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  1. Basically, we keep him around because he provides us good insights on American racing series, and because we still haven't found out how could we ban him forever.
  2. Welcome aboard Mr.Silver Arrows. It will be interesting to see your opinions supporting McLaren while disliking Hammy and supporting Nando even while he attacks McLaren (I'll bet he will) Don't look at me like that, there are weirder characters than me around here!
  3. I love you too. Let's shave our armpits and exchange body fluids. (I proposed the same to B-Man, I know...I just hope somebody sometime somewhere will accept my proposal)
  4. This is a test. You must bear with our twisted sense of humour, don't worry! By the way, good to have another Fisichella fan around here.(No, I am not the other one, but you will spot him easily, believe me)
  5. You probably won't, but the good news is it will cost you no money, either! Welcome around, Meatball! Grab a chair and start babbling!
  6. Something to prevent deepthroating. It's quite obvious.
  7. Sajfo, a fan of Renault and Kova huh? That more than compensates your dislike for Nando and, could you not like Liuzzi?? Everybody loves Tonio!!!! Well, anyways, welcome! Renault fans are always a great addition here! Liuzzi? Pffft...
  8. Not sure about important, but darn brave, at least! Oh yes, welcome and all that jazz, by the way.
  9. Have a great day and hurry back to the forums!!!!

  10. A pig's orgasm can last for 30 minutes...which is no small feat, considering that the pig must reach orgasm while having sex with another pig.
  11. I think looks are not important. Cash, now that's vital! Beauty fades away with age. A healthy bank account does not. I'm incurably romantic, I know.
  12. Oh well...I've been thinking about commenting this with a few members but I might as well say it now thath the ocasion arose: I was thinking on making some kind of end-of season awards for posters. Obvious categories like the Flaming or Troll Award etc, but mostly some crazier ones (sorry, I lack the wits to make some as examples but you all get the idea, right?) P.S: Not sure I wanna go for the "Trumps Award"
  13. Darn Wez, he came back just to steal my thunder (BTW, what the heck does "trump" mean? I am not getting the jokes)
  14. You are jealous...neener neener! By the way: you can get the Quiet One official T-shirt for less than U$S 20.- (U$S 19.99). Send check or money order to the "Save Quiet One from Extinction!" Foundation.
  15. Wooohoo!! I have a fan club! Thank you angie and welcome aboard. Remember, don't let those guys trick you with their arguments. Just remember that I am always right, even when I am wrong!
  16. Great to see you back! Was getting difficult to fight the Ferrari hordes!
  17. Yes! Stop this third degree! I fantasize about twin bisexual ladies and...oh, you were talking to Murray...nevermind. By the way, you didn't read any of this.
  18. Only the members? What about the rest of their bodies?
  19. I don't know you, but I already like you! Welcome aboard!
  20. true! Except I doubt that adressing me in any way can be considered an honor! It's ok, you can always adress me as The Almighty Master of the Whole Universe and Surroundings.
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