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  1. On 3/12/2022 at 10:03 PM, Lyria said:


    Hamilton claims they don't have the fastest car this year. Funny, he's said that for the last few years. I don't believe him ;)

    I'll only believe it, when I see it at the first race!



  2. 1 hour ago, Sakae said:

    D/T 2022.03.12 5:54 UTC

    Informative summation (for today):here

    If Alonso's assessment is factual, that could place Alpine into a difficult position vis-à-vis McLaren and perhaps also AM.



    I'm guessing he's mainly speaking for himself and what that Alpine is delivering, they seem to be in a soup.

  3. The curious case of Fernando Alonso. What a humdinger.

    The formulas of formula 1 have somehow worked against him, and he has worked against it at times, it's difficult to blame him, life is unfair. Whatever he maybe outside the c#ckpit, he is surely a gem while he's in it! My heart goes out to a throughbred racer like him not being able to show his full potential because he was always handed a sword that was unsharpened in a battle. He has still fought tough battles to give racing fans the dopemine we need out of looking at these racers skills.


  4. 58 minutes ago, lipstick79 said:

    Renault PU WILL; give MORE reliability.

    Lol. Alpine is the joke of the town if you've not followed the updates yet. Unfortunately.

    57 minutes ago, lipstick79 said:

    Second is FIRST of the losers.

    Lots of teams R prepared - best IS ambiguous. 

    AM would be happy to finish 2nd. Thats above thier expectations.

  5. 4 hours ago, lipstick79 said:

    Just like ALL the teams HAVE.
    AM have done the SAME as everybody else.
    If U do the same as everybody else > U R the SAME as everybody else.

    AM this year seems to have come up with a unique package. They have a Mercedes engine to give them the reliability. They have more hours available to them on CFD bench. They are best prepared to manage limited financial budgets.

    I won't be surprised to see AM finish top 3 or 4 McLaren is going to be a tough competition.

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