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  1. Hey who said I would like to see more clearly the arguments of a Ferrari fan? Just kidding!
  2. As much as my point of view differs from that of goferrarigo, and as much as I know he usually has a derisive word for those criticizing MS or defending FA, I must state very strongly my opposition to any attacks based on prejudiced views against a culture or nation. I am not from India, I've never been to India (or anywhere across the ocean, for that matter) and I consider it unfair to attack someone based on his/her place of birth. It would be good to see goferrarigo being more open minded sometimes, but attacking his nationality is a much worse gaffe than any of his posts. I am from Argentina, Southamerica. I am from an underdeveloped country. My native language is Spanish which means it is harder for me to express complex concepts in English. As a matter of fact, I had to learn english mostly by myself because after studying it for one year my family had no more the money to keep supporting my english studies. I earn USD 12,000 a year. Does that means that my opinions should be disregarded because of that? None of us was born when the French Revolution ocurred. Does it means we cannot talk about it? I thouroughly enjoy the vast, complex exchange of opinions in the most diverse issues you can find in these forums (from tea to religion vs science...and that's only in recent posts). I hope that petty chauvinist wars will not obscure the purpose of the forums which are the exchange of ideas to broaden experiences and horizons, not to limit them. PS: goferrarigo, I am glad you are getting in terms with your MS Word, maybe now I will be finally will able to understand your posts. Really, sometimes I was not even sure if you were attacking or defending someone
  3. Well, that comes with the package! Anyways, I think it's very hard to balance "having personality" with "talking nonsense in front of any TV camera that is on". No, I am not talking about any particular driver, and yes, I'd rather have KR saying he went to take a s**t than hearing the usual common places in all press conferences that make them all sound the same.
  4. Great post!!! It's true, since MS the sheer personality of a driver has not played a major role, only the results. That's why the most interesting stories about F1 are in the pre-MS era. Yes they had cars and regulations that made for a much thrilling experience to watch, but also there were full of colorful, interesting personalities around which made F1 a richer world than is today. Before the MS fans start yelling against your post and bringing back the subject of FA's complaints against his team (which seems to be the answer to any critic to MS), I must, however, give Michael some credit from a non-Schumi fan. He must not have the most colorful of personalities in fact, I never understood how ppl could say he "has charisma", for me he has the charisma of a KGB chief, but truth is, there aren't many interesting characters around (yeah, I love Alonso but his personality is a shadow compared to the likes of Senna, Mansell, Gilles, Fittipaldi et al.). KR is now the most colorful guy around...that says it all...Anyways, MS has in his favour that, even though it was never a blast to hear him talk, has always avoided the "primadonna" peeves that made so many drivers annoying. I can't remember where (I think it was at planet-f1) I recently read an article about him. They brought back his rather low profile, his scandals free relationship with Corinna and I must give him credit for that. Yeah, I know that doesn't makes for a memorable character, but anyways is healthy to see a guy at the top for so long without turning into a hysterical god. He might not be the warmest of guys around, but he did build quietly a nice, harmonious life that will pay for him much more dividends than his racing career, if he keeps it like this.
  5. A toast to that! Anyways, I think Fisi's best seasons where those with Jordan, he did a more than honourable work, considering the technical limitations of his car and was excellent at defensive drivinng (remember when every top driver would tremble with fear at the prospect of starting in the middle of the pack and having to pass Fisi? Those were the days!)
  6. If i was the guy interviewing Vettel I would have said: "Don't worry, we all know you are not"
  7. Grrr...I wanted to post that article and you beat me to it! Well...I will be watching when (very soon I assume) Monteiro will go out saying "I am not the new Prost" I'd also like to add that I am not the new Einstein.
  8. [quote name='Katy H.' post='152359' date='Nov 4 2006, 12:30 PM']Ive heard about this non-spanish team thing on Tv. I think having both drivers from spain is not a bad thing... I see no prob with that...[/quote] Me neither! I would rather see an all spanish team, in fact. But the question was who I thought would get the 2nd seat, not who I'd want to [quote name='Katy H.' post='152359' date='Nov 4 2006, 12:30 PM']I was really wondering who would b the beast and who would b the beauty... It took me some time to choose... So I guess he'll have a looooong testing offseason...[/quote]
  9. Ykick, at least now there's two of you. I am all by myself in my crusade for Liuzzi!
  10. This pic shows why BMW's biggest efforts are focused on improving RK's skull aerodynamics, more than his car's.
  11. Yeah, two. Counting you.
  12. I think they would not want an all-spanish team. DLR is good, but still an average guy, it will be more marketeable to get LH even if he still is unexperienced. The champion and the young promise (as if the champion were old!). A British and a Spaniard. The Beauty and the Beast (ok, that last one was too much). They may (and I say "may") lose a few points, but they will surely win some extra millions from non-spanish sponsors,
  13. Tifosi, you are right, that's not what it says. But I just thought the mental picture was too funny, sorry! Anyways, I don't find those numbers impressive at all. Schumi WAS a powerful racer during all the championship (Monaco and some other FIA-related issues aside), I don't think anybody would refuse that, so finding some statistics favouring him above Alonso don't really prove anything. I guess Alonso must be ahead of some other statistics too (apart from the obvious). Now, if you can find one in which Ide rules that would be worth sharing!
  14. I watched the footage carefully, but I still think my favorite tea is Earl Grey.
  15. Oh yes, I can see through my windows the hordes of tifossis celebrating as MS won the most desired title in the F1 world: Best Average Qualifying Position!!! Congratulations Michael!
  16. Ok, not too much to say about this subject, really, but for some irrational reasons (one of them, I'm sure is that Rubens is from Brazil) I kinda like the guy. Even when he raced for Ferrari. I just find interesting how strongly our own biasing modifies our perceptions. I think almost no one would rank Rubens above Felipinho nowadays, even when Rubens performed as flawlessly as Massa did at Interlagos many times in the past, racing for Ferrari. If the current Barrichello is the same guy that raced for Ferrari in the past (meaning, this isn't his evil twin) I think that the dip in performance must really be more related to the car-driver connection than to the actual driving skill of Rubens. Now, if that is caused because the Honda team did not a good job or because Rubens failed at adapting is an entirely different matter. But I would not doubt of Rubens driving skills, at least no more than I would doubt about Massa's.
  17. Can we safely asume that the number of posts about tea in this topic is an indication of how interesting we found the initial proposition?
  18. Er...I never meant that Alonso doesn't makes mistakes. Maybe the fact that I highlited the whole phrase made you think that I do, but I don't. His problems at China this year were at least partially his fault, to name an example. He does, though, make fewer mistakes than most drivers. I think Alonso is the best driver, but he is not perfect (thanks god, it would be too boring any other way). For the purpose of understanding my previous post, just assume i highlited the phrase strting from "...but I have yet to see..."
  19. very true! His best performance in that sense was Suzuka 05 when he started in 19th place and ended 3rd. But P19 iss not a P20-P22 start...Of course, the fact that he never started in P20-P22 since he had a competitive car may explain at least some of that "lack of performance" don
  20. Err...maybe I am getting you wrong but, are you trying to say that Alonso does not get focused of friving because he is too focused on whinning? (Yeah, I know "You said it, not me") If there is one thing no one can blame Alonso of is of not being fully concentrated while driving. That's something he shares with MS, btw. Yet, at least this year FA seemed more concentrated than MS. His angry expressions at some interviews and press conferences can't erase the wonderful display of talent he gives on the track. Would be like saying "Because I think Schumacher's ethics were shady, his talent as a driver was below that of Monteiro's"
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