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  1. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

    They are not that far apart, Button encountered traffic in what could have been his fastest lap. Also, upgrades are mostly about some lightweight components and such, not so much on performance so the gains aren't that great anyways. In any case both drivers are performing quite great and I wasn't comparing Alonso with Button, so the defensive tone surprised me. I am just glad to see them both closer to the top places. Also, McLaren usually tries upgrades in one car first. In this case, both will use the old engine (without upgrades) for the race, so other than testing some changes sooner and a 30 place penalty, there will be no real benefits for Alonso for this race. JB has a real shot for a Q3 place, whereas Alonso will start dead last even if his qualy is outstanding, so you could say that JB is the one receiving "preferential treatment". Personally, I doubt any of them is receiving any sort of preference, none of them seem too unhappy, all things considered. And both performed quite great this year, with the means at their disposal.
  2. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

  3. 2016 Kuala Lumpur

    Hehehe. WintALONSO IS COMING.
  4. Schumacher

    There are always to sides for these coins: 1) Yes, private life is, by definition, private. So the Schumachers are fully entitled to keep it that way, should they wish so, and if I was a judge I would enforce such right above everything else. 2) On the other hand, Schumi's career, the resources obtained by such career and the resulting private life he got from that came from being a public sports figure. Not merely racing, but fame were his trading goods. He lived and thrived from being exposed. Yes, he tried to keep his privare life as private as possible, which is commendable, but not always possible. You are a sports hero, you are loved by millions, you want it...and those millions want more. Do they have the right? Probably not, but it doesn't matter. It's at least too optimistic to think that you really can decide when to be a public figure and when you can merely close the door and leave the world behind. Do the public have any rights? Nope. Will the public still demand to know about Schumi? Yes. I understand the family's position, not wanting to expose the private Shumi they know. But the public wants to know about the public Schumi they knew and love, and I think a wise strategy (from their lawyers, from Sabine Kehm or whoever coudl do that) would have been to acknowledge that millions wanted to know (and most of them because the genuinely cared), so telling "something" is better than going around saying "everything they say is made up".
  5. Germany - 2016

    Bashing a driver for being a "primadonna" or a "whiner" is one of the laziest ways of justifying our own prejudices. And yes, the counterpart is saying "he spoke his mind" when the "primadonna" or "whiner" is someone we like. In the end, is all about the driving. Whining, being egotistical and moody is something almost no driver can escape and rarely affects negatively their driving skills. Even Dan (sorry) has been grumpy as of late. Alonso is sarcastic, Vettel is angry, Lewis cries, Rosberg yells, Kimi groans and complains. And so did Ayrton, Prost, Lauda, Piquet, Schumacher, etc. And I don't think complaining more or less had any impact on their driving. Alonso and Vettel cried like babies all during their 2014 Silverstone battle. And only mediocre idiots would focus on their insults and not enjoy one of the finest battles we had in recent times. Choose your favorite driver and your most hated driver and do the same excercise. You will enjoy F1 a lot more if you don't watch it as some soap opera/big brother feature but as a pure skill and techincal spectacle (with funny, funny soap opera bits!)
  6. So who is the Fourth Best Driver in F1?

    On raw talent: Kimi As an overall package: Jenson (even I am amazed for including this guy, but even if ALO is not at his best, he is still no slouch, and still there's barely anything between these two. Perhaps his career hasn't been as uninspiring as I thought it was). Everybody else has either not been subject to as many changes in conditions, rules, etc. as these, so it makes for difficult comparisons (VES, SAI and RIC) or they did, but they are simply more or less awful (MAS, ROS). PER and HUL are other two good drivers, simply not good enough when compared to the old guys.
  7. Baku - Not Needed !

    Well...thanks...but your av is still ugly!
  8. Baku - Not Needed !

