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  1. F 1 Pilots Top-9 Ever Weird Comparsion

    Too much math for me.
  2. Ron Dennis Bars Drivers From Drinking During The Season!

    Hey cool! I don't drink (or smoke). I could drive for McLaren! Do you think they'd notice the whole lack of talent or ability thing?
  3. Pics Of U!

    I dunno... I drove all the way through Ohio on I-70 once. I think Florida has some real competition when it comes to boring drives. Everyone was going 1-2mph below the speed limit too, because the place was a seething pool of highway patrol, and they were stopping people for <5mph over.
  4. Your True Colours

    I run a forum that runs on IPB, and we use bold for the mods, so that could be an option here as well. That way the mods could have their team colors, and you could still tell they're mods.
  5. I have at least three seasons on tape, much of it with onboard footage during the Prost/Senna days. Mostly commentated by David Hobbs. Some Mansell footage as well. I need to get busy making some video clips to toss up on youtube. If I can get off my lazy bum.
  6. Where Else Do You Go?

    I'm on forums everywhere. A music forum, where I met my wife A cycling forum or two - it's my primary activity Two car forums, one local to my area, and one related to the particular kind of car I have. A political forum, which I admin A web development forum A car care forum Holy cow, I spend way too much time on forums!!
  7. Renault Adopt Ferrari's Wheel Covers

    I've seen covers like these on other non-F1 cars before. Audi used to run them, and on the inside they looked like a turbine. As they spun, they sucked air out and spat it out around the edge of the cover. The fresh air was fed to the inside of the wheel (probably at the caliper) by a duct.
  8. Where Do We Stand

    That's unfortunate. I've been on a lot of different forums for a lot of different subjects, and while most of them are fine, you do occasionally get some friction between members. Sometimes it's easy to just ignore someone's comment or thread, but sometimes it's not, especially if it's something personal directed at you. It's always a shame to lose good, contributing members over things like this, so sometimes you have to have a "referee" to step in and calm things down. Generally I'm in favor of the least amount of moderation needed to maintain a civil environment, but in the end it's up to the forum owner to run the place as they see fit. If someone says something that bothers me, I just try to steer clear.
  9. Speaking If Spa

    The bus stop is one of the things that's made me wonder. I've seen some recent photos where it doesn't look the same, and looks more like a normal chicane. Not much use as a bus stop, so I'm wondering if it's ever used by the general public anymore. I know back in the 80's and perhaps early 90's it was an actual bus stop, and part of the circuit was public roads. I remember a race where Prost and Mansell (when he was driving for Ferrari) had a super-intense battle for 2nd place. They drove so hard that they ate up the gap up to Senna, who was in first, and by the last few laps they were breathing down Ayrton's neck. After the race, Mansell said that the battle was one of the most intense (and enjoyable) of his career. He said that Alain drove defensively but cleanly, and he just couldn't get by him. A real mano-a-mano.
  10. Speaking If Spa

    Spa is my favorite track. Always has been. Back when I was watching F1 regularly, some sections of Spa were used as a regular road when races weren't happening. Judging by the track safety changes, I'm thinking this is no longer the case. Does anyone know for sure?
  11. Where Do We Stand

    Hmmm, this is gonna be a hot topic. I've only been here a day, so I prefer to form my own opinions of people. Especially since I wasn't here during any of the aforementioned infractions and don't know what led up to them.
  12. Prost Vs Senna

    Some of it, yes. I have lots and lots of footage from the era. Anything I thought I might miss (by virtue of oversleeping, etc) I taped. And I usually taped the lap with the David Hobbs comments that they use to do at the beginning whether I intended to tape the whole race or not. As for the whole "who would win if..." thing, I think you can keep adding "ifs" until the end of time. For sure Senna was pretty much un-beatable in the rain, and he was a very strong qualifier, so I agree with you on both those points. These were two of the greatest drivers of their time, and perhaps of all time, and they both earned their places in history.
  13. Pics Of U!

    Thanks, it is a nice place, although the traffic can be crippling at times. My wife and I both have a 90min+ commute in each direction. I'm lucky because I'm allowed to work from home on Mon and Fri. I've been to Florida once. Orlando. It was nice, but very flat! My wife is Canadian, and she travels a lot for her job. She's almost been to more places in the US than I have! I've been to several counties in Europe, and we'll be going to the Netherlands in March. In fact my passport arrived a few hours ago! I'm very excited! Here's another pic on that same ride. Myself and the wife.
  14. Pics Of U!

