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  1. Rosberg Retires....

    No I didn't. I don't think Ericsson is worth anything either. Nasr? Perhaps, never bothered too much. VES would be ideal. Fireworks all year round. Sainz, Perez and Hulk for some serious competition. Wehrlein and Ocon would be obvious choices. Bottas is the new Kovalainen.
  2. Rosberg Retires....

    If they go for a more natural, less stressful #1 & #2 driver's doctrine, then any of the younguns could fit the bill, except Gutiérrez (worthless as they come), Magnussen (wrong head shape) and whoever drives a Sauber. If they are going for big names: Vettel. Button, perhaps. Vettel is great in a great car (not so much when the car isn't great, surprisingly). If he can adapt, he can run circles around Hamilton. Hamilton has the advantage of being great no matter what kind of car he gets, when his mood allows him to. Alonso? Nah. He works great while being a clear #1 or with a more harmonious teammate like Jenson. And I want to see him winning his 3rd championship the hard way, not with a car that wins by default. That would be too boring.
  3. Rosberg Retires....

    And so it begins...
  4. Rosberg world champion at last.

    At least some decent suspense in what was one of the most underwhelming winners of one of the most underwhelming championships in recent memory. Still I'd rather have Rosberg as a champion than the obvious Lewis. In the end, none of them comes out a better legend outside the confines of their respective countries. Lewis is still a guy more prone to ruin his talent by his teenage heart-throb antics than make use of it when all he had to do for the past years is to beat Nick Heidfeld's little clone. There is no glory in "recovering drives" from last position when your car could easily do that and lap the entire field even when driven by a moderately competitive driver. Neither is much glory in "commanding drives from the front". Massa did that for petessake! I found them boring and disappointing when my boy Alonso pulled them in the old Renault days. So yeah, reliability might have hurt him, but so did his usual inconsistency, even if he got a lot better (then again, in these Mercedes!) So...Nico...yeah. Geez that guy is not exactly lightning fast is he? Nor is he apparently a great setup guy, nor a fine driver (he does at least one off track excursion or some other mistake. In every. Single. Race. Oh yeah, he comes about as a little less of a douche than Lewis, or at least he fakes it better. But being douches is not a mortal sin as most of them are and every single F1 legend probably was (yes, including Senna and that didn't diminish his legend did it?). In short. I don't think Rosberg is an underserved champion when compared with this year's Lewis. But this year we've seen greater drives from many, many other drivers down the field. Drivers I consider did a better job than the two champions? Alonso (of course! now and ever!) Ricciardo, Verstappen, Button, Pérez, Hulk, Wehrlein, Kimi (yeah, even him! Un-be-lie-va-ble). I can't add Vettel because I expected a lot more than him, even considering Ferrari at their usual levels of incompetence. But even he was no less than Rosberg.
  5. McLaren Honda Doomed To Fail

    Precisely. Dennis is talking about TAG Group (Mansour Ojjeh's group) which owns part of McLaren. That group is no longer related to Tag Heuer (the RBR sponsor).
  6. McLaren Honda Doomed To Fail

    Errr...nope. AFAIK Tag Heuer (the watchmaker company) is a RBR sponsor, and used to be a McLaren sponsor. However, Tag Heuer is no longer part of TAG Group, the holding that controls McLaren through Ojjeh.
  7. Brazil 2016

    That was impressive, but those overtakings on the outside, oh boy! The kid has it.
  8. Brazil 2016

    Well, actually...Alonso's drive looked quite ordinary compared to Max today, and I have no problem admitting it.
  9. Brazil 2016

    I am glad I finally found a driver to follow besides Alonso who is close to retirement. Max. No more doubts. That spoilt kid made all the field look like old ladies (except Alonso and his most excellent recovery drive of course :p). Max, I salute you. Here's my biggest compliment: you are nothing like your Dad.
  10. '16 Mexican Grand Prix (Guessing game)

    Ah the straw man, yes.
  11. '16 Mexican Grand Prix (Guessing game)

    This forum needs more people impersonating Michael Schumacher in the nude.
  12. '16 Mexican Grand Prix (Guessing game)

    Suddenly Kimiliebers sound almost like reasonable people.
  13. http://motor.as.com/motor/2016/10/27/formula_1/1477534410_029992.html I'm still wondering if I should bother replying the unavoidable "that survey means nothing" posts that will follow.
  14. '16 Mexican Grand Prix (Guessing game)

    Heheh you're doing a great job!
  15. '16 Mexican Grand Prix (Guessing game)

    This is wonderful.
  16. '16 Mexican Grand Prix (Guessing game)

    “I heard what Vettel said on the radio but I don’t make an issue out of it,” Alonso said. “He’s living a very frustrating period, for himself and for Ferrari, so we have to forgive him.” Alonso, the man. http://www.gptoday.com/full_story/view/585864/Alonso_sympathises_with_Vettel_forgives_idiot_outburst/
  17. USA GP 2016

  18. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

    I would have loved to see Button also there. The guy finally impressed me this year.
  19. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

    Oh shut up. Nobody will take seriously a guy that has a picture of the infamous monosyllabic car breaker.
  20. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

    Can't multiquote so here we go: @ Sakae: Brad and I have been fighting for years, mostly because I am right and he is not. I see you chose the wrong path as well. My condolences. @ Emmcee: Indeed it was a great start. I also usually enjoy Vettel's fighting spirit (but he really doesn't seem to be his usual self lately), Ricciardo as a whole package, Max's craziness, despite the hype and despite being many times the wrong option at least brought some entertainment to the most boring period in F1 since the early 2000s. I like Hamilton, even if a showman and in a car that wins by default. He would shine so much more in a lower car. I think there are some rather talented midfield drivers which has not been exactly the norm in the past few years with guys like Bottas, Hulk and Perez. And, of course, watching Kimi fail is priceless
  21. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

    Yeah, yeah, cry me a river Watch and learn, boy:
  22. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

    Hehehe http://www.f1technical.net/news/21040