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  1. Good!
  2. This here is a very interesting chart. Redbull seems to be packing a punch if this table is anything to go by... Alfa Romeo and Haas could also pose a surprise in the midfield. And who knows, with the kind of PU issues being reported by Alpine, these guys could be fighting for 5th or 6th best constructors..
  4. I'm guessing he's mainly speaking for himself and what that Alpine is delivering, they seem to be in a soup.
  6. The curious case of Fernando Alonso. What a humdinger. The formulas of formula 1 have somehow worked against him, and he has worked against it at times, it's difficult to blame him, life is unfair. Whatever he maybe outside the c#ckpit, he is surely a gem while he's in it! My heart goes out to a throughbred racer like him not being able to show his full potential because he was always handed a sword that was unsharpened in a battle. He has still fought tough battles to give racing fans the dopemine we need out of looking at these racers skills. Legend!
  7. Lol. Alpine is the joke of the town if you've not followed the updates yet. Unfortunately. AM would be happy to finish 2nd. Thats above thier expectations.
  8. AM this year seems to have come up with a unique package. They have a Mercedes engine to give them the reliability. They have more hours available to them on CFD bench. They are best prepared to manage limited financial budgets. I won't be surprised to see AM finish top 3 or 4 McLaren is going to be a tough competition.
  9. 🙂🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟 Thats cool
  10. Its just first test of the season, no point in making conclusions out of the test times... True colors would be reveled in the first qualifying.
  11. Very Very interesting. Theirs is the most aggressive side pod concept out there nest to Ferrari and AM
  13. Leaving the brake magic on in Baku? Didn't that cost him his championship?
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