    Safety evolves and adapts to the new risks. Before the 80s, your biggest risk was being trapped in what esentially was a fuel bomb with wheels. That is not the case anymore. Cars barely ever catch fire, and when they do, they usually spread slowly enopugh to give time for the driver to get out of the car. On the other hand, the biggest accidents in the past years were related to the exposed parts of the body in a car, i.e.: the head, mostly. Massa's eye and Bianchi's and De Villota's heads. You can never prevent all accidents, because impredictability is inherent to accidents. So, the sensible thing to do, and it is being done, is to focus on what is the most probable scenario and try to prevent that one. Nowadays, head protection is a bigger priority, precisely because past development minimized the usual sight of a fireball down the main straight. Is halo ugly? So was the HANS device, yet probably saved us the sight of many drivers on wheelchairs paralized from the waist down in the past years. This is a risky sport, but using that as an excuse for recklessness or disregard for peoples' lives is plain stupid. I like how many fans want drivers to take unnecessary risks just so they can watch them sitting on their couchs and still say they feel sorry Ayrton is dead.
  9. Baku - Not Needed !

    Oh, you don't want to go there, mister! What I could tell you about Dale would chill your blood. BTW, do you really think K-Mag is human? With THAT head? K-Mag is not a nickname, oh no! Is actually like our John Smith, if you live in certain parts of Alpha Centauri. But I already said too much. Thank god I am much smarter than "they". Oh, wait, a black van just parked outside my house and some nice guys seem to be coming to my door. I am sure they wan
  10. Baku - Not Needed !

    Bianchi is not dead. He was abducted by a secret cabal of aliens that look just like us, except they all wear Groucho glasses. Their mothership is buried below Baku. That's why they have to race there. The mothership is like a giant pair of Grocuho glasses fueled by some fuel that is known ind their language, by an astonishing coincidence, as "fuel". If only you poor mortals knew! I cannot say anymore. They know who I am. They know who you are. Run.
  11. Teammate War - Who's Winning ?

    The team seems to be undergoing one of their famous crysis in which everybody yells "stay calm", yet nobody does, and then they start firing random people until moral improves. I agree, Jock Clear has not brought any major improvements in streamlining the process. And if I had to put a name on what Vettel lacks this year compared with last year it would be "confidence in his team". Then again, I must warn you that I am an Alonso partisan, so my views are biased
  12. Teammate War - Who's Winning ?

    Most of his underperformance this year comes to an awful car and a rather ineffective team. Luck didn't seem to be on his side either. That means worse results. Other than that, he just seems more frustrated than relentless this year, not based on any hard fact, but more on feelings I pull out of my behind. I don't think he is less talented or that his time has passed, of course. Just like this year he does not look as hungry as last. Maybe merely because of the car (but last year's car was no WCC material, either). Just a feeling that he could give more than he did so far.
  13. Teammate War - Who's Winning ?

