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  1. Have a safe flight, David Warren (1925-2010)

  2. Am utterly drunk, smoked pot after 10 years and got into a fight with some kiwi guy over a girl...Nerver felt better! :D

  3. Through threats. Or blackmail, probably.

  4. Hey, doncha make fun of a-mah Renault-a Gordini, capisce?

    (I just prefer old, homely small Renaults as avatars than tacky state-of-the-art Supercars)

  5. Kimi fans? Who is Kimi? :-p

  6. The friend that gave me the Talisker 18 as a gift had a Talkisker 10 at home. I must confess that I couldn't tell them apart! Oh, well, I am no expert at single malts, but at least I am an expert at things I truly enjoy :-)

  7. Hey! Tsk, respect for the elderly these days!

    I'm doing ok, lot's of work and no fun, tho. Don't worry about the button bashing. He is not THAT bad :P I'm just flexing my troll muscles a little every now and then and p**sing everybody off.

  8. Ahh Talisker, I've discovered it a few months ago. That's how bliss must taste like. I still have some Talisker 18 years left. Bottle costs over USD 120 here, so not a cheap drink...but worth every drop

  9. Yes, ABBA. I would recommend Blancmange's cover from the 80s, though. And no, I am not ashamed the least :P

  10. Tsk, tsk...reputation nada? You're worthless!

  11. *slaps Steph with a rubber chicken and runs away*

  12. @David: Enjoy! I am a huge fan of JLB :)

    @Steph: Enjoy! I am a huge fan of Zappa :)

    @Everybody: Enjoy! I am a huge fan of copy & paste :)

  13. Bah, you are just jealous! It's not my fault if I am this rough, manly sex machine. I wish women would look past this sexual magnet and treat me like a human, not as a sexual object but, what can I do?

    Anyways, happy new year for you and to everybody else!

  14. In any case I would end up being just a Thankgiving's leftover!

  15. ...unless you login as "Invisible"....mwahahaha!

    Oh, I shouldn't have written this.

  16. Have a great day and hurry back to the forums!!!!

  17. Keep them good posts coming! Cheers!

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