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  1. Another name being thrown around is Carlos Sainz, which I think is a very commendable choice as well. The guy does not seem like a brilliant star, and has reached some sort of stable midfield rate level, but I think that Ferrari could be enough motivation to let him make the jump to a higher level of performance (hey, they thought Esteban Gutierrez was a big prospect once!). One of the most common problems with drivers these days is that most of the field is composed of confidence drivers. Perhaps not as bad as Massa in that regard, but few able to deliver no matter what a la Alonso. A problem that is only compounded by a limited testing time. Then again, if I had to choose a solid midfield driver capable of growing with enough confidence to challenge my #1 driver it would be either Sainz, Hulkenberg or Pérez. Ricciardo would be a great choice for a #1 driver in any team. Grosjean is another driver ideal to pair with Vettel in which I have perhaps an unjustified amount of optimism, if he could only get a proper car. Yes he is a bit of a jerk and his radio comments are painful to listen to. But if not being a jerk was a requisite for F1, the grid would be empty except, perhaps, for Kevin Magnussen and his oddly-shaped head.
  2. That would be very uncharacteristical of Ferrari, as they usually prefer more experienced drivers. Then again, since di Montezemolo left and the Mattiaccis and Arribavenes took over there's hardly any Ferrari DNA left. Arrivabene is not tied to any of Ferrari's "traditions" so he might as well innovate, Verstappen is certainly worth the risk.
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    From another site:
  4. Ah, those were the times... BTW, the future might also be a promise from the past. Of course, I'm talking about the return of... ROBERT KUBICA
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    Pretty much agree.
  6. Don't bring back those painful memories
  7. Last but not least: K-MAG and JOLYON PALMER What can I say? K-Mag was bad when given a chance at a better team, and sucks now in a not too shabby team. Being mediocre is in his DNA. And his skull shape is all wrong. As for Palmer, I am sure that Renault hired him only because they couldn't spell Vandoorne. Oh, yes...Stoffel... STOFFEL VANDOORNE: He was hailed as the next big thing, to the point that some people expected him to beat his teammate. Others, more reasonably, merely expected him to be at least close to be considered promising. Well, he hasn't been close in qualy, and he hasn't been close in races. If Alonso is flattering the McHonda brick, then SV certainly isn't even making it justice. Getting into a McLaren and alongside Nando of all drivers was never going to be easy, but he has not shown so far he is even a decent number 2. Shame.
  8. ESTEBAN OCON: He is getting better, and getting closer to Pérez, a driver I tend to rate rather high. But, just like the others, he hasn't yet shown enough. Canada was encouraging, though, and he DID give Verstappen a run for his money in F3, apparently. We'll see in the next few races if he has that X factor or not. As for LANCE STROLL: Ah, how has the little kid grown since his Ferrari days! Other than that, he sucks. Yeah. Even after Canada. Sucks.
  9. SAINZ, Jr.: He can be quick, he can be resourceful, he can attack, he can defend. Trouble is, he just doesn't do enough of those things in a race. And then the clumsy moves show up. Of course, we've seen better drivers make clumsier moves (See Button, above). And he is far from being the next Takuma or the next Pastor Maldonado (both in crashes and in charisma, sadly). Still, better than Kvyat, which seems to be a frustratingly inconsistent driver with more bad luck than Chris Amon. Oh, case you forgot how Takuma Sato and Pastor Maldonado looked like:
  10. WEHRLEIN: He did beat Haryanto, I give you that, and he made a Pérez-esque brilliant race at Spain with a one stop and finishing in the points. which is more that the whole McHonda team can say they did so far. Bahrain was a quiet but good race too, and Monaco...well, he certainly did a lot better than Button. But as far as brilliant moves or stroke of genius go, he hasn't show anything so far. Sauber is a crappy car, He is better than Ericsson, so he clearly is at least a competent driver. Speaking of Ericsson: ERICSSON: A driver so uninspiring, he could have been a 2016 WDC with a better car.
  11. I agree with Eric. As for your OP, I think no driver yet has shown even a glimpse of being an actual prospect. Even of any of them get any better in a better car, that would prove that they are confidence drivers. Something at Massa's level, but no HAM or ALO. Then again, people here is pitifully obsessed with Nando so lets not talk about him anymore. I will merely give you a brief impression of each one of the new (or almost new) guys.
