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  1. I am an Alonso fan!! And I only watch Schumi's vids on Youtube when I need to learn proper parking techniques
  2. Hi there John, you arrived in a slow day There has been some forum maintenace undergoing so it has been offline. You will soon see it is usually more crowded than today. Good to see another Alonso fan around btw. Like dinosaurs we seem to be bound to become extinct lately Last year the hero, this year the villain...that's the way it goes!
  3. The word you were looking for was "wig" Oh, and Paul & will pay for this!!!
  4. Afaid you may have hit her without knowing she had a bf? You old Casanova, you!
  5. *mumbles something about another bloody ferrari fan joining the forum* Ahem, welcome! Nice interests you posted in your profile (at first I read "astrology" instead of "atsronomy" and almost had a stroke!) I think you will get along fine with us, specially with Murray Walker (the original, not the impersonator you watch on TV). You will find we are all a bunch of freaks, and you know what? I love it being that way! BTW I think it's time for someone else to do a guide to our most representative members! I did one once, albeit uncomplete and incorrect as I've been here for not too long at the time. Somebody make an updated version!
  6. Don't worry, It'll go away Just kidding, welcome to this humble Forum!
  7. Quiet One

    F1 Videos

    Geez, even as an Alonso fan I must say that NH's move was beautiful! (and the comments are from Fox Sports Latin's an argentinean guy speaking, Fernando Tornello )
  8. Quiet One

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    Ahhh now it's crystal clear for me!
  9. Quiet One

    F1 Videos

    Took a little research but here are my findings: Driver: Alain Castellana Norma M20, 794 Lbs without engine, 1,334 lbs total. 3 liter BMW inline 6 [email protected] Course: Gemenos-LaBaume, France 2005 (He was the winner) Cheers!
  10. Keep them good posts coming! Cheers!

  11. Quiet One

    F1 Videos

    I was just kidding. In fact it was one of the most brilliant displays from MB. And yes, that Brabham was a piece of junk! I wouldn't have used it to go grocery shopping!
  12. Quiet One

    F1 Videos

    (Guess this is not a good time to bring back the fact that he ended up 2 laps behind Senna...)
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