Where FIA went wrong is

    1) they took too much time to make that happen.

    2) they should have earlier on let the ALL the lapped cars unlap themselves and let the race resume from THAT point.. Hamilton would still not have pitted.

    It's unfair to Max that he's being blamed for a blunder he would have still won without, Lewis was on a worn out set as it is!

  5. Alrightttt folks.

    Here it is. Last race of the season with both the championships still up for grabs. (Although Merc has pretty much got the constructors in the bag.)

    At the start of the season,, Who would have thought that it would  come down to this! No sir, not me, but here we are. And what a roller coaster of a ride it has been this year.

    David Vs Golliath s##t i tell ya..

    Did Max throw away more than what he could have bargained for in Q2, by flatspotting his mediums; or did his stupendous pole set up a champion in the making.

    Can't wait for it.

  6. Every wake of life has some people who are gutted in their outlook towards their passion. Where no matter the adversity, they are ready to face all that comes in their way. They stick to oath they took to continue on the path they've set out for themselves.

    One such figure, in motorracing, was Sir Frank Williams. He is leaving back a legacy, and a story of perseverance that is unmatched like any other..

    R.I.P 🙏



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