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  1. Rate The Drivers - 2006

    Alonso-25 Fisichella- 9 M.Schumacher- 4 Massa- 1 Raikkonen-21 Montoya- 6 De La Rosa-20 Button-10 Barichello-18 Heidfeld-19 Villeneuve-3 Kubica-23 Trulli-12 R.Schumacher-2 Coulthard-13 Klien-11 Webber-22 Rosberg-14 Liuzzi-24 Speed- 7 Albers- 8 Monteiro- 5 Sato- 16 Yamamoto- 15 Montagny- 17
  2. 2006 Statistics!

    I agree it won't be easy. But 7 non-finishes were caused by crashes, something Alonso is not so prone to. Also, they will all be using Bridgestone tyres which will level things a lot. Those rare times when the Mercedes engine did not broke, or when KR or JPM did not crash the car against some wall (or Liuzzi's car) they did perform a good job. I don't think it will be enough to pose a threat to Ferrari, even if I dearly hope so, but I still think Alonso may snatch some victories next year. I think Renault and McLaren will battle for 2nd place in WCC.
  3. "Most Successful" vs "Best"

    OK, this is my first post and will not be a short one, and I apologize for it. First, I confess I am a devoted fan of Alonso and Renault, and next year my heart will be split in two. I hope my previous sentence does not discourage the MS/Ferrari fans to continue reading with an open mind what I am trying to convey. I have noticed that many MS fans usually start chanting all the records that Schumi broke as soon as one starts a conversation over drivers talents. Same happens with other drivers (Ayrton comes to mind and, yes, even Alonso fans sometimes do that too) I think there is a confussion between being the most successful driver in F1 history (and you have to be a royal imbecile not to concede that title to MS) but that does not necesarily means he MUST be the best driver. Ford Model T or VW Beetle were the most succesful cars...would you buy any of those above any other? Ok, a lame comparison, i know Anyways, I think without any doubt that MS was a great, great driver. A legend, no doubt (yeah, I hate his guts but I am not blind) Yet, I weigh the following characteristics when trying to judge how good was he: Negative 1) He had a car far above the others by any standards (I think Ferrari's domination was like no other in previous F1 eras) Question here would be: Could any other driver do the same, provided he had the same car? My guess is that Ide would have not but certainly Alonso has the cold blood to control a race in a much superior car (like he proved in oh so many boring races lately) 2) He had everyone in his team and a team mate ready to serve him as a King. An advantage no other driver had. JPM and KR fought bitterly and FA had Fisi (enough said...) 3) Cheating was not something he did once or twice (like Ayrton, Alonso, Prost, Villeneuve...) sometimes it was frighteningly close to a modus operandi. This is the saddest part. I will never know why he did all these "debatable manoeuvres" (ahem) He did not need them to win...he could have easily broke 90% of the records he break and won at least 6 championships without needing to cheat even once. He had the talent and the car. Yet, he did and forced left many MS fans to try to explain the unexplainable. And no, I do not think the will to win is enough excuse for cheating. Otherwise it would be as good to carry a gun and start shooting all the opposition before the race starts. 4) He was never good (at least since the Benetton days) at being in the middle of the pack. Interlagos amazing recovery from the back was possible largely because 80% of the cars he passed moved swiftly of the way to avoid any controversy. Against the only 3 that tried to fight him he almost lost his car (Fisi, Kubica and Kimi). In that respect, I find it much better the recovery of Button (a guy I like even less than MS) which had to fight his way up. Not to mention Taku who really shined. Positive: 1) He rarely made mistakes. This year Alonso won because he made fewer mistakes (leaving aside any other considerations) Schumi always gave a lesson on how to control everything: driving, tyre temperature, pit stops, strategy changes. He was the best at that, no question! 2) He had everyone commited to him, but because he also gave it all back. All us poor non MS lovers are always amazed at the dog like faithfulness of his pit crew, teammates and fans. But I must concede he won it all and worked hard to earn that faithfulness. 3) He never gave up. Yes, that made him cheat 10% of the time but that also made him win the remaining 90% I will never forgive him for cheating, but I will never be so close minded as to not see his greatness beyond that. 4) He had "it". No matter the car, no matter the particular conditions of a race, if you are a true F1 fan (not an MS or FA or whoever fan) you will notice that some drivers have an edge that none of the other mortal drivers can achieve. MS had it, FA certainly has it, Ayrton, Fangio, G.Villeneuve had it too. I think Kubica may have it and I hope (ok this is totally irrational, I know) that Vitantonio Liuzzi has it too (Yeah, you do not need glasses, i wrote V.Liuzzi! And no, I am not even italian!) Ok i wrote too much and again I am sorry. Conclusion: was Schumi the most succesful driver? what? Hell yeah. Was he the best? Mmmmh...I do not think so but he was certainly at the very very top (darn him!) All I know is that I never hated a driver as much as i hated him, but I will say goodbye to you, Michael cheater-spoiled-tenacious-talented Schumacher with a standing ovation. You deserve no less.
  4. Which Driver(s) Will Win At Least One Race In 2007?

