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  1. Car seems bulkier compared to others. And on the face seems like a very simplistic rendition of the rules, other teams have been more innovative by the look of it. This car doesn't look aggressive enough,, and I'm not taking about the color 😛 .. but the side pods are similar to the concept AM and Ferrari have followed.. it would be interesting to see the development war in the coming seasons.. I really feel for estaban and alonso trying to carry off this color combination..
  2. I'm not sure if pink goes well with a racing car. But racing is an expensive sport. The car is ok.. they should have had an aesthetic look to the overalls.. jesus!
  3. Yes, but I'm particularly interested to see how the AM design philosophy would work out, coz as far as I can see, they have ticked a lot of the right boxes when it comes to aero. Plus they have an added advantage compared to others. They are the only team who can get the most out of a limited budget as we have seen throughout the last 5 years. To ad to that.. they have more hours available compared to big teams for testing aero on the bench, so more opportunities to correct something that could have gone wrong.
  4. Yepp.. They could be a big hit or a miss..
  5. I am personally thinking this about AM... From What I can see, they have best understood how to manage air flow around the whole car.. but got to wait for the test results
  6. These guys give a pictorial representation of what I was talking about..
  8. More? Can't say that. Well to say.. even if they have equal amount of downforce compared to others on corners, there will be less drag on the straights. So if they increase more downforce with more wing angle the car will be more drivable as compared to the others on corners, ideally.. But this is just a speculation so far.. we would need to wait for the test and the first race to get a better picture.. coz it's also possible others have something else unique in thier bag.
  9. Yeah Brad.. exactly the word that came to my mind 😉 I mean the side pods are the smallest of any other car so far (as far as I can see), and probably the smallest of em all. The front nose portion and the front wing is interestingly shaped to channel air to the bottom of the car. So far Merc and AM seem to be in the lead to maximize on the benefits of the ventury effect. Long wheel base as seen in the last few years, Merc is sticking to their basics of high rear end downforce making it easier for the driver's to handle the car, typical Mercedes. This car could be leathal combined with the ace PU that Merc already has.
  10. Mercedes engine. And by the look of it a clean and innovative interpretation of the new aerodynamic rules.
  11. Fair enough. Change is constant. And a change for the better is always appreciated.
  12. Ferrari have something up their sleeve with that sidepod! Really innovative.
  13. AM is definitely in the top 5, and could even spring a surprise. As far as I can see, they have a very innovative approach to their design that could well be better than McLaren.
  14. 🤔 So after 2013 all the Vettel fans were cheering for him in the after math of the Multi-21 Saga... stating that nice guys do not win championships. And come to think of it, Vettel did what he had to do, he was faster in that race in malaysia, period. He could have played along with Multi21 to give back something to the team and his team mate (Like Lando selflessly did in Monza 2021), but in the moment he chose not to, and rest is history. When time came to assess Max's aggressive style of driving a few years later, these fans who supported Vettle for the Multi21 saga, seemed to have had forgotten what they earlier stood for. Truth just didn't settle well when the harsh realty of hard racing was served back by Max, Not just to Vettle, but to a lot of other drivers.. Unfortunately everything here on this forum is about Vettle these days, so that's that. The whole of F1 (NOT JUST 1 DRIVER) had to adjust to how good Max was under breaking, and came up with the rule that outlawed his breaking style. and so came The Max Rule . And No, what max was doing was not all correct with unsafe driving while breaking, but up until that point no one was bold enough to defend that Hard. I was personally not a fan of Senna's insensible dives that were potentially hazardous, but at this level, THIS is what these guys do - They put everything on line, including their own life, to try to win. Now when I read Senna's words, I realize, its not about wanting to do a risky overtake, its about not staying behind someone, and wanting to risk all to get there. Max has a - take no prisoners - approach to his racing, I don't think he needs anyones 'forgiveness', just like Vettle didn't need to offer explanation / Apologies for what he did in Malaysia 2013.
  15. El-Plan is Going down the hole 🥱
  16. Its not 'unjustified' just because it happened to Vettel. Its called motor-racing.
  17. Two Things: 1: Cost Cap: 2: Testing regulations limiting top teams to run away with it.
  18. AMR definitely seems like one of the best rendition of the rules. Very innovative.
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