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  1. Yes, ABBA. I would recommend Blancmange's cover from the 80s, though. And no, I am not ashamed the least :P

  2. wishes he knew where to get some juicy couture handbags

  3. Welcome to the kindergarden for idiots. Watch your step.

  4. Watching American Top Gear. Appalling.

    1. Massa


      I'm sorry for your lost time.

    2. Rainmaster


      I can imagine. I guess the "problem" is that the British version survives and entertains despite the controversial humour/politics because its production values are just so high. Would be hard to capture that anywhere else.

    3. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      The production is every bit as good as the UK version. It's just that lacks the irony. So it makes American look like redneck idiots which they are not. A shame, I hoped it would be great.

  5. Turtles all the way down

  6. Tsk, tsk...reputation nada? You're worthless!

  7. Through threats. Or blackmail, probably.

  8. Then again, maybe you won't damage a plant, but Brian may.

  9. The sound of male eyes popping out at Steph's comment is deafening

    1. LabradoRacer


      Eyes aren't the only male parts popping out.

  10. The friend that gave me the Talisker 18 as a gift had a Talkisker 10 at home. I must confess that I couldn't tell them apart! Oh, well, I am no expert at single malts, but at least I am an expert at things I truly enjoy :-)

  11. Thanks for dropping!

    1. Medilloni


      Ah, reminds me of my favourite book, "For Whom The Wind Blows"

    2. HandyNZL


      I have dropped and I can't get up

  12. Such an exciting end of season....and this forum is gone :(

    1. freaky2


      Well, I'm here, but you know I don't talk much... you'll have to settle for George.

    2. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      Geirge's isn't talking much, either. He is too busy with his new Juicy Couture Purse

    3. Rainmaster
  13. Start spreadin' the news and somebody please haul Mike's arse back in here

  14. RIP María Elena Walsh. El Reino del Revés ha perdido a su Reina Batata.

    1. AleHop


      En España se conocen algunas de sus canciones pero no a ella. Creo que Rosa León se "apropió" algunas canciones.

  15. Release the Kraken!

  16. Ok, who ordered a hug?

    You even get a free refill :)

  17. Oh, I get it. Because we "humans" need to sleep as opposed to "zombies". Sickening

  18. Nonwelcomes back for Steve and Russ.

  19. My F1 2010 game is on its way yay!

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    2. Pucky the Whale

      Pucky the Whale

      I hope you ordered through the trusted, secure, and affordable with your Skype® Bank credit card.

    3. JHS
    4. HandyNZL


      Oh I just wet my pants getting so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!! Yay yay yay yay!!!!!!

  20. Machete don't text

    1. HandyNZL


      News hacks use machete's

  21. Kimi fans? Who is Kimi? :-p

  22. Keep them good posts coming! Cheers!

  23. It's dejà vu all over again

  24. In any case I would end up being just a Thankgiving's leftover!

  25. Ice/creamssss/Kimi/for/President/Kimi/2010/WDC

    1. Eric



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