    Haas: Grosjean. Even though consistency is not his strongest point, Gutiérrez non-recoverable mediocrity will more than compensate for it. EG is a nice guy, and probably among the most polite and patient off the track. But he is useless, let's face it. Manor: Mom, look whose pre-F1 reputation meant Sh#t when he started racing in a F1 enviroment! Yup, even considering the car is even worse than an old time Minardi, Pascal has barely kept ahead of Rio Haryanto. On both drivers' defense, you can say that they tend to crash a lot less than your average Minardi driver. Pascal edges it, but just so. McLaren: Surprised at how close is this one. McHonda is a mess of a car, so results are many times down to who gets lucky and who doesnt with the car, but still JB is really really close to FA. I think FA has the edge as he is ahead in races when both of them managed to get to the finish line. But this is the first teammate that you can honestly say that matched Nando, besides Lewis, and this is no 2007 with an exasperated Alonso sabotaging himself. No, Trulli was never close. Kudos to JB and I like the pairing. Sauber: Who gives a Sh#t? Both drivers and the team are a waste of space and breathable air. The fact that Giedo Van Der Garde would have been a more charismatic option speaks volumes. STR: Sainz could be the next Kubica, if properly groomed. Or the next Heidfeld, if not. And Kvyat is also very talented. Too bad STR-RBR is managed like a kindergarden. Sainz ahead for obvious reasons. Renault: another weak pairing. Jolyon Palmer is out of his depth. Magnussen has a weird head. None of them impressed me much, if at all. Magnussen ahead, but nothing to brag about. Pains me to see my favorite team with such a mediocre line-up. Get Maldonado back and Nelsinho and let´s make some noise! Force India: the exact opposite of Renault. Nico is strong, and so is Sergio. Nico is fast, Sergio is patient. I'd say they are both tied. They complement each other nicely. RBR: Dan is the man. But Max is the...err...wax? Ricci is ahead and is doing great, but Max lacks any sense of being humble and will race him to the end, talent is not something he lacks. Ricciardo is showing some signs of feeling the pressure. Will he crumble? Will Max's arrogance be his downfall? Fascinating struggle. So far, Ricci is ahead, no contest. Williams: a car that goes backwards, driven by drivers that go backwards. Bottas manages to be even worse than Massa, that is never a good sign. Massa is his usual self. Hard working, unlucky, not very talented but dedicated and with loads of experience. Bottas is...the guy that is not quite like Massa. Massa stays ahead, all things considered. Bottas is an also ran. Ferrari: . Vettel ahead. Kimi closer this year, but that's because Vettel is worse tan last year. Seb already sounds as frustrated as Nando sounded in 2014 over the radio. And he has every right to be so. The team lacks talent off the track as well. Seb is One of the top 3, no doubt about it. But that's not enough to bring a team around. Kimi...oh well...he is a trending topic on wheels, he brings a faithful fanbase but that's it. And Vettel and Arri like him because he doesnt give a Sh#t. When your team likes you because of that you know that there's not exactly much confidence on you becoming the next WDC. More like the team's pet. Massa was cheaper, more consistent and probably as fast in his days but who would buy his t-shirts? Merc: Nico can win this WDC, but only because Yuji Ide could win in a Merc, provided that your teammate is not as good. Lewis is a top driver. Nico is not, was not and will not ever be. He is really nice, he speaks many languages including a more than acceptable Spanish. But he is a mediocre driver. And the worst part is that he knows it. Lewis can sabotage his career all he wants with Justin Bieber and Roger Rabbit. He has enough raw talent to compensate for a somewhat unfocused F1 career. But Nico? He is not fast, makes too many unforced errors (so does Lewis, btw...Merc's superiority masks many of these drivers current flaws), he does not excel in any category. Lewis is a showman, yes, but when he races, he is masterful. Lewis wins this by default.
  14. 2016 Canada - Race No. 7

    Best race of the year, for me. Will be watching the hairpin as lately has been a place of great comedy value.
  15. Should Lewis Hamilton Start To Worry ?

    This. /Internet
  16. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    Good to hear from you too! And yes, can't help but be impressed by the kid. Liuzzi would have clubbed his kneecaps, like a true racer!
  17. 2016 Spain - Race. No. 5

    That would be nice of you, Chris! Amd my gf will be happy as she is of gypsy origins as well Guess that Max is going to be my next Alonso, then!
  18. 2016 Russia - Race No. 4

    Go Kvyat, my man.
  19. F1 Today Is Boring, Dull And Uninteresting

    Drivers (most of them) also make a statement. http://formulaspy.com/formula-1/formula-1-news/gpda-calls-change-f1-governance-24178
  20. How Much Have Mclaren Improved?

    http://www.sportsmole.co.uk/formula-1/ferrari/news/2015-ferrari-built-for-raikkonen_219734.html You are welcome
  21. Mclaren Red And White.

    McLaren weren't black. They were "predatory grey". No, seriously.
  22. Magnussen To Take Maldonado's 2016 Seat?

    My sentiments, exactly. Except you failed to mention that Magnussen also has a weird head shape which only makes things worse.
  23. Kubica

    One of the very few "different" drivers that came up in F1 in the past 20 years. And the others are all WDCs (Schumi, Alonso, Vettel and Hamilton). What a shame.
  24. Kubica

    No, I didn't Anyways, you ignored the most important in that post: the video! You can make your own selection of top kimi-like drivers if you want to: Kimi, Ide, Mazzacane, Pastor Maldonado and the like