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  1. Easier said than done. In a sport where driver's can loose upto 4 kgs of their body weight because of the physical exertions they endure... It's difficult to imagine a driver going through the whole race without having any water, and that too in Austin! For god's sake a simple go-akart race of 10 laps can dehydrate someone in that whether, we are talking about 50 odd laps in F1 here...
  2. Yepp, Verstappen surely does look steady at the wheel. Its tough to say which car is better, Maybe Mercedes have an edge... Its Max who is making a difference. Ferrari and McLaren seem to be in a good mix of things going neck and neck in the championship. Checo toughed it out without water from the first lap 😨.. and still stood on the podium,, for that, I would say he is my DOTD.. Great performance.. Vettel had a better race this week around, good for him fighting for that last point.. Twas a s##t weekend for Alpine as a team..
  3. Yet another race, and the difference between the first 2 in the championship is thinner than the paper those numbers could be written on. We are in for a hellova thriller. I like the COTA circuit, it has a good undulation and turns melting one into the other.. would be interesting to see how the first lap would go around turn 9 and 19. Expecting some good battles up and down the field.
  4. Correction. McLaren has 1 trophy for the winning constructor for Monza 2021. And this is in the first year they have Moved to a Mercedes PU. Unfortunately, they had a Renault and Honda PU that didn't deliver as per expectations. Having said that. Trophy cabinet aside, as a boss, he has raked in a lot of respect from the whole world for McLaren, and THAT (for me), is what counts more. They will have a better chance from 2022 onwards for other trophies to be added to the said cabinet.
  5. You've tried to argue this before, so I hope this helps.. The word has MORE than just one usage to itself... And it CAN validly be used for either of it's 2 meanings, depending on the sentence you frame.. Please get the wind of where the sentense is going. Not everyone acts gentalmanly when it comes to 'keeping' their bets. Mr Abite-bowl-movement sheepishly seems to have ran away from his. Just offering my respect to this man for keeping his promises, and helping the team come to this point where McLaren is being regarded as the most Fav team amongst the fans.. Mr. Brown is an absolute Legend. He's going to go down as one of the best team bosses F1 has seen.
  6. So apparently, in a recent pole, McLaren has been voted as favourite team by a majority of the people.. And Lando as the Fav Driver. No doubt about that.. McLaren has come a long way. Massive respect for Zak brown.. he has brought with him a different team spirit /vibe, that is resonating throughout the whole team, and now the fans as well.. 👏
  7. Hallelujah! Ferrari no longer most popular F1 team among fans McLaren sure has come a long way in its journey. I'm really proud of the culture Zak has brought up at the Orange 🍊 brigade.. Power to you. 🤜🤛
  8. This above article is of someone's opinion in hindsight/aftermath. Alonso is speaking for BOTH himself and Vettel, and the Ferrari-Alonso-Vettel era,, and NOT just about himself or only his time.. “We both tried Ferrari, got close at times, but didn’t make it in the end. Maybe Ferrari was not ready to have a World Champion in the c#ckpit again in our times.”
  9. Hmm I kinda agree.. not leaving more room for Gasly,, was not very Fernando like on an opening part of the race.. I think he should have used a little more of the run off to avoide a contact.. it's hard to blame him, coz he did not know where Perez and Gasly were, so he kept that line thinking Gasly would keep on the left, which Gasly couldn't to avoid contact with checo. He pretty much got the penalty that was deserved by a driver for his shunt with mick.. I guess he got frustrated on almost being 3rd,, and then being at the end of the grid.. Though day at the office..
  10. Ouch, that's Spitting hard facts, I'm sure the reporter bit his tongue after Alonso threw his bulls##t back at him 🤣 It's interesting, coz he's showing the hippocracy of the system with actions and not just words..
  11. Samurai move!!
  12. Well here is an honest admitance.. Alonso: I wouldnt want to compete against Verstappen at Red Bull
  13. Good for Seb. Hope to see closer racing from them next season. AM (Previously Force-India) have a good bunch of innovative engineers on there side who can make a difference. Vettel him self puts in a lot of efforts with the group around him. They would help Build junior a good car, LOL. Hope Seb gets his mojo Back for next season and is energized for the challenge ahead. Some how, I have a feeling that Williams would make a good leap forward next season.
  14. And what wins those 'points' ? Humor me, Why did Hamilton the great, not have any dominant seasons between 2007 to 2013? And suddenly has won all but 1 since 2014? How many WDC's does Senna have to his name? Does his final number of WDC's give a true picture of his Racecraft? Lets be real. F1 Drivers championship has mostly been dependent on the Constructors.. Moreover so after the points system changed in 2010. ..... P.S: Only 3 drivers have won a Drivers championship in the last 11 years between 2010 and 2020. And all 3 were from the winning Constructor,, Coincidence?
  15. Such is truth/facts/data. It is always interpreted through personal perceptions. One way or the other. And as far as I can say/see, that is all that is being showcased under this forum/topic. To you, They maybe claims 'beyond' your level of acceptance. To someone else, it is within their limits of reasonability. And everyone wants to claim that their reasoning is fair, so no winners over there... Again, perceptions are subjective.
  16. I was speaking in regards to one on one duels while overtaking/defending. The probability of Him being considered a good driver also depends on whether one sees his driving skills with their hard tinted glasses or no.. Not sure what clinical psychology has to do with how sports mentality works.. these guys are sportsman at the extream end of human endurance. They need to be kept away from such silly judgements and given respect what what they do or don't, on track, in the heat of the battle. To all those who see racing for what it is.. Alonso has proved his worth compared to a lot of others on the field.. 2021 is a big example.. For all those who fail to see it, they choose to have a different angle or point of view,.. they can continue to be in denial of someone's current performance based on their previously formed judments which clouds them.. so be it.. .. to each his own..
  17. Off track, he maybe not... But On track, It's hard to disagree that he is a LOT better with his racecraft compared to people who may have won more championships than him...
  18. You mean how competitive he is against his team mate wherever he goes, Right?
  19. I realize that media people would stoop too any level to make a 'sensational' news out of nothing, as they have done always.. but I guess that's what THEY do to keep food on their table, unfortunate, but that's the world as we know it. Its a cut throat competition and everyone is trying to nudge everyone else in their respective fields to come out as being better,,, regardless of whether it is done fairly or not. Its up to us, the fans to see past the deceptions that Media throws at us, and read and educate ourselves well. And not just fall for the headlines.
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