    (When i said "all kinds of silly predictions" I didn't mean that literally, you know?)
  5. "Most Successful" vs "Best"

    The Nascar comment was a joke, albeit a lame one, I admit. Spa '00 is the only thrill I ever had watching Mika race, as far as I recall, at least. He was very good, though, I think nobody denies that. Just not as fun to watch.
  6. "Most Successful" vs "Best"

    That about sums up what I thought when I read that post (except the English teacher part, mine was Spanish and an old hag) Having been a fan of both Ayrton and Gilles when both died, I will never understand all the people that now says "Now that MS left I will no longer watch F1"...gee I am glad I didn't quit when Gilles died. And I agree with Bajo too, never understood where was the magic in Mika's driving. What about Schumi, Montoya AND Villeneuve in NASCAR?
  7. Testing Stats 2006

    Hehehe...I would like to see Piquet Jr in a Renault for the same reasons. On second thoughts...I would like to see him running for any other team except Renault. If he is anything like Piquet Sr. then it would be fun to see him getting off the car and start delivering blows to everyone around him. Fun, but nothing I would like to see in MY favourite team. I haven't seen that much of HK so I am in no position to judge him, from the little I saw, he seems very promising, though. GO RENAULT, GO! GO ALONSO, GO! GO, LIUZZI, GO! Ahh...the best years of F1 are still to come!
  8. Dissection Of A Rookie

    Er...i guess i came to this topic in a bad moment but... 1) Kubica without a doubt was impressive. Do not compare him against Nico, or Speed. Compare him against someone like Ralph who earns millions more and has a lot more experience...enough said. (Don't give me the qualy, best lap, etc. data...they have different cars...just watch them drive!) 2) Nico made many rookie's mistakes. He seems to have the potential but seems still green compared with Kubica. 3) Ide...poor Ide! All I can argue in his favour is that he seemed more reluctant than his team about accepting the job in the first place. Ralph, again, pulled some shunts that were close to those of Ide, and walk away indemned! 4) Speed vs Liuzzi vs NK (?) vs rest of the world: just after a grudge reply to Cavallino in another topic, I find myself agreeing with him here: Liuzzi seems much better than Speed for me. Oh yes, he is not spectacular, he is not as fast, but he is more consistent and less prone to crashes. If to win a race the first thing you must do is finish it, then Liuzzi is closer to do that than Speed. And he did drive a spectacular race at Indy this year. He is not as marketeable as Speed but he did a nice job (let's not forget that under all the fancy colors its a Minardi these guys are handling!) Speed is not bad, mind you, just not as mature as a driver. (And yes!!! I am biased!!! I am not objective!!! Don't you dare accusing me of something I already admitted!)
  9. What Do You Do For A Living?

