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    Frankly, F1 cars have been looking awful for quite a few years now, but these year they are downright fugly. I couldn't care less for the papaya orange, but it still looks pretty good all things considered. Obviously, none so far is more beautiful than the Renault Alonso, McLaren and Renault is the best combination since Schumacher, Ferrari and Todt/Brawn et al. Of course, Alonso does not enjoy the advantages Schumi enjoyed in his time, neither he has much time left in F1, but I still hope the car is at least competitive enough for midfield and some podiums. #BeBrave
  2. Yay! Kubica is back! Hamilton, Alonso, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Pérez, Ocon, Vettel and now Kubica, and you can add to that list Hulkenberg and Sainz. That's a grid filled with talent. If only cars were as close in level as half of the drivers' grid is... Not sure how would Kubica fare, but he certainly was among the best drivers of his generation. One tends to forget the amount of journeymen that filled the grid in the past decade and a half.
  3. This place keeps getting idioter and idioter.
  4. Here's the problem: You may notice that the circuit runs along the East-West axis. They should really rotate it 90° so it runs North-South. As we all know, South is downwards, so they can use the force of gravity to their advantage. I still need more work on the sections where they will be facing North. I will get back to you.
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    This is what it means extracting more than 100% of a car. Honda's engine was "confused" because Alonso took Pouhon flat out.
  6. Oh that was my very special dedication to you, my friend
  7. What's with all this crap? Honda has been disastrous for the past 2 and a half years no matter how you look at it. You can factor lack of experience, handicaps for showing up late, etc. and they still will be embarrassing. Concept was wrong from the beginning, upgrades are hit and miss every year (more miss than hit) and reliability is subpar. There's not a single hint of excellence. They were shamed by Haas for crying out loud! Anyways, all they did was show some minor improvements and a finish in the Hungary!! Last year they classified and finished 7 and 8 in that very same track!!!! Fastest lap is irrelevant, even Alonso recognized as much. That's the kind of fastest lap Kimi used to do to keep people thinking he was fast. Late in the race when nobody else is pushing. Yes, there are some minor signs of improvement but thats about it.
  8. Impressive run by Kubica, clocking 120 laps or so and ending up 6th faster with a better pace than both Nico and Jolyon during the race. He is already the best "rookie" this year, which only highlights that the latest bunches of young drivers are among the weakest (except for Verstappen, of course). K-Mag, Ericsson, Palmer, Wehrlein, Vandoorne, Stroll...they all have been mediocre, at best.
  9. People on the grandstands chanting "Kubica! Kubica!"....goosebumps. Great to have him back.
  10. Break the internet.
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    I agree that it looks ghastly and seems really uncomfortable for driving, but I guess practice will make drivers ignore its presence. As for the safety issue, these cars are not the flammable tank on wheels they used to be. Nowadays it's more of a hazard a hit to the head a la Bianchi or Grosjean trying to shave Alonso's head than a car fire. Then again, I am quite sure that (gods forbid) if there was to be a fatality due to a fire, F1 safety boffins will come up with another "definitive" safety device that will save drivers from fires, but will create a hundred new hazards...such is the way of the Formula One.
  12. Bottas...Rosberg...these guys are making Heidfeld look colorful!
  13. Kubica back to F1 is one of the best news this year, certainly. I don't know whether he will be up to his pre -rally levels, but I don't doubt he is one of those rare big talents F1 has had. In the past and one of my favorite drivers ever, we've seen promising drivers with careers cut short due to accidents. Rarely one of those had a chance for a comeback. He earned this chance himself by sheer stubborness and will, so best wishes to him.
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