    That's actually in Maryland, a bit north of DC. There's lots of sprawn here, but there's an area between the Potomac river and a highway that runs parallel to it that's been designated an agricultural reserve. This has really limited the development and has provided some great riding. We have a 45-mile and a 60-mile loop, and the wife and I usually do one of them every weekend in the summer.
  15. Prost Vs Senna

    Thanks! I have a lot of respect for Senna, but I always preferred Prost. I have a bunch of on-board footage from the early 90's, and the difference in style was quite noticable. Sometimes the footage was back-to-back on the same track. First you'd ride with Ayrton, and it was a wild, balls-to-the-wall, trip around the track. He'd roar into the turn, car squirming under the heavy braking, banging down through the gears, lots of steering input. Then, coming out of the turn the tires would be on fire, with lots of little corrections with the wheel to keep the rear end in line. Every lap seemed like it had to be a new lap record. It was very exciting and inspiring to watch. Then you'd get a lap with Alain, and he'd glide into the turn, then at the last second, with a huge rev of the engine, he'd go straight into the gear he needed for the turn. Then he'd roll the throttle on and the car would shoot forward with very little steering input. It would leave you thinking, "Why the heck is he driving so slow? Why doesn't he GO?!?" Then you'd get the lap times, and there'd be .0125 sec difference, or something ridiculous like that. All the time with Alain, you had the feeling that at any moment, if he wanted to, he could turn up the wick and just smoke everyone. But he seemed to say, "This is as fast as I need to go right now" and that's how fast he went. But he always seemed like it was a Sunday ride, while winning 4 (and nearly 2 more) world championships. And that's what I grew to like about him. That said, I don't know if a direct Senna/Prost comparison by the numbers is fair, since we lost Ayrton in his prime, and we have no way of knowing what he would have gone on to achieve. Just my $0.02.
  16. Google Earth Maps Of All The F1 Tracks

    Anyone ever try Wikimapia? I found Spa. And Monza.
  17. Does Kimi Break His Toys?

    LOL @ "lack of mechanical sympathy"! Brilliant!
  18. Pics Of U!

  19. Pics Of U!

    Here's a pic of me participating in my other, non-F1 interest:
  20. Kubica's Style

    I'm surprised you got that much flack over that hypothesis. It makes perfect sense. When I was younger (i.e. 20's) I had a friend named Pat. He had a horrific driving style - horrific to me at least - and used to literally jerk the wheel hard over when turning in. Not surprisingly, every car he ever drove was a soft-sprung, understeering pig, yet with him sawing at the wheel like he did, he always managed to bring the back end around. I don't think it was a deliberate style, but rather something that he happened to do out of aggression, and he got away with it. I always assumed he had no style, and he was fortunate to own forgiving vehicles. I was probably his polar opposite, as I had (and still have) a very gradual turn in, and prefer to go into the corner more slowly and power out of the turn. Thus, my car at the time (an 86 5.0 Mustang) was set up accordingly. It had a huge rear sway bar, and when driven "properly" had a very neutral balance. For me at least. One day I let Pat drive my car so I could do some experimental photography from the passenger seat. Bad move. He literally lost control in less than 100 yard and spun the thing completely 180. The stiff suspension of the Mustang was far less forgiving of his "style" than his cars. But the net effect was the same. That hard turn in really brought the rear end around. I guess I never put much thought into it at the time.
  21. Hi, I'm New.

    Well, I have to admit I've always had a soft spot for Ferrari, although it was a lot more fun to be a Ferrari fan back when McLaren was running the show. It there's one thing that people love to bash, it's success. Out of the current drivers, I don't really know. But it's hard not to like Barrichello. Nice guy he is. Maybe I should have put up a sig with Prost in a Ferrari. P.S.S. I think that was one where Prost had just passed Senna - maybe the one where Senna forgot to flip the switch on his aux oil tank and roasted his engine at Monaco. I think he's just stuck in 3rd. By the way, I couldn't get onto the forums from work all day today. Was it just me, or was anybody else having the problem?
  22. Hi, I'm New.

    Me too. I see I'm a test driver. I hope I don't pack this thing into a barrier.
  23. Prost Vs Senna

    Snuck my vote in.
  24. Hi, I'm New.

    Oh boy!