    I work for an American eye-care company. I am in charge of the imports/exports department. Thrilling, isn't it? Argento, country fellow man, I think you and I should team up and start working on the Gabriel Mazzacane's shrine. The world deserves to know! Even Schumacher praised him (he said "Gabriel speaks very good spanish")
  10. "Most Successful" vs "Best"

    Agree 100% with your appreciation, Bajo. Also, Dribbler's post left me thinking that we could work on some simple guidelines for comparing drivers trying to diminish biasing as much as possible (I know it can't be totally eliminated) As a matter of fact, I watched the Interlagos Grand Prix once again and i was amazed at how distorted my recall of MS performance was. I did not recall the true fight he posed to make his way up to 4th. I recalled his mistakes, though. Memory is a tricky thing. It is not enough to make me switch from FA to MS, mind you but still... Cavallino, you deserve a longer reply, sorry. But I am still trying to find where I said my approach was "objective". I am an Alonso fan!!!! Biased as it was, was more moderate than yours, I am sorry to say.
  11. Reject Of The Race: Brazilian GP

    Coz someone has to.
  12. Reject Of The Race: Brazilian GP

    Well...er....yes, but-but-but...oh what the heck!
  13. Reject Of The Race: Brazilian GP

    I will have to stand for Fisi here. Do you think a guy that missed the entrance into the Senna "S" so horribly (even if Schumacher's pressure forced the error) to think he could have so graciously grazed MS's tyre??? Anybody who thinks he did it intentionally is giving him too much credit, i think. I voted Rosberg too. Reasons are obvious. Liuzzi underperfomed against Speed due to the damage from his previous scratch, he managed to bring the car home nonetheless. You mess with Liuzzi, you mess with me! (sorry, got carried away)
  14. "Most Successful" vs "Best"

    (Don't expect as much writing as I am doing now in future posts lol) I never intended to pose an objective view on the MS vs FA issue. Far from it, the first thing I stated was my personal favorite, just so you can weigh my sayings against my personal tastes. Not the most objective of the approaches, i know. I just wanted it to be as sincere as possible. I didn't intend to give you the truth about Schumacher, just a glimpse of what a non-MS fan thinks about him. Like you, and most people I read in the forums (I've been reading them for quite some time before daring to write) I try to be as moderated as possible. And yes, I might be a Renault fan and an Alonso fan, but above all I am an F1 fan and I had never had any scruples criticizing Alonso's outbursts or Briatore's childish attacks . Again, thank you very much for your kindness, I've learned a lot from reading these forums and you people! My next topic will be: "Vitantonio Liuzzi: the man behind the Legend"
  15. "Most Successful" vs "Best"

    Ouch. Well, of course I am being subjective. That is why firstly I stated that I was an Alonso/Renault fan, so you could know from which point of view I was speaking. This is no exact science and personal feelings play a big role in these judgements. MS is not the best driver FOR ME. Was Ayrton better than Prost? Ascari or Graham Hill better than Fangio? Yoong better than Karthikeyan? Who knows for sure! But it is fun to discuss it, nonetheless I am sure I will not regard MS as the best driver of all times compared to the likes of Ayrton, Prost, Villeneuve Sr. and FA (the Fantastic Four, for me) But that is a personal choice based only partially on cold facts. About the word "spolied", well...you said my personal feelings clouded my judgement, and it seems the same can be said of you, with all respect. That last phrase was a sort of "ha-ha, only serious" expression of the mixed emotions MS causes. BTW, by "spoiled" I meant "spoiled by his team", maybe its an unfortunate choice of words (english is not my native language, as you may have noticed ) I never meant to judge his upbringing (his parents worked hard to help him through his younger years at kart, that much I know)
  16. "Most Successful" vs "Best"

    Many thanks for the encouraging words and welcomes! I was truly afraid all the replies I would get would be something like "Shut up, n00b!". Regarding some of the objections you made to my post: 1) Schumacher being a great driver in his first times at Ferrari: conceded! True, the Ferrari sucked at the time yet he made it shine nonetheless. Point for him. 2) His middle pack skills: I knew that would cause some controversy. Personally, I always felt that other drivers were always hesitant to put up a good fight against him (except a a handful, most notably JPM in an almost primitive way!) But, like I said, I am an Alonso's fan and maybe I am biased by that. Its a matter of opinion. 3) Jemstride's objections: You are correct, he earned that support, and that is why I put that characteristic both in the negative side and in the positive side. Let me make this clear, I do not consider a bad side of MS having all the team behind him. I put that as a negative characteristic only because it distorted his performance when compared with other drivers who had to fight against the opposition AND his own team. Once again, yes, he EARNED that support and FA must learn that if he wants to succeed at McLaren. Wez and goferrarigo: Thank you very much! And yes, I will support Alonso through good times and bad times! Same goes for Renault!