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  1. Jenson is doomed for the sheer fact that I like him, and anyone I like ends up having a bad season. I should try to figure out how to like someone I don't like. Errr, hmmmm.
  2. Looks like someone got their wish.
  3. Woo! My worries are over. I gave my provider a call today to see what my options were, because a competing company is digging up our neighborhood to lay fiber optic lines for TV and Internet (which all the other providers know, because they've had reps canvassing the area for the weeks leading up to the dig). I sort of complained about having to change packages just to trade one channel for another, and that's when the girl on the phone told me that I should have been getting NBCSN all this time, because it's "in my package" (even though the website disagrees). So I waited while she punched some keys on her end, and voila! I now have NBCSN. I'm not sure whether I was really supposed to have it, or whether this was a way of keeping me, but I don't really care. I'm just glad to be keeping my F1 coverage.
  4. Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific. Yep I pay for Speed. It's part of my package. NBCSN is not however part of my package (typing that feels funny) so I'd have to order it. But I can't just cancel Speed and order NBCSN, because the only way to get rid of Speed is to downgrade to a lesser package, which NBCSN isn't part of. Additionally, I have an "old" package that's not available anymore, but they're letting me keep my old price because I've been a customer since the beginning of time. If I change anything I'd have to pay for the new version of the package, plus the upgrade to the package which includes NBCSN. The wife will take some convincing to make this happen, especially since we just cancelled one of her add-on packages to cut the bill down. Oh well... I wonder if NBC will pick up the old broadcast team, or if they'll have their own people. I just can't imagine F1 without Hobbs and Varsha.
  5. Sorry if there's already a thread about this. I'm amazed there isn't, but depite searching the forums, I've found nothing. So Speed loses the rights to broadcast F1 races in the US next year, and according to, NBC is the new broadcaster. The article states that 4 races will be on NBC, and the rest will be on NBC Sports Network, which on our plan is a pay service. I'm not horribly happy about having to pay to see F1 after all these years (and even less happy about the possibility of losing the Hobbs/Varsha/Matchett team). Does NBC really think that F1 is popular enough in the US to charge for it? It seems like this would just reduce viewership. I'm sort of baffled.
  6. rumblestrip


    The race was really good, right up until the red flag when the FIA ruined it by letting everyone slap new tires on, effectively neutralizing the battle. It's amazing how they can always figure out a way to ruin things, eh? Oh well, I have my fingers crossed for the rest of the season. Maybe we'll get some competition rather than the one-man show we've had thus far. Not hating on Vettel or anything, I just wish that he had a bit more competition.
  7. Only the painted-on drawers, in camo of course.
  8. Someone has to liven this place up!
  9. For me, Heidfeld and di Resta, with an honorable mention for Button for squeezing so much out of those tires.
  10. I'll throw a vote in for the FW07. And the very similar Lotus 79 in JPS livery.
  11. Yeah, I think they might mean the US version, which I've never seen. I only watch the original on BBC America.
  12. No way man. I've just been super busy. My wife and I spent much of last year travelling. We saw U2 in Athens (what a disaster!) and spent some time at our vacation property up in Canada where there's no Internet. I also had a period of mourning after Webber missed out on the title. But I'm reenergized now after getting a Top Gear "Capt Slow" t-shirt from my wife for my b-day, especially after learning that she's planned a karting trip for us sometime this spring! I can't wait! We just have figure out the scheduling because she's invited a bunch of my friends for a mini grand prix. I'm hoping that being a Mini Cooper owner will give me an edge, since I've sprung the thing so stiffly it's sort of like driving a kart anyway. In fact the kart might even ride better. Looking forward to next GP season.
  13. Me and the Mrs at a xmas party back in Dec.
  14. My fav Ferrari and driver are both in my sig. Here's a better pic. Elegant simplicity.
  15. I like it without all the billboards all over it. Clean.
  16. Ah, I have DirecTV, not Comcast. That's good info! Now I need to take a peek and see what I missed. Hopefully the next race will be in HD for me!
  17. Hiya! How do you pull that off? All I ever get is 4x3 standard screen. If I can figure out how to get HD, you'll be my new best friend.
  18. It was a fun race to watch. In fact, other than the season opener, it's been a really entertaining season for me thus far. So much so that I even felt compelled to peek back in here. I don't really have a favorite driver this time, but I do seem to cheer for Jensen over most of the others, so maybe he's my guy this year. I was really happy to see him pull it off last year. Looking forward to the next round, even though three weeks is an awfully long time to wait for a "fix". Still, it should give time for that volcano to settle down. I wish they would start broadcasting F1 in widescreen. I'm watching the races on a 50" plasma with the sides chopped off because it's still in 4x3. Get with the times!!
  19. I tell people the very same thing!! I dunno... I think there is some truth to every joke. That's what makes them funny.
  20. Hmm, in Canada she might, but I think all her American friends are married or otherwise spoken for.
  21. Me and the wife at a music festival up in Toronto a few weeks ago: This was the bus we rode on: My wife (left) and her friend Kelly.
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