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  1. Every once in a while Alonso makes a good career decision. And when he does is good news for motorsport, as he is one of very few motorsport legends still active. Daytona was witness of that. Both his stints in the dry and under an atrocious rain were fast, relentless and technically almost perfect. They should rename the chicane to "Alonso's Chicken", he was THAT good outbreaking everybody else there.

    My recommendation, go get some highlights of the race. You won't be disappointed.

  2. Finally Toyota broke the curse. History at Le Mans, even if a Toyota win was more or less expected if the cars held up, which they did. But it was a magical Alonso, of course, with a night stint that will be remembered, faster on his first appearance than even his very experienced teammates that was crucial for car #8 to finish ahead of its sister car. 




  3. 7 minutes ago, BradSpeedMan said:

    Ah, something to at least celebrate for Alonso fans

    Lol. Alonso always give us reasons to celebrate, that's why we are fans. Cars aside, watching him drive even those awful McLaren Hondas was a thing of beauty. And his Baku race this year was epic. Now... if we talk about Kimi... :P

  4. Frankly, F1 cars have been looking awful for quite a few years now, but these year they are downright fugly.

    I couldn't care less for the papaya orange, but it still looks pretty good all things considered. Obviously, none so far is more beautiful than the Renault :wub: 

    Alonso, McLaren and Renault is the best combination since Schumacher, Ferrari and Todt/Brawn et al.

    Of course, Alonso does not enjoy the advantages Schumi enjoyed in his time, neither he has much time left in F1, but I still hope the car is at least competitive enough for midfield and some podiums. MCL33_Website1.jpg


  5. Yay! Kubica is back! Hamilton, Alonso, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Pérez, Ocon, Vettel and now Kubica, and you can add to that list Hulkenberg and Sainz. That's a grid filled with talent. If only cars were as close in level as half of the drivers' grid is...

    Not sure how would Kubica fare, but he certainly was among the best drivers of his generation. One tends to forget the amount of journeymen that filled the grid in the past decade and a half.