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  1. No. At the same time I can't deny That the strolls need him there to bring up the whole team to a point where it benefits them. If u ask me..Vettel is brought in: ~for the experience he brings to the table for being a 4 time champion. To inject some of that champion mentality to an already smart group of engineers and staff who can outperform the heavyweights. And if some of that fuel can be thrown on fire that is surrounding a huge pile of dry wood, we'll be it. ~For having driven with a well crafted team such as Redbull, that to date, continues to perform on the highest level 15 odd years into a sport they took up as challenge, and excelled. The notion that Redbull is a 'fizzy drinks' company, in naive. What they do on track is absolutely brilliant race after race, year after year. Unfortunate for them the new regs had Merc walk away with it. ~For having worked with a genius that is Adrian Newey, who's understanding and perception of the physics of a racing, is in itself a case study. ---------- The question of why they need Vettels presence can be looked at for more than just a few angles. There is an obvious stroll angle that you can't deny.
  2. Not really,, he too likes a car that is planted at the rear end. With the current regulations, this has more to do with the Power output available to each team. Prior to 2014 it had more to do with how teams are able to best use the blown diffuser or a similar Mechanism. Neweys expertise in this field were exceptional between 2010 to 2013. so basically in todays scenario: More Power = More wing Angle at the rear end = More downforce at the back = Stable rear end. When Ferrari played with the regulations to gain more power in 2018-19, they were able to offer more rear end downforce to its drivers which suited Vettel's requirements.
  3. Hmm indeed. I think he is having a humbling experience joining back, as every driver does who probably joins back this unforgiving sport.. but it's indeed good to see his honest assessment of his current level of performance. For however long he stays in the sport, he will surely leave back a legacy, and with his current approach filled with more humility.. his sunset in the sport will be on a good note.. Let's not forget, he is building an army of racers through his go karting academy for his legacy to continue and for his name to be remembered for long time to come..
  4. Agree with sainz on this.. If all the consideration given to Vettel after a year and a half or 2 is Fair, then all the flak thrown at Alonso just after 3 races back after 2 years of a gap is kinda unfair you know.. For the time he was away from the sport,, he is having a decent outing. Lets not forget, that Alpine isn't much of a podium contender at this stage to expect its drivers to fight in the front. I personally like what Ocon has been up to, his fight at the start of Portuguese GP was one of the highlights of the race..
  5. To put it in a nutshell .. Stroll is a business man.. and he probably has some sortofa deal with wolff to help the AM project perform better (then it would under natural circumstances of building an F1 team). To make sure Wolff is accountable, Wolff too has been made to invest in the company. FIA was probably upset that RP got away with cheating while copying Merc cars, and they could not do Anything about it.. so they figured out a way to help level the performance for the whole field by chopping of a part of the floor that gave Merc and AM the added advantage.. Stroll has paid top dollar for the making sure last years RP and this years AM car was competitive, but this year its not paying off, and Stroll ain't happy about that.. They have invested in Vettel too, and if it does not pay off, there would be some tough questions to answer..
  6. Judgements are just perceptions. Not only of those who write such columns with their own perspective, but also of those who read and approve/disapprove of them with their own pre-judgements. The choice of categorizing a certain news as worthy or unworthy also comes with its own set of preferences. And in today's world, you can simply get away with blaming the tailor if a pant does not fit your own waist, regardless of whether it was made for you or not..
  7. On the contrary, the old dog thinks that he still has a lot of new tricks to learn..
  8. Wow.. this is a good article Sakae.. good read.. This further gives a proof of how relentlessly sharp Alonso is at adjusting his driving style with the need of the moment.. I'm assuming this trait of his comes probably from not having the right finances since childhood to get a well settled kart to practice on.. where he has somehow adjusted himself over and over with every new machine he got on his way to f1.. but in all the series up to F1, there is minimal difference between the equipment everyone uses.. it's just F1 where the difference between cars from one constructor to the other is huge, and ultimately the car makes a difference on who wins the championship, no matter how good driving skills could be.. ..For the same reason.. I personally think Seb outperformed everyone in 2009 and Ham in 2012.. without reaching the top of the championship.. unfortunate, but THAT is F1.
  9. Hmm. I can't deny that completely to be honest.. he's been a demanding diva.. But this notion that the whole car is built FOR him, is kinda exaggerated by how well he has always adapted to the cars compared to his teammates. It's come to a point that people relate this to him having Built BOTH the cars to his liking, THAT is not accurate, that's not how a design philosophy for a car works.. This year's car was built around Ricciardo and Ocon. In the Abu Dhabi test, he was almost equal to both of them, maybe a few Milliseconds better infact..
  10. Its hard to point a finger at someone,, who has not given you an opportunity to point a finger at them. Plus he has had a decent outing in his first race after 2 years away from the sport, and a month after having a chunk of his jaw replaced, and sitting at home for 10 days to recover... On and off he has paid a lot of efforts to keep his skills sharp.. Its evident that he still has that hunger to compete.. Form is temporary, class is permanent.. Apart from being difficult at times outside the car, and not managing his professional relations well (The reason he gets the flak all around), its hard to point a finger at the relentless commitment alonso bring to racing when he's inside the car.. I guess that's the same narrative that a section of the fans hold to defend Vettel today.. we keep forgetting during our assessments, how F1 has never really been fair to the Drivers championship, we all know that.. Actually, you can say that about almost 80% of the drivers who have raced in F1 over the last 20 Years, given a better car, they would have been better.. Apart from 05,06,07 and 08.. Each year had a constructor that was more dominant as compared to its rivals.. As Vettel once said, if you are a good driver, you should not have a problem adjusting to the car that has been given to you.. This notion that Alonso has had cars built to his liking is kinda misplaced. Its unfortunate that its difficult for some people to accept how good Alonso is at adapting to the equipment given to him. All those years that he has faired well against his teammates, and excelled in other categories, it was not just because the car was made to his liking, it had a lot to do with how he was able to better adapt to the car compared to his teammate.. This trait of his is completely overlooked, at-least by this section of the internet, for whatever reasons.. Yep.. I agree... it would not be fair to judge the whole Vettel situation this soon.. and some comments are very surprising indeed. But honestly, the rust that vettel shows to have built up seems too thick, to a point that some are suggesting it is unrecoverable. Its unfortunate, but Its upto vettel to shake it off, and get on with it... I would personally wait for a few more races to gage Vettel, and how he gets through this..
