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  1. Moody Blues

    I love the Moody Blues. Did they play "Ride my See-saw"?
  2. Fox Tv

    Ok, I'm really getting annoyed with this Fox thing. I've completely missed the French GP because my DVR record all the Speed coverage, and they only have Practice and Qual. How many races are going to end up on Fox anyway?
  3. Silverstone Testing Photos

    Why it's a periscope, of course. The next GP will be run underwater.
  4. Alonso Thinks On Read

    Errrr, I don't think Alonso is underperforming. I don't think you can have someone in 2nd place in the WDC and honestly say they're underperforming. A bit of bad luck maybe, and a stellar team mate (who drives an equal car). I still predict Alonso will be WDC this year.
  5. Canadian Grand Prix Picture

    "Welcome to Quebec", Mr Liuzzi.
  6. What Did We Do Wrong?

    I'm too old to be a teenager, and hopefully I'm not abusive. And wow... Shane changed his avatar. Amazing!
  7. Does Anyone Ride A Motorbike?

    I had a motorcycle once. After 2 weeks in a hospital and 4 months in a cast, I don't miss it.
  8. What Went Wrong With Kubica?

    For me this accident bore an uncomfortable resemblance to Gilles' fatal crash at Zolder (and at a circuit named after him). Fortunately, the cars are built better now, and everyone survived.
  9. Who Will End Crashing In The Famous Canadian Wall?

    Maybe he'll collect Kimi (or vice versa) and that'll be the day for them both.
  10. Who Will End Crashing In The Famous Canadian Wall?

    They call it "The Wall of Champions" so Ralf is automatically immune.
  11. The Banning Of Motorsport

    Except I meant 40mpg, not mph, doh!
  12. The Banning Of Motorsport

    Except that the variable valve timing, which allows the author's Honda to get 40mpg while still producing over 100hp, was born from motorsport... And the crash worthiness of said vehicle owes much of its technology to motorsport... And the helmet he wears when he rides his motor scooter to the grocery store is based on ones used in motorsport... And the cute little paddle shifters on his sedan were straight out of F1... And... I could go on and on. Lots of useful things come out of motorsport. I consider myself an environmentalist, but even I'm not as short-sighted as the uninformed author of that article.
  13. Bellissima!

    Quite a bit better.
  14. Sexy Women

    Toyota should give her a drive. She couldn't be any worse than Ralf.
  15. Hamilton To Ferrari

    Haha! I'm sure I'd make a horrible team boss! But... he IS back to normal. Just kidding.
  16. Hamilton To Ferrari

    I was thinking that too - kind of like indentured servitude. But if I was in charge at Ferrari, I'd be looking for a Kimi replacement too. The boy jumped the shark back in 05 and it's been downhill ever since. No offense to Kimi fans.
  17. Monaco Weather Forecast: Its Rain!

    Yeah, until one of the n00b backmarkers collects him halfway through the race.
  18. Greatest Of All Time?

  19. Greatest Of All Time?

    No Andrea De Cesaris?
  20. Monaco Predictions

    Man, that sig is out of hand. lol
  21. What's The Thing On The Visors Of Helmets?

    I have a feeling the drivers will opt out of the tear-offs for night races, unless they've improved the design somehow. The ones I had were during the late 80's.
  22. Monaco Predictions

    1. Hamilton 2. Kimi 3. Heidfeld (good mechanical grip on those bimmers) 4. Alonso 5. DC! and my crystal ball goes foggy...
  23. What's The Thing On The Visors Of Helmets?

    On a side note, I made the mistake once of using these at night. Any bright light (street light, headlight, etc) reflects back and forth between the layers, so you see 5 or 6 of whatever it is you're looking at. Very disconcerting.
  24. Speeding Ticket

    Then when you get caught, you can happily pay your fine. But when I'm driving down a road with no posted limit that should be marked at 50 using the 85th percentile method, and I find out that the limit on the road is 35, then they NEED to have a sign on it. I don't need a sign to tell me to do 25 in a residential area, but on a 4-lane, median divided road with no housing or businesses on either side, they need to post a sign when the limit is unusually low.