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  1. Samurai move!!
  2. Well here is an honest admitance.. Alonso: I wouldnt want to compete against Verstappen at Red Bull
  3. And what wins those 'points' ? Humor me, Why did Hamilton the great, not have any dominant seasons between 2007 to 2013? And suddenly has won all but 1 since 2014? How many WDC's does Senna have to his name? Does his final number of WDC's give a true picture of his Racecraft? Lets be real. F1 Drivers championship has mostly been dependent on the Constructors.. Moreover so after the points system changed in 2010. ..... P.S: Only 3 drivers have won a Drivers championship in the last 11 years between 2010 and 2020. And all 3 were from the winning Constructor,, Coincidence?
  4. Such is truth/facts/data. It is always interpreted through personal perceptions. One way or the other. And as far as I can say/see, that is all that is being showcased under this forum/topic. To you, They maybe claims 'beyond' your level of acceptance. To someone else, it is within their limits of reasonability. And everyone wants to claim that their reasoning is fair, so no winners over there... Again, perceptions are subjective.
  5. I was speaking in regards to one on one duels while overtaking/defending. The probability of Him being considered a good driver also depends on whether one sees his driving skills with their hard tinted glasses or no.. Not sure what clinical psychology has to do with how sports mentality works.. these guys are sportsman at the extream end of human endurance. They need to be kept away from such silly judgements and given respect what what they do or don't, on track, in the heat of the battle. To all those who see racing for what it is.. Alonso has proved his worth compared to a lot of others on the field.. 2021 is a big example.. For all those who fail to see it, they choose to have a different angle or point of view,.. they can continue to be in denial of someone's current performance based on their previously formed judments which clouds them.. so be it.. .. to each his own..
  6. Off track, he maybe not... But On track, It's hard to disagree that he is a LOT better with his racecraft compared to people who may have won more championships than him...
  7. You mean how competitive he is against his team mate wherever he goes, Right?
  8. LOL.. Yeahhh.. that.. That's actually a feather in Max's hat.. he is THAT good. ........ This narative that Alonso goes to a team and the car changes for him.. in my opinion, is a very naive outlook on how car development works. Let's be honest 2021 car was NOT by him, Ric and Oco were responsible for it last year. Alonso has mentioned in his interview recently how he prefers the feel of the car to be available to him on his steering, rather than the whole car, and that's the change Alpine was able to accommodate for him this year coupled with the existing philosophy from last year. Plus Ocon and Alonso are both having a good season.. Alpine has benefited a huge amount by having Alonso in the garage, their cost of operations has been the lowest on the grid. He has for most part kept the car on the track which minimized the costing. In that regard too, he seems to be a good asset to a team.. At an age of 40, it can also be assesed that a lot of times situations were unfair to him in a championship battle, and having shown this year that he is still Fast enough to fight for a championship, him sitting in a championship worthy team should be no surprise... He seeems to me like the guy who works hardest on his fitness to keep up his form up there with the best on the grid, age is just a number..
  9. Alonso and Renault (Now Alpine) signed with hopes that they would both work towards the 2022 project sooner rather than not, so it was a logical plan to continue. If the reports are true that he was looking for a different seat other than Alpine... That too would have been a sensational move. Alonso in a competitive machinery is fun to look at. He seems to be bringing all his experience and grit together in his final years to put up a stellar show. Infact, the way he's fighting on the track, seems like it is too early to be talking about him.. 'fading off'
  10. One of the most revered and fierce guy behind the wheel of racing car! To an absolute samurai behind the wheel! To a legend who continues to enthrall the spectators and competitors alike, even towards the last few years of his career! Infact better now than before.. To an absolute GOAT! Happy birthday! 🔥
  11. Haha.. good article.. Damon hill: "I think there is this generosity of spirit with Fernando, which is genuine and he's a proper champion," It is indeed a very different side of Fernando that we are all getting to see in his second stint in F1. The old vibe of hard-calculated, tough-exterior, don't-give-an-inch-to-opponent , isn't showing up anymore, which is good to see..
  12. Yeah, Maybe coz I chose to crack a 'light' one. You see, dark jokes are like food, not everyone gets it.
  13. If you wish to, Please quote me correctly .. here ill include the laughing symbol again on my quote with an increased font, so it can be established clearly that it was Joke 😜
  14. They need to change the colour back to pink.. They had an aerodynamic advantage with a 'lighter' colour. 😂
  15. Alonso seems to be enjoying where he is, and however it is...
  16. You never know.. they have shown a glimmering form on Fridays while other were looking for gains to be made on the race day.. Alonso seems to be playing the catch up game against his teammate, somehow yet a point ahead of him at this juncture.. And Alpine seem to be pushing hard against their luck considering they have the fourt best PU on the grid..
  17. I don't think any of the team's sit on their laurels of a Friday gone by to take a beer break,,, in the run to earn a champagne on Sunday.. Vettel and AM seem to be jelling well towards setting up the car for Sunday... At least they did in the last 2 races, so they seem to be up to the challenge so far.
  18. Hard to completely agree with Berger given what we saw in Monaco and baku, but yes he is entitled to his fair share of opinions considering Vettels performance outside just these 2 races. That car, is not too far behind on overall race pace to be honest, infact it could be said that it is a tad better than most on race pace. They are definitely in the mix with McLaren's and the Ferrari's on race pace, if the last 2 races are anything to go by. Vettel seems to be rejuvenated with the overall mechanical grip he is feeling out of the car, u can clearly see that in his car control at Baku. His confidence in that car has added that extra pinch of performance.
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