  11. This guy is stuck in a rut like since ever.. >2014 - Ferrari not the best PU; Mclaren Honda years - The worst PU in probably the history of the sport... Mclaren Renault - Not the Best PU on the Grid.,, and Now Alpine - Seems like the worst of all the PU's if not better than Ferrari.,,, 'Equal engines for everyone' He said...
  12. Respect!
  13. Some amazing race starts from Alonso for the years gone by.. You think he would be able to pull out same performances as before?? It's hard to say that someone coming back to the sport after 2 years will be as great as before.. but this is Alonso we are speaking about. You never know..
  14. Warning about some good news... To all the F1, AM, and vettel fans in particular.. AM is on the up with signing a new deal with a sponsor.. good days ahead for AM.
  15. Indeed Brad. I guess almost all, Including me, are sometimes surprised as to why we don't absolutely hate him or absolutely respect him. He has been one of the most difficult/irritating Sports personalities to manage and understand. At the same time he has been close to perfection behind a Throttle, brake and a steering wheel with anything on 4 wheels. Agreed. Id rather him win a Dakar if you ask me..
  16. So even if you're not an alonso fan, you're an alonso fan?
  17. Well Brad, as I said, there was a valid argument on either end of the topic based on where one chooses to look at it from.. As for me, All I know is,,,, FIA, for once, took a spirited call realizing it was Fair,, This,, spirited decision making,, is Something that the sport needs more of to realize all the unfair that is in the current state of F1.. Coz there is NOTHING FAIR about only 1 team, and only the driver from this said ONE team, winning the championships, for 7 year in a Row. If common sense necessitates that Unequal is NOT directly proportional to Unfair, we could have a lot of things corrected for the good of the sport. That's still better than having races year round where Fans fall asleep. Grievance of Others who were not allowed this opportunity is understandable, of course it wouldn't matter to someone like Lewis, who is almost already guaranteed the 2021 Title. This is Regardless of whatever Renault or Ferrari or Aston Martin Or Mclaren or Redbul would do to get an advantage. Heck Cyril has outright dubbed the Racing Point for having an illegal Car this and next year, Does that mean it's unfair to against other midfield teams??? __________________________ I still wont hold it against anyone who thinks it was unfair. Alonso took up a place that could have been used by a 'young' driver, in the true sense of if.. Im glad it was Guanyu Zhou who got to test next to Alonso... He posted this on his Insta and it was touching.... _____________ I think bringing Alonso back is a Good human experiment overall.. We got to see it with Kimi and Schumacher, it brought in a lot of buzz.. And they did a fair job of the comeback they made.. Its not like Alonso is going to win the title next year.
  18. Maybe, It was.. but it was with an intent to negate the bias against Alonso for not having enough recent F1 experience as compared to the other 19 Drivers.. FIA have just put some common sense to this whole issue.. but it is understandable that others, with their own interest in mind, would disapprove with the move, and deem it Unfair from their viewpioint.. I the intent, is Fair! Plus.. We keep fighting for there not being enough character to the current F1 show, .. There is a historical significance to Alonso Joining Renault,, it is definitely in the interest of the whole F1 Field and the community, and the Racing community in general, coz Alonso would have brought atleast some Dakar, Indy, Le-mans and Endurance racing fans to the F1 theatre.. FIA and the F1 management has used this as a spring-board to entice fans for the already predictable 2021 season, and its not all to bad..
  19. I realize there are opposing view's on wether an experienced driver, let alone a 2 times world champion, should be allowed to participate in the young drivers test. And there is a valid argument on both ends of the conversation. On one end, FIA has allowed an old F1 driver to re-acquaint himself with the speed of the current Formula of cars. Probably So that he gets to be on a fairly equal footing compared to the other drivers who have a huge margin of testing + Race experience throughout the 2020 season. On the other Hand, the testing is supposed to only be for the 'young' drivers, and this should be strictly adhered to. Then again, How Strict is this 'Strict'? FIA gave an exception for the good of the sport,, I suppose, they put some common sense to this conundrum, and I respect that. But then WTF was FIA doing when it was important to NOT being strict with the engine regulations for THE GOOD OF THE SPORT! You utter fools. Where was your common sense then? FIA should have eased up the Power Unit Regulations after 2014 when there was time, its a shame they don't put common sense to all the aspects of their undertakings. Its a shame that a similar opportunity was not explored for Kimi or Michael on their respective comeback's. But then again, we are talking about Fernando Alonso here, in Renault, who wants to turn everything about himself and is not shying away from it. Its weird to see that some section of the F1 Fan circle agreeing to the lack of F1 testing F1 drivers get. Its weird, because, In a World, where testing is banned, fighting to get more millage on an F1 car almost seems like a rebellious act.
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