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  1. No, you cannot use different compounds. I remember Bottas being penalised for that at Williams a few years ago.
  2. English is not my first language, but even I can understand from that article that Carey's criticism is aimed more towards the current status of F1 than to Alonso
  3. Yeah I watched the ROP and their comments very much agreed with yours. Yet, they also mentioned that nobody expected him to post competitive times so soon, taking also into account that they have to rush through the programme due to the weather. They liked his methodical approach. They felt he was taking this seriously and respected that (and why shouldn't he?) Zak Brown, Mario A. and the journalist and some Bernie Ecclestone Indy Supremo kind of guy seemed truly excited about all this. Zak Brown, in particular, sounded like a kid in Christmas, he was having the time of his life. And they mentioned that ticket sales were second highest in the past 20 years, so that also helps. If this goes well (and for that Alonso doesn´t even have to win) I hope they start to coordinate calendars between top moltorsports to allow more of these moves. Sad that F1 format conspires to allowing reciprocal treatment. I don't think we'll see Graham Rahal driving a Mercedes or Ferrari car around Silverstone any time soon.
  4. That was a great ROP session, apparently. In any case evrybody seemed happy and delighted. Excited to see how this goes!
  5. 1. Alonso 2. Liuzzi 3. Carmen Jordá 4. Vandoorne 5. Max 6. Lewis 7. Ricci 8. Salma Hayek 9. Vettel 10. Sainz 11. Gastón Mazzacane 12. Massa 13+. Everybody else. Oh, and somehow a Renault will win the race. IMHO.
  6. Honda was clearly too naif or too incompetent, but those guys can learn and have more than enough backing, Honda will deliver in the end. I am sure about that, more than McLaren really delivering. Ron was always a guy with more ego than talent, and I do believe the guy was immensely talented. In the end, was too much ego and too little brain. Many signs points toward an aero deficiency on the new McLaren (as in the previous ones). Blaming just Honda is the easy way out. But De La Rosa pointed a few days ago that the car really struggles a lot and lacks downforce. They still have an uphill struggle to even get to Williams levels of performance.
  7. I don't want McLaren to become the next Mercedes. They don't really deserve it. At least they got rid of Ron, that's a step forward. I would like they could at least maintain their position in the midfield they held last year, and watch Alonso shinning more than the drivers ahead of him. That's spectacle. Also, welcome back, Caesar. Morituri te salutant.
  8. I will never forgive current F1 for allowing this guy to become a WDC. Liuzzi deserved it more.
  9. Stop this farce! F1 is not the aesthetic sport it used to be anymore. Bring back the beauty of yore!
  10. Yes but merely painting them in ugly orange does not make old Bruce come back from the grave.
  11. So, to take on the silver arrows they decided to go the path of...Arrows. I just hope the car is better than it looks.
  12. Those sidepods look menacing. Glad to see Ferrari not being predictably boring for once. Would like to see Vettel on a good car again.
  13. Best colour scheme in a while for Renault. Go, Renault!
  14. People still believing that Alonso is somehow detrimental for his teams and/or F1 in general in 2017. Bless their cottons socks.
  15. Hamilton is an egocentric douche (again, not the only one in F1) , it seems to affect his driving more than the other egocentric douches (Vettel, Alonso et al.), but he is still a great driver no matter how you measure his talent. The car made him a multi-championship winner, but it didn't make him a great driver. He always was. Bottas is one of the most uninspiring drivers since Nico, minus the charima Nico had without a doubt. Perhaps he is a confidence driver a la Massa and steps up his game. But so far he has shown nothing that hints he can beat Hamilton even in the most equalized of fields.
  16. ...and they were underwhelming the two following years with a car that even Schumi could make look anything short of disappointing. Amd that in a restrictive environment that, compared to the actual one was quite generous. Nowadays, there's no proper development. Technology race was turned into a Masterchef contest. Like Mastechef, this was a "you have one shot and **** real food this is for the show". They got neither show nor real food. Development is so restrcitive, no testing worth of that name. Teams spend millions that once went to actual car development into hiring hyper geniuses, mega wizards and 3,000 AD level simulations...and still it was just a lottery. And to make things worse, they couldnt even make a reshuffle so whoever got it right would have its advantage set in stone for generations to come. So more jumbling and fussing with the rules, and even then it took 2 years to have a half menacing RBR (still living on whatever magic Newey made in a previous Mastechef edition, plus a half decent engine). This is telling. It's been what? 6 years since the Red Bulls blossomed into magical aerodynamic arrows? And still no frigging team got the slightest idea of what they did. Not. One. Not even Merc. This is no technological race because nobody can test or actually reverse engineering anything because you just have no time, nor resources. And that has **** all to do with my initial reply. Welcome back, Maure, btw.
  17. According to this: Paddy Lowe is about to leave Mercedes, couldn't agree on a renewal. Possible replacement: Allisono but not before the end of his gardening leave, after the 2017 season start. Probable destination for Loww: McLaren. He does not want to leave England, so that rules out Ferrari.
  18. This is why you can't put Alonso in a Merc. Show is rarely improved by giving the best driver the best car. I'd rather see him in a midfield Honda.
  19. No I didn't. I don't think Ericsson is worth anything either. Nasr? Perhaps, never bothered too much. VES would be ideal. Fireworks all year round. Sainz, Perez and Hulk for some serious competition. Wehrlein and Ocon would be obvious choices. Bottas is the new Kovalainen.
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