  12. Lol the hating! Arguments couldn't be more childish. Indy was a joy to watch, even if it seemed kind of a slow burner even by F1 standards. It was great to see Sato winning. Shame to see Alonso DNF, but he was not racing there to earn some points for a championship, it was win or bust. And he was impressive by all accounts. McLaren's abysmal display at Monaco (were they used to be kings!) was more than enough proof that they did the right thing. It was uplifting for Mclaren as a whole (Zak Brown, Eric Boullier et al. didn't just go there to keep Alonso happy. It was a huge PR success by all accounts). Alonso enjoyed the extra attention, which is only fair, considering that the guy has always given just as much in return. McLaren enjoyed the extra attention, so much that they used it to compensate their sponsors giving them free space on Alonso's car to compensate for the disaster that McHonda is at the moment. Honda had Sato winning and being watched by all the world, and that can never hurt. Indy earned not just publicity outside the US, but also respect outside the US which is something the F1 superior race is not always willing to give, even after the past humbling seasons. And finally, F1 has recoverd some respect itself, though many still think it is some sort of isolated Mt.Olympus of motorsports demigods. These has brought back memories from when F1 was actually the best among other motorsports, and not just an exclusive club of mediocre drivers with money, a couple of brilliant drivers and a bunch of old farts in a sanitized circus. F1 should embrace its ties to other motorsports, not look down on them. And finally, it was damn fun!
  13. He never was and fair play to him. Taking that into account, that interview was actuallly quite flattering for the Spaniard and anything but "closing the door" for Alonso. "He (Alonso) is certainly not on our wish list. We are fully satisfied with Hamilton and Bottas," said Lauda. "But as my partner Toto Wolff has said: 'never say never'." F1 legend Lauda said he admires the move. “I am following Alonso’s adventure closely,” the Mercedes team chairman told Blick, a Swiss newspaper. “A victory at Indy is for eternity. In my time, a team would never have allowed me to go there even though I had offers,” Lauda, who drove for Ferrari and McLaren, added. “Following the race on TV is a must for me,” he added.
  14. Oh, and also...Alonso having to change his engine... Chris Medland‏ @ChrisMedlandF1 1m1 minute ago More Alonso asked if he was nervous with engine problem: "I'm used to changing engines before quali and the race!" Rossi: "It's your specialty!"
  15. Well, that qualy session was the most exciting thing I've seen in motorsports in the past 2 years, at least. Alonso 5th, of course! But also Sato! Rossi! Crazy stuff. If the actual race is half as exciting as this, it will still be something well worth it, I like it that there seems to be a good buzz among F1 and Indy fans and journalists so far (haters are part of the folklore, but the general atmosphere seems great). Hopefully there will be more of this. I'd like to watch Hamilton, Vettel or Ricciardo, I bet they would be something special (not to mention Verstappen!). And of course it would be great if FIA could find some way of letting Indy car drivers give F1 a try. I think Helio Castroneves was close to a switch with Barrichello once.
  16. Still more amazed that Bourdais is still a glass cannon. Edit: out of respect of Bourdais, who seems to have multiple fractures. Hope he gets well soon. All accidents in indy seem horrific, yet everybody seemed to be ok, I thought this was the case too.
  17. Alonso so far in the top 5 and ahead of Marco Andretti. Should I be impressed? I think so.
  18. Now that's a guy that brongs all his knowledge and experience from F1 to Indy and gives it freely. Good for Takuma! Thanks for the tip. Watching the YouTube stream was as fascinating as watching a 6-hour documentary on Ron Denis' favorite socks and shirts.
  19. Indeed. Their diplomacy skills are questionable, but their position is understandable.
  20. I was counting on your knowledge and communiaction skills to let me understand a little better the intrincacies of Indy. I watched practice today (every now and then). I found it strange that a country that loves on screen statistics and figures so much, practice was strangely devoid of any indication of speed or lap times, or the driver's preferred sock color. I am hoping that watching Alonso at Indy will be the incentive I needed to finally grasp American motorsports. I always liked that Hélio Castroneves guy. The guy is named "Helium" for christs sake! BTW, how "Satoish" is Takuma's driving style in Indy? Oh, and yes whatabunchofrednecksandhillbilliesdrivingincircles! F1 is where class is at.
  21. Hey, you keep claiming that Kimi is magic, and he has done nothing since 2007
  22. Next week Alonso will start with his free practices, and driving through traffic will be something interesting to watch, considering how good he is at that in F1. There's also a surprising amount of interest in America, considering that for the outsider Alonso has hardly done anything remarkable for the past 10 years (F1 public knows better, though). In any case, I think it will be a win win both for Indy and F1 worlds.
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